Making money from buying mobile traffic for CPA/CPI campaigns

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I'm thinking of buying traffic from an ad network and directing the traffic to a banner from a CPA network. If the person clicking the ad signs up for whatever the offer is, I get a commission.

So I would sign up for an affiliate or CPA network, something like Mobidea, and choose a few of their mobile offers to promote. They tell you the targeting required, etc.

I will then buy mobile traffic from a mobile ad network such as adcash or the ones listed as 'mobile ad networks' on mobyaffiliates.

Using mobidea and adcash as an example:

I would upload my banners etc (which are available with the offers on mobidea) onto adcash's platform, set my targeting, my CPC, etc and let the campaign run - tweak things, and hopefully make a profit.

What are your opinions on this type of affiliate marketing?
Any thoughts?

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