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by adelkaram 7 replies
i need a good forum about App Store Optimisation
for google play or apple store
i'm really intrested by that but i d'ont find a good community intrested by that
can you help me
#mobile marketing #aso #forum
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    App optimization is pretty similar to SEO. AS Chris Chan said, you can learn it from blogs but I would like to add my 2 cents and that are
    - just start practicing by adding different variations of keywords in your title
    - Focus on more app installs in less time to increase app velocity
    - Ask for reviews from users so others know you are providing value
    - Make better app descriptions with LSI keywords

    So the thing is START DOING!
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    Hey Adelkaram,

    I recommend you makemoneyandroid forums.

    BTW, we have just published this post about some ASO mistakes app developers or marketers make. Maybe it's interesting for you.

    Thanks in advance ^^
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    I recommended you the blackhataso, makemoneywithandroid. In these forums, you can find some relevant app developers, communicating and sharing the experience and ideas. Also, you can learn about more information about app store optimization methods.
    Hope these can help you and good luck!
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    ASO is much simpler then SEO. You just need to get installs from users that will keep your app for a long time. Plus some ratings and review.
    App rank is affected buy number of your installs and a pace your user base is growing. That is it, very simple.
    You can buy installs/reviews.
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    blogs/article sites:

    You still can get aso tips on quora.
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    Hi there, below are the forums/websites I usually use:
    Blackhataso, Blackhatworld, Reddit, Asoranker, Quora, of course, Warrior forum.
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    ASO vs. SEO: Which Should You Focus Your Marketing Efforts On?

    Apps are fast becoming a necessity for organizations from around the world. However, many organizational apps fail because owners don't market them well enough. Even if an app has a host of useful features to offer, users are not going to download it if they’ve never heard about it!

    Two Kinds of Promoting Strategies

    There are two main ways app developers promote their apps: through search engine optimization and app store optimization. However, many companies – especially startups – tend to have limited marketing budgets. It’s often difficult for them to focus on both strategies at one, with a shortage of workforce and funds. If this is you, which marketing strategy should you focus on?

    Understanding SEO and How It Affects Your App

    Search engine optimization is very keyword focused, just like ASO, but it is focused on generating traffic from search engines. When users query a search engine, they are looking for more information about something and not an app for their Smartphone. Their goal is to learn more about a concept or find a website that can help them in some way.

    How does ASO work?

    App store optimization refers to practices that make an app easy to find on an app store, including making changes in an app’s description and title. When users search for something in the app store using a set of keywords, they are looking for an app and are more likely to download one that catches their eye.

    Choosing between ASO and SEO

    If you have the budget for it, you should focus on both ASO and SEO. If you don’t, it makes more sense to focus on ASO – statistics tell us that users discover 60% of all apps through app store searches. You will stand a better chance of converting traffic through ASO than SEO.

    If your app is inherently well designed and useful, it will automatically do well in the app store, and you won’t have to worry so much about SEO and ASO. It might be worth it for you to hire expert developers to optimize your app.
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