Can any body help me how to do mobile marketing?

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I want to know how to doing mobile marketing.
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    Ads, including tv ads, bus ads, etc.
    And celebrity endorsement.

    Two most effective ways.
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    Hi there, here are some strategies that should work to get more users

    1.Social Media. Create a Facebook page for your app where potential users can get more info about it when they browsing online. You can also do adverting on social media. The ads on Facebook or other media will direct users to your app site.
    2.Sharpen Your Keywords Finding a keyword for your app is not enough, when choosing a keyword, you’d better use google adwords to find out which word can get more traffic.
    3.Incentive Users to Review The more positive reviews you have, the more uses you will get. Invite your friends and relatives to leave feedback. Create a community about your app and use the method of offer wall to incentivize users to review your app. You can also provide free upgrades in exchange for positive reviews.
    4. App Store Optimization ASO is specifically what increases the visibility of your app in app store. There are some third parties, like asoranker providing marketing services

    I hope this is helpful.
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    What Mobile Marketing Strategies Should You Adopt for 2017?

    2016 was the year in which mobile marketers used chatbots, artificial intelligence, mobile videos, location-based marketing and augmented reality in an attempt to lure customers to their brands. 2017 is likely to be just as exciting as 2016 when it comes to innovative mobile marketing strategies.

    Here are some of the upcoming mobile marketing trends that you should be taking note of as a marketer in 2017:

    Mobile marketing will no longer revolve around apps alone

    2016 was a year in which marketers widely used mobile apps for their marketing strategy. However, some recent statistics say that 80% of all the time a user spends on their smartphone is the same bunch of apps. This statistic tells us that customers are slow to download and utilize new apps.

    To target customers that are refusing to download apps, marketers are looking to tools like SMS marketing among others.

    Coupons are set to be king in 2017

    Mobile coupons are used ten times more than their printed counterparts, according to recent market statistics. Also, studies say that mobile coupons encourage buyers to make purchases more often.

    Mobile coupons have been known to boost customer numbers by as much as 40%. They are also popular with the tech generation, which is expected to have a purchasing power exceeding $200 billion by the year 2017. A large number of marketers are looking to coupons to help them drive up sales.

    Expect mobile wallets to be targeted by marketers

    Mobile wallets have long been a payment option – but they’re only recently being explored as a marketing avenue, through innovations like personalized loyalty cards and location-based advertising stratagems.

    Lack of IT resources will hold back some marketers

    Some marketers are going to continue with the same strategy in 2017 that they did in 2016, citing lack of IT resources that is preventing them from marketing innovation.

    If you’re a business owner and still don’t have an app, it’s time to get one or risk losing out to the competition. Our expert developers can work remotely for you on a short-term basis at an affordable rate so that you can give your business the leverage it needs!
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