How are you building mobile websites?

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Hi Warriors,

Im curious to find out how my fellow warriors are building a mobile site in 2012 (right now)?

Last year i was using WillR's html templates to build a mobile website for a number of clients and they are fantastic to use. A little time consuming but overall very good.

I Have installed wptouch on a number of other sites and the results are also very good, with the time factor being almost non existent.

So now im just wondering what you guys are doing and your results with this.

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    I'm building them with a white label agreement to use an internationally renowned third-party platform service.

    I don't like it because it makes my business dependent on the third-party provider continuing to offer this service to me.
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    A few of my clients requested their sites to be mobile optimized, I found that the easiest way to ensure that my sites are mobile compatible is not to check for the browser type (Checking for android or iphone) but to check the screen resolution (responsive design) and resize for mobile devices. This not only looks good on mobile, but also avoids the usual pitfalls of maintaining a secondary design and other locations (like or or sending back a mobile-friendly template on the same domain based on the browser's user-agent.)

    A great example of a (free) responsive design is the design toolkit Twitter released called Bootstrap. (Try resizing width of that page, when you see the design change to fit the new window size, the design responds to the changes as necessary to fit the window.)

    As for development, I'll suggest continuing your work on html/CSS, there are site wizards/generators out there, but the end result is almost always something you'll want to customize/tinker further. Like beeswarn's mentioned, the white label's nice, but it is a third party.
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    I built with php files (coding) but for 2012 will maybe switch to WP from Irenes for my new business.
    The only issues I'm aware using WP is hack, exploits, malware...
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    I am, of course, still using HTML and CSS mobile sites and I still think it's the best way to do things.

    Wordpress has the whole security issue. You HAVE to keep on top of your updates, etc so if you have a number of clients this is going to become very time consuming after a while. You need to lock down your Wordpress sites big time these days as the hacking is getting more and more common.

    Then there are the 3rd party programs and like the poster above mentioned, once you get going you are stuck to the one system. If you ever decide to change over elsewhere or they go out of business or whack their prices up, you are going to have a HUGE amount of work on your hands.

    I would much rather put in a little bit extra time in the beginning and remain in control of my business. But that's just the way I do things.
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    You can manage all updates for your wordpress sites from one place and hacking is getting less not more from my experience as we have hundreds of WP sites and have not seen any hacking for a long time.

    Off course if you are going to use non verified plugins and not keep your site up to date then you may get hacked.

    All the comments about WP are very old school and not representative of what you can do today.

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    It doesn't get any easier then HTML/CSS to develop a mobile site. I made $499 (my charge) in one day. Actually in about 6 hrs of work. You can control everything and don't have to worry about any third party software.

    I have also used WP touch which is super easy to use. I only use that for blogs. I will be looking into using WP in the future but for now HTML/CSS works great. I'd also like to get involved in responsive designs but need to learn the new language.
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    Great points Will.

    Of course the truth thing is a little over the top as many in this forum who talk hacks will have in their sig file a link to securing wordpress etc so just using scare tactics to try and get business.

    I hate this type of marketing!

    Hardening WordPress « WordPress Codex

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    I have made I phone style website on Joomla and wordpress.i never purchase any template. i have just use dynamics web page with php and JavaScript. At last,i succeeded wonderful phone web page.
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    You can manage all updates for your wordpress sites from one place and hacking is getting less not more from my experience as we have hundreds of WP sites and have not seen any hacking for a long time.
    Hi Quentin - I think the hacking problem with Wordpress is very real. Several of my sites, as well as a friend's site were hacked in December. More that one type of hack too, and not all obvious. Among other things they edited the .htaccess file. So, I have been learning everything I can about Wordpress security, and although I have bought your Worpdress theme I am still a bit reluctant to use Wordpress for my mobile sites. Sticking the html or php for now.
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    Hi Kayla

    I am really sorry to hear this and I am not saying they will not get hacked however with a bit of simple security it is a lot harder these days.

    Here are some simple techniques.

    1. When you set up your account use admin and a good password then create a new account with a good username and password and change admin to a subscriber. This throws off a lot of the bots.

    2. Always use a password security program to enter your password like Keypass so your passwords are never visible.

    3. Many hacks are through FTP programs etc so when you use FTP use your keypass and set your FTP to require password. Don't enter your password in the FTP program.

    4. Only use plugins that are regularly updated and have a good following.

    5. Make sure you use a good security plugin like WP Security that hides a lot of the info hackers use to get in.

    6. Run good anti virus on your computer preferably a good paid solution.

    7. This goes without saying. BACKUP your database and files.

    8. Keep your wordpress and plugins updated.

    9. Also use only reputable themes as many of the free ones can be open to hacks. I use Artisteer so I have full control over the production process.

    10. Lastly use good hosting that is reputable and provides extra security.

    If you do these simple things you will reduce the chance of any hacker getting into your site.

    Remember too that it is not just wordpress as we see lots of different sites getting hacked because of bad security on peoples computers so I will say this again. Get good Anti Virus and web protection software.

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    Hi Quentin,

    Thanks for the tips. Some of those steps I was doing already, some I have implemented since. Unfortunately my main business site was hacked through the timthumb script which a lot of paid themes use.

    Fortunately I did have backups, but what a pain!

    I am testing out different ways of building mobile sites and definitely see the benefit of using Wordpress, so I will probably use it too. Just haven't yet.

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    I use Irene's EZmobilesitegenerator. She offers a nice library of video tutorials for every aspect. There is a learning curve, but once you pass that it becomes as easy as building any wordpress site. One note though, I had a couple of questions and never received a response from her support, but I figured out the issues myself.
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    I am using gomobi. It's very dynamic and easy to use. Pm me an I'll put send you some training classes I put together. My best regards!
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    I'm starting with HTML/CSS but very interested in also doing Wordpress too. I'm keeping up and reading about all the security concerns to look out for.

    Any body build any sites with WP Mobile pro? Thoughts....?
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