Yeez Mobile - anyone using them?

by KaylaB 5 replies
I am wondering if anyone here is using Yeez mobile and is happy with them.

I signed up as a Yeez private label reseller, but I am thinking of leaving, for several reasons.

Recently I signed up with Avid and like their platform a lot better. I am thinking of ditching Yeez and only offering a short code via Avid, but I have a new client who wants to go with a long code, so I am not sure what to do. Unfortunately I convinced him of the benefits long codes, and he likes the fact that he can own the number, which is very important to him.

So, my dilemma is do I:
1. Ditch Yeez entirely and only go with a short code.
2. Stay with Yeez and offer both long and short codes. (This client wants to use both).
3. Switch to another long code provider.

I would love to know if anyone if having good results using Yeez or any other long code service.


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