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Hey guys,

So the past 6 months or so, I've been constantly reading this thread about your experiences and opinions on Mobile.

As a generation Y guy, there is only one direction I see the future heading and that's towards mobile.

So today I started making my first big plunge into SELLING mobile websites.

Here's my tactic right now.
1. Each day I find ten businesses through yelp or Google places that have a desktop website. Five in my local vicinity and five in Sydney which is a few hours from me but has more visited restaurants, bigger population and tourists, etc.

2. Email them and say something along the lines of "Hey Hamburger shop! I love your burgers but not your mobile site. I'm browsing through your site on my iPhone and it doesn't work properly [attach screenshot]"

3. Await their reply and then hit them with the "How about I make a mobile site mockup of what your site COULD look like" (I'm using WillR's Mobile WSO)

4. Await the "Wow how much does this cost" phrase in which case I hit them with a low cost set up fee + monthly pricing that will make it's money back with one or two meals OR the "nah, we don't really see the value in mobile sites" which in this case I link them to Google's gomo study, bombard them with facts, etc.

5. Once they're a customer, ask for referrals.

So right now I'm just testing what the success rate of this tactic is like. It's only the first day, so the results a few weeks down the line will be interesting to watch!

Maybe physically walking into the businesses will be an option later
Suggestions on how to improve could be very helpful to not only me, but all of us!

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    Originally Posted by nickhumph View Post

    Maybe physically walking into the businesses will be an option later
    Suggestions on how to improve could be very helpful to not only me, but all of us!

    Make it an option NOW! No reason you can't email and visit. It will get
    easier the more you visit.
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    You may want to be persistent with all of your marketing methods. I would prefer to dothe email way first. This way you can get the businesses that WANT your service and focus on them at first. It's gonna make it a lot easier to grab people's interest when they are already interested. Then you can move on to perusing the others that aren't so interested,,, or at least they don't know what they need until you offer it to them.

    Try the walk in letter delivery next. Maybe even a few targeted mailers. People read mail. Just be persistent. Don't give up or get discouraged because a few people say no. A lot of people are gonna say no. Get used to it.

    Robert X
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    Emailed 30 businesses at the end of today, got just a few replies... let's see if we can get a sale!!

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    Nick, you've been doing this for a day. I've been doing it for ten years, full time. I know how hard it is to start in this business, so please let me explain something to you clearly but in the kindest tones possible.

    If your marketing plan remains essentially to "Look Up Info On The Web, Send Unsolicited E-mail, and Wait" you can add this to your step-by-step plan above:

    6. Starve To Death or Get Another Job
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    I have never sold a mobile site by itself. I usually offer it as a free bonus with web design work. Most clients don't really see a real need for mobile and I don't really want to try and convince them. On another note, I have never sold a website to someone who did not already have one but I have gotten rejected by a local car wash owner who didn't "believe" in them. I think mobile sites will be easier to sell in a few years when they are considered mainstream by business like websites are today.
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    Robert X just nailed it. In fact, you could close this thread now and make it a sticky atop this forum.
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    OK I am going to address this as a newbie and a consumer. I know, seriously? And yes I am because it may help the OP from the consumers' perspective. So I went online to buy a pair of gym shoes. I need new one's, I needed them 2 months ago. So I found the pair I wanted and went to my local department store at my local mall to try them on and hopefully purchase them that day. And low and behold the shoes I picked out I could not find in the store. So I told the salesman hold on one second I can pull-up your website on my handy dandy HTC phone. He said ok, well long story short I live in a far suburb of Chicago, IL pretty up-to-date tech City right? Yeah not so much. I am about to drop $70 on a pair of gym shoes because they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever managed to put my tootsies in and the "pretty well known dept store" does NOT have a mobile site. So I had to step out of the store back into one of the lobbies in the mall to pull up the store's main site, which then I had to scroll through 3 stupid pages just to get to women's shoes, then walk back into the store to show the salesman. Long story short I was irritated enough I didn't purchase the shoes from them I walked 7 stores away and purchased the same shoes from a shoe store because I could go to that shoe stores' mobile website and checked even to see if they were in-stock. So Carson Pirie Scott you lost my business and hello Footlocker I enjoyed giving you the extra money for the convenience of having the shoes I wanted AND a mobile site to double check that you had them. So the need from a consumer's stand point is there. And convincing the business owner you have a solution to their problem ie., more business will get you the solution to your problem, their busines as a client.
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    Anyone who doesn't see the need for a mobile site in this day and age is already living in the past, in my opinion. A lot of business owners will not 'get it' but it's up to use to show them exactly why having one will benefit not just them but their customers also.

    One of the biggest mistakes I keep seeing people make with mobile website design is trying to be too clever. Remember, the user is only concerned about getting the information they want as quickly and easily as possible. A nice simple, boring looking design that is easy to navigate and read will be much more popular and useful for your customers than some fancy design that takes forever to load.

    Mobile sites are all about the end-user experience... they are not there to massage the go of the business owner.
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    Thought I'd keep this thread updated!

    I sent about 70 emails over the last two weeks. Out of that pool, 1 or 2 were interested in getting a mockup made.. so not the best response rate.. although I haven't followed up on any of the emails yet.. may do so shortly.

    Last week, me and a friend/business colleague went off to do cold face-to-face marketing. We we're quite nervous to do this as we have never done cold-selling face to face. We went to local shopping malls and local shopping districts. We visited 25-30 odd businesses and surprisingly, things went very well. There was only one-time when we asked "Hey sir, can we interest you in getting more customers for your business?" someone said a straight out "NO" please leave - but we got about 5 sit down meetings with owners for this week/next week ready to show them a mockup of their site.

    It's scary at first.. but the fear of rejection slowly diminishes!

    First sale?? Let's see what happens!
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    Some good tatics here kid warrior, i like it how your emails get traction by giving them a compliment at the same time telling them to get a mobile site. How many sales have you got now? I would suggest reading some good books on NLP.
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    yeah that's the perfect and the best way to sell a mobile website. I have never done this but its interesting.
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    wislndixie was the competitor website from the same area they were? or it could work with any restaurant example?
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    You are right on track when you say that we should target business owners that have flash on their website. As soon as you show the business owner that thier site does not show up right on an iPhone they are very open to listen to you. At least that has been my experience.

    I consider flash sites the low hanging fruit and I always target those sites first, no matter what niche I am working in.
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    Noob question: what service do you use to build the mobile sites?
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    I use + Duda Mobile (for quick demo purposes) and email a video. It's numbers game, but has been a great foot in the door wit attorneys for me.

    Also, partnered up with an attorney marketing firm where I am supplying mobile website to them. All came from sending screencast videos.

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