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What are the best Mobile app marketing strategies that work out a startup ?
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    Go to
    It actually an indie game site, but you will find many great resources about game marketing that you can implement in your mobile app marketing strategies too.

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    Don't pay for incentivized installs, no matter what anyone tells you. In short they may drive up your app store and organic rankings but there are current algorythms being put into place to close this loop hole. Try paying on performance - such as CPI - Cost Per Install
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    What are the best Mobile app marketing strategies that work out a startup ?
    Since there are large number of mobile applications over the stores people generally do not get to know about your apps and eventually they gets lost in the crowd producing limited downloads. So what you need to do is let people know about your app. The best resource for marketing is "Web" other than ad networks, you can always spend amount on listing your apps over ad networks. Try blogging, have a blog that regularly lists your apps describing your apps features and provide the iTunes link in the posts.

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    First off i suggest using social media marketing as your main strategy, like be accessible on twitter and all. You should also reach out to app review sites and then set up a Google alert for your domain keywords.
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    What kind of app is it? If it's targeted to a highly defined niche market the easiest thing you can do right away is advertise on blogs and websites that are related to that particular niche, or advertise on Facebook to people who are interested in that particular topic (again, only if it is a highly defined niche!). You may also be able to find cheap marketing channels through If you could provide more info on what kind of app it is I may be able to offer better advice. Hope that helps!
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    Having a good app that people actually want should be your goal then start promoting on social media sites. Search for forums and help out in related topics and help answer questions when necessary.
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      Today smart mobile user are rapidly increase in the world. Now people prefer to use a various types of mobile application for enjoyment and business purpose work. Now a latest mobile OS are helpful to easily use Internet and run a many kind of application. Now many companies are making a different types of mobile application and that's use a different electronic media for Mobile application marketing.
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    The best app marketers will pursue a comprehensive, well-rounded app marketing strategy that includes pre-launch work and post-launch work. The best strategies will include organic and paid app marketing channels.

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