MobileBizBox - Anyone using it?

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Just wondering if anyone here is using the latest version of MobileBizBox from Enrique and Mario.. Do you still feel it was the best choice for you after using it for a while?

There isn't any thread here I could find about it, (Sorry if I missed one...), and not much other than the actual website turned up on a Google search.

Certainly the Squeeze Mobi WSO's seem well received, and rather than piece together the many services associated with mobile, I like the idea of an integrated platform.

Anyone else want to suggest a different single source mobile services provider working well? Dave Iago's system v6 SMS platform looks good, but is very much a work in progress..

What are you using now, and why do you stay with them?

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    It's not actually a Squeeze Mobi product.

    It's a product created by Mario Brown and Brian Anderson.

    The Squeeze Mobi guys were simply promoting it after their recent launch.
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    I have tried so many mobile website builders but this is by far the easiest one yet. This really is the fastest way to create site that are high quality and have amazing inbuilt functions such as -
    Text Message
    Mobile Coupons
    Premium Mobile Websites
    Mobile Landing Pages
    QR Codes
    Appointment Manager
    Conduct a Poll
    Text to Win
    Auto Responders
    Vehicle Listing
    Property Listing
    Text To Screen
    Birthday Wishes
    Loyalty Program
    Kiosk Builder
    Scheduled Tasks
    Upload Contacts
    Create an Opt-in page
    Connect Facebook
    Connect Twitter
    I'm just using the free 30day trial but I'm very impressed with it so far. Here is a site I quickly built in half an hour. Home
    It still needs some work th majority of it is done. There is no coding what so ever with this system its all done with drag and drop.
    Try the 30 days trial and test it, you will be impressed.
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    I am using - Full Biz In A Box - ask me how we sell 50+ mobile sites to clients a week !
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    I'm using myMobiAdmin and have been very happy with it. In my case I build mobile sites I give away for free, so I don't require anything very complicated.
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    I looked at several mobile platforms before i chose one including going direct with lime (which cost $300 a month).
    i found 3 re-sellers that use the lime platform.
    Brickandmobile Over $147/mo plus 2 cents a text
    MobileBizBox $177.00/mo text ?
    Mobuzz is only $69.00/mo 1 cent a text

    If your gonna use the lime platform it was pretty clear for me, pay the lowest price with the lowest per text message price.

    and that was | MoBuzz Mobile Media Solutions
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    Originally Posted by Cobaki View Post

    The only downside to MobileBizBox that most people are complaining about is the price. The rest, they were totally happy with them. They say the features are amazing and anyone can use it easily. I haven't tried it yet and would love to hear more feedbacks from others.
    I've never personally been a fan of services that charge monthly fees when there are so many other alternatives out there that don't. It just adds unnecessary overheads to your business.

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