Mobile Apps - Do you think this would work?

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Hello Warriors,

Here is my idea... (steal it if you want, just let me know how it works out)

To "Sell" Mobile Apps to some Local Businesses may be a Challenge for some...

Maybe the business just won't be able to grasp the concept/benefit yet...

But, what if you were using a Mobile App Maker where you could easily make an App in under 1 hour...

Then Approach the Local Business with their Custom App and offer it to them Free.... (maybe Free for a year) or just plain Free (period)...

Here is what I am thinking:
Inside of your Mobile App You Include a "Local Deals" Section or "Community" or "Other Business" or maybe even a full blown Mobile Daily Deal Site/APP.

(Think Trojan Horse... but not nearly as Malicious)

Now, You Give Away The App you Made to a Local Pizza - say "Nick's Pizza"

Then, Nick's Pizza puts a Flyer on his Pizza Boxes or in His Store for a Free Slice or Half Off a Pizza Just for Downloading Nicks Pizza App. So Now Nick is Giving Away "His" Free App to his Customers. Nick Will be Able to Communicate to His Customers Via his App, they can look at his menu, call him, get directions, reserve a table, place a web order, etc...

(At This Point, The Business Owner is Promoting "their" App)

...So while other Businesses like Nick's Pizza are giving away their Apps... You (the App Developer / Marketer) is building a Massive Local Buyers List - where you can Run Local Daily Deals...

Everybody Wins:
-Nick's Pizza Wins - They Got a Free Mobile App to Increase Sales by communicating more effectively and easily to their Customer Base

-Customers of Nick's Win Because they Can be quickly Notified of Specials from Nick and Other Local Daily Deals.

-You Win, As the App Developer you Could be Like the Pied Piper by sending Customers to Local Businesses..

After a Few Testimonials from Local Businesses, I think you would be Getting Referral Business... And then you could Charge Businesses $997 - $1997 for An App... or Keep it Free...

Who Knows, if it caught on enough... you Could Charge Business to be in Your Mobile Local "Yellow Pages" Business Directory.

So What do you think about this Model?

Kind Regards to All,

Hugh Turner
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    This is a great idea to build a list of prospects and potential new clients without all the hard work! Thanks Hugh love it!
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    I think it's an interesting idea as long as you
    let "Nick" know the whole story.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      Originally Posted by Tsnyder View Post

      I think it's an interesting idea as long as you
      let "Nick" know the whole story.
      I agree. Definitely a good way to generate traffic, but only if Nick's Pizza is made aware of the whole plan; otherwise there may be trouble down the road.

      I'm sure that Nick, being a business owner, is going to wonder and more than likely want to know the answer to the proverbial "what's in it for you?" That's when you would explain how you could both benefit from the proposal.

      He may, however, balk if he thinks that his promotion efforts will work to the benefit of businesses that constitute his direct competition.
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      Originally Posted by Tsnyder View Post

      I think it's an interesting idea as long as you
      let "Nick" know the whole story.
      ..Agree 100%

      Transparency is key... and I was just putting this idea out there as way to get a Mobile Apps Business up and running with a Local Deals Model attached.
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    Felt awesome after reading your post. It is a great strategy to popular our app in market in easiest way.
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    Like it. felt good as well
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    Tried it did not work for me, spend your time wise
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    This is simply VIRAL marketing at it best. Same thing alot of IMers are doing with giving away PDF ebooks on popular topics and inside are links to their opportunities. No difference really!
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    It is a good idea but I do not think that businesses would like it that if I own Nick's pizza than tomorrow morning another pizza place across the street will be listed on that app. That will hurt them and they will not promote it anymore.
    Good Luck!
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    I tried it but it didnt worked for me
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      In principle an interesting idea, although as others have pointed out it does require some thinking/planning about how to deal with any potential conflicts of interest that may arise as you add other businesses.
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    Hey buddy great thougt. It will surely work
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    If its done properly then it is really effective in terms of result.
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      The problem I see is, doesn't it cost money to submit an app to the app stores? I am trying a similar strategy using a mobile website generator which avoids that problem and instead of charging the business owner a fee directly, I have them subscribe to another app that pays me a commission for building a downline. If they then decide to promote that other app themselves, they can end up making a tidy profit to more than pay for their website forever. If they don't promote it, the spillover they receive could do it for them anyway. As long as their $9.95 subscription stays active, so does their free mobile website. I don't plan on getting rich doing this, but an extra $2,500 a month in passive income is not bad for an old retired guy. Then if I decide to change the business model later, I will have a portfolio to use for promotion.
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    Did you implement this idea?

    It is unwise to trust all you read on the internet.
    - Benjamin Franklin

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    I have a competitor who has been doing this. In the beginning, he was having success. However, he has seen some serious attrition recently as every ex-furniture sales person 'owns a mobile marketing company' and is selling $195 mobile websites.

    And, as having experience in the restaurant business and owning a marketing company, I would prefer to promote only my business. I have owned publications which did the same thing; they were coupon books which featured the cities best restaurants/bars etc. and in the beginning it was great. However, I saw the same attrition as people get tired of promoting their competitors.

    But, if it works for you, have at it! Best of wishes...
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    Really, you have shared such a great thing to generate good traffic. I would like to implement it. Thanks for sharing different ideas.
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    I like this idea of yours. Using it one can easily promote their app or game idea with local communities of developers. Thanks a lot.
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    I love your idea. You're offering a great product/service for free to local business. In return for free, you're able to build a list for any other service you offer. Thank's for sharing.
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