Real estate agents with large DB

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Hi guys.
How would you proceed if you have a client with hundreds of listings ? Importing them manually is a nightmare .
What's the best solution ?
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    Are you able to connect to the db and pull the listings in?
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    Simple put, you should be able to export the information from the DB, no matter what type it is. Then reformat the data in Excel to whatever format, field order, you might need for the import into the new system. Done it a million times over the past 20+ years as a systems analyst. If I can be of any further help just PM me.
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    What are you importing them to?

    Are you just trying to move the db from one computer to the other? or?
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    I use IDX on my sites
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    I would personally recommend using a service that has been created specifically for this thing. The best I have found in the past for real estate mobile websites is:

    Agentpoint The Wordpress Real Estate Web Developers ยป Mobile Phone Websites

    They host a lot of the mobile sites for the big real estate companies in Australia.

    Best part of it is they say they can hook the mobile site up to virtually any existing CMS you have so the listings would only still need to be added to the main website and would automatically be added and updated on the mobile website.

    You could charge your client a lot more for a professional solution like that so give them a shout. I am not connected to the company at all, just seems like a good solution for real estate mobile websites. I think those types of websites are far beyond the capabilities of most simple mobile website builders.

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