In Truth, Has Anyone Made Money Selling Mobile Sites to Offline Clients?

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Hello everyone,

I just bought a well known mobile site creating software, Mobi-o-Matic, which I intend to use in order to create mobile sites for offline businesses. Of course, with my luck, the software will either turn out to be impossible to figure out without a degree from MIT, or the mobile sites I create with it will be of inferior quality - as compared to what others who are experienced in this field can turn out.

So, some of the things that I'm wondering, and your insights into them would be very welcome, are, is it still possible to make money creating these mobile sites, or has this all been taken over and saturated by more experienced factions - meaning web and graphic designers?

Also, if there's still an outside chance that, even at this juncture, I could venture into the field and sell some of these, is Mobi-o-Matic a good weapon of choice for this task? On the surface, it appears to be easy to figure out, almost push button easy, without any coding knowledge required (and, this is a vital feature for me). But, I could be all wrong about it. Any input about this software specifically, good or bad?

Thanks for any help.
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    I don't do it at all but have met many people who do quite well doing it! Not sure it's as scalable as other models, but it's absolutely a feasible model! Don't know anything about the mobi-o-matic though
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    i tried, i had a prof website (trust me)

    I contacted over 100 local business, maybe 10-20 with an pre-made post website..

    Like -> Hi i saw your website and visited your resturant -> i made this pre-made -> are you interested..

    I did not make a single dime, not saying their is no money there, because where their are a market there are money..

    But i will never do that again, i spend a month not earning shit..

    Most other business i have tried, i have made a little amount..

    But this was a walk in a desert..
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    The Short answer is no, I havn't gone anywhere near this area, as I don't Consider it my strength

    Applied Education is the difference
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    Mobile is exploding as shown here: and the market is going to be MASSIVE.

    But for now its still in its infancy like any other new advertising format. It takes a while for business owners to figure out how valuable it is. Its just like selling websites was when the internet started exploding.

    I'm just getting started and so far, I've sent out 2 mockups to businesses I already have a relationship with (via e-mail) and sold 1 - 13 page mobile site for $500. Just a fluke? Maybe but I think the key is finding the right prospects....businesses that could really benefit like restaurants, locksmiths, etc.

    And personally, I'm only going after ones that are already spending money on advertising/marketing and are doing well. So if I drive by a restaurant and its busy on Tuesday evening and I see they are already advertising and have a nice site, etc. they are a prime prospect.
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    Yes, last year I started my business and started with mobile sites/social media, I then moved to responsive sites (bigger clients, 'bigger needs'). My company is a two men show now (third person is coming into play). My focus for 2013 will be back to mobile sites. (in combination with the responsive sites we are building now) The third person who will be working with us will be 100% mobile focused (design/building)
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    Answer to initial question: In truth, yes I have.

    Reply to above post by steffanmax and anyone who may have been discouraged by the outlook it offers:

    My experience was not all too different. Contacted well over 100 businesses in November, sold literally one, and for dirt cheap. The got a couple more in December. Then a few more in January. Now referrals are starting to come in as well.

    Am I banking big time? Heck no, but each month is better than the last!

    By the end of 2013 over 50% of all web traffic will be mobile. There is money to be made and I will get my chunk of it!!!
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    I'll chip in here with some different view that has been largely ignored when it comes to marketing to "offline" clients, be it selling mobile sites, or in the early days, selling websites/designs, or social media, or any other services.

    And that is that you must treat it, set it up, and operate it as a local business yourself.

    You need a local presence. You need a sales person to go out and get orders, you need a guy/gal to actually full the orders (i.e. making the sites), and then you need a guy/gal to do the support.

    You will most likely fail if you:

    1) Think you can do all these by yourself.
    2) Think you will make enough money fast
    3) Not prepared to stick it out for at least a good amount of time for the local businesses to take notice, while making no money
    4) Think your "making mobile sites for local businesses" business is no different than any other local business, such as a restaurant, a shop, or a local dentist.

    So, before you jump into any such business servicing local clients/businesses, you should use the above as your "yardstick" to see if you are going to make it or not.

    The bottom line, you must be prepared, both mentally and financially, for a good stretch of dry spell, i.e. working hard without income, before your "own" local business can take off.

    You can certainly shorten this dry spell by being well-funded to afford hiring good face-to-face salesperson(s) (if you are not one yourself) going at it aggressively, persistently.

    Just like any other local businesses you plan to make money from, set up yours like one first.

    So, are you an online marketer or are you an offline business owner?

    IMHO, you can't be both at the same time as a one man operation.
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    Mobile websites are an easy sell if you can get in front of the decision maker with a mock-up and have a reasonable price. Here is your website on a phone now, here is what it could be. This is a powerful demonstration. I usually use a QR code as well to pull it up so they can see more possibilities. I am selling the website but I really want to sell them on all of the ways my company can help their business make more money. That is how you build long-term success and loyal clients.
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    I sell at least one a month ... Not bad. I usually sell them for around $600 to $700.

    I don't use any software to make them tho, all custom
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    This forum makes it seem a lot easier than it actually is. However, when there is a will, there is a way.
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    Please try and use the 'Multiquote' feature when replying to a number of posts at the same time. It makes it easier for everyone. That way you only need one post to reply rather than replying to every post separately.
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    I've actually had more success by building, or remaking, a businesses existing website and then providing a mobile optimized version of the site as part of the package. I think every business needs a mobile website, especially restaurants, but they just don't seem to get it yet like they should when presented with that alone.

    I have a restaurant client that gets 30% of its traffic to the mobile site. I think that is pretty standard for a restaurant, and I could see that easily going to 50% this year. I met with that client yesterday and the owner thanked me over and over for helping to explode their business over the last 2 years. Granted, the mobile site is just one thing I've done for them, but it is definitely a part of the whole equation.

    If you are having trouble selling just the mobile site, then try adding another service that adds value - like SMS list building or email opt in, or whatever. From my experience, you have to prove yourself over a period of time, but once you do, they don't question your judgement at all. Make them more money in any way you can and they don't question the next idea you have.
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    I would like to chip in. I've been focusing on mobile for a while now and what I have found is it's much easier to sell to clients I already have some sort of working relationship with.

    Also, I like to create a mock-up of a mobile friendly version of their website first and present that to them. That seems to work best for me.

    Thus far, I have not had any success using the emailing strategies presenting in most of the WSO's I've purchased. I have only gained one new client this way, but I was actually marketing social media optimization. That got the response, and when I touched base, I mentioned mobile as well and ended up landing that deal.

    I think you will have more success with mobile with a Face-to-face approach vs. email. I have generated a lot of interests / and deals that way too. Since, I'm phone shy.. I think it's possible, but not my cup of tea.

    There is a lot of money to be made in mobile whether you code the sites yourself or use software. I build my sites both ways. But I agree, it's not as easy as a lot of the WSO's marketed on this forum make it seem. It takes consistent work and a plan. Having a sales person is a great idea if you have the budget or can get them to work on commission.
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    discounts keyword is good for mobile
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    The truth is, yes you can make money...

    The person who tried 100 times and gave up I don't blame you. Might not be a good thing in your area just yet.

    My sister is a Visalus Rep it is a Weight loss niche, she got her FREE BMW in about 4 months. I'm also a Vi Rep and in my area no one has money and we are not near any beaches and a winter snow state.... she is in Sunny Florida people go to the beaches they want to look good... She has moved to a state that has winter and no beaches it took a nose dive.

    One place it was easy to sign people up, one place it is not so easy.

    Depends on your location and the timing of things.

    I'm in a small town but have made about 5 PC websites... I know 3 business right now that does not want a website at all... I offered FREE sites to them no charge ever and they just don't want one.

    We are in the top 6 of unemployed Rates people just don't have money... the house on my left 265,000.00 Foreclosed SOLD for 127,000. The house on the right side of me 79,000. Foreclosed SOLD for 16,000.

    I have talked to about 5 business and nothing besides I will think about it.

    I have ran into many many people who don't even know who their web host is or they don't even own their own domain name... some company set it all up years ago or what ever and have no clue how to get to it to have something changed or updated.

    What works for one does not mean it will work for you. Think about that next time you want to buy a WSO.

    Richard Dean
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    If you have a good product and you know how to tell the client how they can benefit from it you can make money... The most important thing to do first is PRE-QUALIFY YOUR CLIENT BEFORE YOU WALK/PHONE/MAIL IN!

    I will never visit a client who does not have a website/advertise. My perfect client is somebody who already has an web presence for a year of five (at least). They already worked with IM people. If the just sold them a website changes are they are not very happy with their current IM guy..

    I'm my own boss now for a little more than a year and this has worked out good for me, last year I sold some clients a mobile website + social media plan, they are so happy with my work that I can now build a complete new website for them (responsive), the mobile website was €239,- the new website will be €2.000,- I have more examples like that and have learned a lot from Willr, Jay Moreno, John Durham and a lot of other guys in the mobile/offline marketing discussions forum!

    Pre qualify, mind-set, enthusiasm and some good tools/products will get you a good start!
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    I sell 50+ mobi sites a week with the same as . If you need the template Skype me at . This market is huge and growing so we as warriors MUST profit from it. GL !
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    Also I have mobile sites builder plugin so contact me !

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