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Hi i'm making "Apps" in Html5(mosync), i wanna know i method to intergrate adbmob,adsense and leadbolt into my apps??

Just with plain html5, if that method dosen't work, an other will be helpful.

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    Define what you mean by 'apps'.

    You cannot use adsense in an 'app' that is installed on a device.:
    The use of AdSense for mobile in a mobile application is a violation of AdSense policies. A mobile application constitutes any downloadable application, even if a WebView is used to display the ad. Any AdSense for mobile ad units found in mobile applications will be disabled. If you’re looking for an advertising solution for your mobile application, please sign up for AdMob, Google’s leading mobile advertising display product.
    As for how to integrate admob and leadbolt I would expect there to be documentation on the net for this such as:

    admob HERE

    leadbolt HERE

    They might help you out.
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    Got admob to work with HTML5.. Like a Boss
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      Originally Posted by steffanmax View Post

      Got admob to work with HTML5.. Like a Boss

      Yes it is fairly straightforward to integrate into HTML5.

      Lets just hope you get some clicks.
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    if you are developing html5 app/games and hope to publish as MOBILE app, may try:

    1, use cordova/phonegap or intel xdk to pack the web content into a hybrid app.

    2, use admob plugin, based on admob native sdk.

    github home of the plugin:

    Just a few line of js code, it's done, VERY EASY.

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