How to create an sms proposal?

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Hi everyone.

I was recently contacted by a dating website company who wanted to know if i can set them up with an sms/text marketing program.

i know of a way of offering free sms texts using twitter (thanks to a warrior forum post)
but i don't know how to put together a paid premium one.

Anyone know or have experience of putting together an sms/text proposal?

And what sms provider do you use?

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    With BulkSMS, thousands of messages can be sent at ONCE with you choosing any DESIRED NAME which you wish to display on the receiver's phone as the SENDER'S NAME (name of the company, church, school, business etc). You can get this bulksms from sms websites like OgbongeSMS...
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      Hello, you would basically just ensure you have captured the needs of your client, and provide your pricing around those needs.

      For example, determine how many messages a month (roughly) your client would look to send, and charge based on the time you would have invested, as well as the cost of providing the bulk service.

      Also, make sure you understand which features the client would need. Do they just need a way to send mass SMS, or do they need to be able to subscribe members via mobile keywords, send mobile coupons, etc.? Be as detailed as possible with the services you will provide, and the costs to provide these, as to be transparent with you client from the beginning.

      There are plenty of mass SMS sites and premium SMS sites out there, so be sure to do your research in picking the one that would be most flexible with what you are trying to accomplish.

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