Lack of registrar/hosting information from client

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Newbie question, so please bear with me.

I'm wondering how one would handle this situation?

1) Followed up on your leads, have a potential client who's interested.

2) They agree to sign on with me, and I'm ready to get started building them their mobile site.

3) As a newbie, how would I go about asking for their registrar and hosting info? Worse, what happens when they don't know any of this info?

My own thoughts would be: Whois query to find out who the registrar happens to be. But even if I find this info, a lot of new clients don't have any idea if their previous webmaster has the login info or if they (the client) is supposed to have it.

How do you guys deal with this sort of thing? It's common enough, I think it's worth asking you all about. I hesitate to make this a bigger deal than it needs to be.

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    Anyone? :confused:
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    Well, for the good of both parties, it will be best to get those details before you start working. If your deal does not involve any installation or maintenance then login details will not be necessary. Just build the site and hand them over.

    Just ask them and you can worry about it only if they don't know login details. In some cases, when I worked with people of this kind, they asked their previous webmaster/hosting company to send them login details.

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    Nail is correct. The people you are building the site for, should be able to get this information for you. It is very common to ask the client for login details if they expect you to upload the finished product.

    If the site is registered in the clients name then you have no problem. If it is registered in the previous webmasters name, then you have a problem.

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