Best QR code generators?

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Hi Warriors, I'm just starting a new business in the mobile field.

What QR generators do you recommend? Ive tried the crappy free ones, but they put an ad on the bottom of my sites. I dont mind paying a monthly sub, but would prefer free (obviously)


It was my QR scanner putting the ad's in. However, I'd still like to know what QR generators you guys use and what QR scanners you'd recommend?


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    Hi Gary,

    I like the QR generator from Ventipix. It's very easy to use and powerful. It's got great analytics: you can create trackable QR Codes with logos, QR Code for PURLs (Personalized URLs), QR Code with friendly/Vanity URLS, create Facebook Pages QR Code campaigns and campaigns for smartphone apps.

    You can also generate non-trackable QR Codes like SMS, Email, Maps, vCards & meCards. The software also supports bulk QR Code generation to create many campaigns at once, or to generate many vCards/meCards, or Calender events at once.

    Lee Ann
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  • Profile picture of the author money2k is a good one. has analytics, tracking, and you can even do Dynamic URL's (change the website). They can be modified as well so you do not have the boring black ones. Check it out.

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      I like to use where I can create a simple QR Code and print it on sticky labels right from their website. I stick them on anything I send out or give away to bring people to my mobile website.
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    My goodness, everytime something new pops up, do people have to create monthly payment products/services for that? I hate recurring payments just like most people would, for things that can also be done without a recurring payment. Generating QR codes is not a difficult task, if free tools don't serve my needs, what I would do is that I would either learn how to build my QR generator or pay a fixed rate to a coder to build me one and then I would use that freely for the rest of my mobile marketing life.

    UPDATE: Our warrior friend Will has just come up with a great QR code plugin that I can recommend to anyone who uses QR codes in their business. I tried it myself and it is just yummy. Here is the link to it:

    QR Press (not an affiliate link)

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    I would do as Nail says or create the free QR code but wrap google analytics on the page you are sending it to (which should be the norm anyway) and that will allow you to see the results of the QR codes you have created and see if they are worth while before going the full hog and getting 1 built yourself

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