BuzzCity has me worried

by logicmethod 25 replies
Hey warriors, so earlier this week maybe 3 days ago
I deposited $50 into my buzzcity accounts for advertising and it still says pending. ( I Paid via Paypal with account balance)

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this company
#mobile marketing #buzzcity #worried
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    Not to worry..They take time for the initial approval..maybe 4-5 days..once its approvals are instant...i had the same experience...

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    Why does approval take so long?
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      It takes so long because all net merchants are dealing with a tsunami of fraud. They must manually check for indicators of fraud. Once your accounts appear legitimate, funding your account is fast.
      There are hordes of bad guys out there attempting to get over in increasingly desperate ways.
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    It took just 1 day for my desposit to pass through... my paypal acc is verified though so I don't know if that has something to do with it. Anyway good to see it went well, and btw you're supposed to have an AM designed as soon you sign in, so is a good idea to get in contact with him/her.

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    yeah my paypal is verified and a business account idk why it took that long.. i dont see anything about a AM?
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    Yes, the process is quite lengthy.
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    I set up my first campaign on buz city around 8 hours ago and am still pending approval is this normal or should I email them
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    • Profile picture of the author Lewis T
      Originally Posted by espresso View Post

      I set up my first campaign on buz city around 8 hours ago and am still pending approval is this normal or should I email them
      It's normal; wait at least 24 hours.
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    I did with CC and its still pending. Hopefully it will get cleared soon!
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    Yeah it took them about 24 hours for my deposit too. And now I'm waiting for my first campaign to be approved but I guess it's normal for them.
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  • Profile picture of the author ATAC
    When you go into your campaigns tab?
    It don't say anything in red around your creatives does it ?

    Like Blocked should be Glamor or adult only ?

    I know that BuzzCity will not review your creatives if there is no money in your account.
    It usually takes about a day to get a campaign approved .

    I use them all the time ....
    If it's been longer then that I would contact them and ask them whats up...
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  • Profile picture of the author natebunger
    It should take them time considering all the spams today and the many accounts they need to verify. Don't be too worried. Relax, guys and wait for a day. Good luck!

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    • Profile picture of the author applesauce
      Been a day already funds were accepted, campaigns taking a bit longer 24hrs+
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    Just give sometime, in between it's good to e-mail their sales/advertising department to inquire about the lengthy wait, i provided my paypal screenshot and transaction i.d. If your paypal e-mail account is different from your buzzcity sign up account, you can foresee it to take longer than usual. So just provide them screenshot of your transaction,date and time of the transaction. You should hear back from them pretty quick; had the issue with me.
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      when you make the campaigns or added funds. immediately Send them an email about it. i always got approved in few hours.
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      • Profile picture of the author applesauce
        Kind of disappointing you need to dump $200 and $50/daily to be able to remove fraudulent publisher IDs. Blew through a lot of traffic/clicks in a span of a few hours. Ended up tracking with tracking202. No conversions yet, lots of porn sites though
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    Just contact them... on the phone is better.
    always works.
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    Also....... keep in mind that as a small player on BuzzCity you have no way to remove a publisher. You have to maintain a daily balance of $200 in your account and spent at least $50 a day in order to have that function turned on.... and then you can only remove like 3 PubIds. They want .... and will sign anybody up, but they sort of punish the little guy. Contact your AM and let them know you would like to request that feature to be turned on. Without it, it is hard to be profitable on BuzzCity , as one bad publisher can eat up your daily budget. The more people complain, perhaps they will re-access this policy.
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    • Profile picture of the author senko
      i signed up with buzzcity and deposited 20$ and i got an email from them after few days that my transaction is pending. it looks like this...

      As per our new implementation on the Top-up procedure, please send the following required documents for verification purpose:
      1) Please complete the “Online Payment Confirmation Letter” as attached and send back. Kindly note that we do not accept digital wordings as signature.

      2) Please send over a copy of your Photo ID (e.g. National Identity Card/Passport/Driving License) showing your Full Name and Face.

      3) Kindly indicate your Account Name and ID on your reply

      We look forward to your continuous support and partnership.

      i'm just wondering why do they need so much of my info i don't like sending my id card around.
      and the “Online Payment Confirmation Letter” i must copy it and fill in the blanks by hand and then scan it and send it back to them.

      i don't know, looks silly to me.
      anybody got an oppinion on this?

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  • Profile picture of the author jasonthewebmaster
    buzzcity traffic sucks, does not convert, they are known for using fake traffic, i wasted $20 there and didn't get a single optin!!
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    • Profile picture of the author AnfSpag
      Originally Posted by jasonthewebmaster View Post

      buzzcity traffic sucks, does not convert, they are known for using fake traffic, i wasted $20 there and didn't get a single optin!!
      Hmmm... I did get sign ups with my earlier campaigns but I must say setting up a $20 campaign would not be enough to draw out conclusions.
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  • Profile picture of the author cheexy
    I usually transfer from publisher account and it just takes less than a second
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  • Profile picture of the author AnfSpag
    Hey Guys, I've just started my buzz city case study in my blog here -->My Mobile Marketing Venture (The BuzzCity.Com Case Study)

    I've invested a handsome $500 into this so I'm hoping (I repeat, HOPING) get a decent result after a week or so.

    I think this will help a lot especially those of you who've started or planning to try buzz city.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bimbe
    6 days and my payment is still "under review", I didn't get any email from them.

    I wrote them 1 day ago.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jose Ye
    It is normal situation. you can ask your am
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