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I have created a mobile directory for a city that has a lot of tourism year round. Right now, I have not asked for any money from the businesses I have listed, but I am ready to monetize.

I am trying to figure out the best way to monetize while capturing more mobile traffic to my website.

One of the methods I am going to implement is creating a flyer to leave at hotels that feature my website and hope it drives traffic to my site. I will be asking some of the hotel staff if they could mention it to guests if they are looking for restaurants, bars, shopping etc.

Another method is to post flyers for my website in the lobbies of big apartment complexes. Like the hotels, these flyers will have a QR code and a printed URL.

I will list somewhere to be sure to check out the "daily deal" for a clear call to action.

Any suggestions on strong call to actions on my flyers? My budget is minimal to say the least. I figure once I have more traffic to my site it will be easier to monetize because I can show businesses actual numbers.

Thanks in advance!
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    Just got some color flyers printed for free! Will be distributing them to hotels and apartment complexes this week. I will keep you up to date on my progress.
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    It is a great idea to build a mobile directory website but if you don't have any monetization plan then it's like you'll be a happy guy to own your city mobile directory but not making money will simply be waste of time and money with your flyers.

    So I suggest you to add on your flyers one very important call to action:

    Build your list!
    Give them something valuable in exchange of their email. I'm telling you this because I see 95% of flyers in my city with a nice graphic, product or service description and a Big call to action visit: url link or Call us Now!. They think about a new business announcement and want visitors (traffic) but that is ZERO in marketing.

    Building a list is crucial. You can find sponsors and promote mobile coupons.
    ex: Subscribe to our VIP member list and get a 50% off on drinks,....with these businesses....
    Because your sponsors gives you 50% off you do same with a 50% discount price on your entire list for each marketing and mailing campain, all other businesses will have to pay full price.
    Above is just an idea but could not be effective in your city so don't think it works.
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    One idea that comes to my mind is that you can offer some free listings to local businesses in your directory, in exchange for a backlink from their website. Most directories do this until they get to a certain level of traffic.
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    Originally Posted by BIG DEALS View Post

    I figure once I have more traffic to my site it will be easier to monetize because I can show businesses actual numbers.

    Thanks in advance!
    Not really. I mean they help but, selling wont be any easier than it would be now. I know that theoretically that doesnt make sense , but its true.

    My suggestion is to find some other selling points to capitalize on and start selling now...
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    I maintain my article posted not as a failer but more over from what I've read on forums and FB groups.

    Find law and yellowbook360 is totally different than a directory site we most see. They have article, community....

    When I talk about directory I mean site like the niche raiders restaurant directory, phpmy directory scripts...

    Now if you are talking about a directory with more features like findlaw it's different.

    Don't get me wrong, It's not because I fail that I'm saying it won't work, I'm not a loser like some can be, I alway do over and over again to reach my goal, leaving what did not work and applying what is working and learn and learn again till I get success.

    But the Directory stuff I've been for over 10 years then you have to skip what doesnt works and keep on going with what works.

    You don't know me enough so saying the post is ridiculous is just how people like you tried to spread the myth.

    Learn more before you post a comment.
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    @ Jakesy,

    If you have been reading any of my other posts then you may know that the directory site model is the one Im pursuing now, after kind of having a tough year and starting over again from practically scratch...and Im in the pre launch stages right now of that.

    But what is more important to note, if you have read the bower report, is that my career was STARTED with a directory site, a huge one that went from virtually zero, to later being sold to Prodigy International for over 800 million dollars. (Biz on the .net- You can google it and learn of the merger).

    I have sold hundreds of listings personally on the phone, as well as having managed a team that , under my direction and training, sold almost 20,000 directory listings in a single year, and went on to sell 60,000 more, using my script, in the following couple of years after I left to start my own web design company.

    I know selling directory listings like the back of my hand.

    I have also sold websites and other online services for years on the phone and face to face, both personally and as a sales manager for teams of sales people.

    The sites we sold @ biz on didnt even rank on the first page period ...we sold on all kinds of other benefits associated with having a website. I mean just the mere fact that they serve as an online "brochure" is worth something and there are a hundred other points you could make, let me look up a link to another post I have regarding that.

    Okay here it goes...

    If it were me, I would just call them up and say "Hi Bob, we are calling about your free listing... We just needed to make sure we had your information correct, you are located at 123 Main right? Okay great. I have the right place then. And did you folks have a slogan we could put on your listing? Okay great, and is this the phone number you want us to send customers to?

    Great.... Looks like I have everything I need there, just to let you know your free listing should be up and running within 24 hours and we will send you a link when its done....Whats a good email addresss that you commonly check so I will know where to send that too? (Ps. Now this email address can go on your follow up list as well).

    Okay great, now while I have you on the phone Bob, your free listing, includes ABC, will do ABC for you, but for a limited time we ARE offering our premium listings for a special price, they include such things as ABC..."

    Thats how I would pitch. I would call and give them a free three line listing, because it helps me with having content anyway... then I would work in a pitch about the premium one and try to close them on it.

    2 out of three people are going to go along with you, and give you the info for the free listing and answer your questions, and one of those two will listen to your pitch on the premium listing, and about one out of three or 4 of THOSE people will buy it.

    Hope this helps.


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