Can you REALLY close 50 clients in 2 weeks??

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Here is what we are doing. We are sending out flyers thru the local chambers, passing out flyers to local businesses and of coarse sending an invite thru social media to local businesses.

What are we inviting them to? We are inviting them to a live webinar where they can learn how mobile can help them to grow their business.

Currently we have almost 100 businesses registered. Our goal going in was 300 so we should get there.

I will not go into all the details until I have actually held the webinar and closed 50-75 businesses and made some cash with it : ) Will update the thread after the webinar if anyone is interested.
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    That will be interesting. Good luck with your webinar and please let us know how it goes. I am not a webinar guy but I can see the power of it.
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      Originally Posted by Nail Yener View Post

      That will be interesting. Good luck with your webinar and please let us know how it goes. I am not a webinar guy but I can see the power of it.
      Thanks Nail, we will see how it goes : )
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    I want know what is the best way to close client for business
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    What webinar software are you using? Gotowebinar I take it? Good luck none the less, great idea of using offline marketing aswell
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    I don't suppose you'd want to record one of these webinars and share it with us would you? (Or WSO...)

    Love the idea, would love to see in action to borrow a couple of ideas.
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    Good luck to you on this. I do hope that you get the amount that you are after. Best of luck.
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    Yes this is feasible. I just got my new business license and company for mobile website and marketing only, leaving my other business license for desktop design. I wanted to separate to have more authority as a mobile marketer expert with a new company. Will also have huge work before getting flyers out and ready to grab over hundreds of businesses like Mobuzz. I plan to do what Google and Duda have done in the past with their mobile campaign in a city. The easiest way to do is give a Free mobile website to every business in town that will attend at your chamber of commerce meeting and seminar (not Webinar) the only problem is that you will need to cash on catering and could cost thousand dollar so the Webinar is less money expense than a live meeting. So I'm trying to find partners or sponsors but it's not yet in the pocket.
    Giving a way free mobile website is a good way to promote your business in a cost effective way because they have a limited mobile site and also your "Powered by ...." link is really powerful as a marketing and branding process.
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      I like your approach. Are you going to make them custom mobile sites or cookie cutter sites like duda?

      Personally, I cannot stand these platforms that take content on a desktop site and try to convert it into a mobile site. From my experience playing around with them, they tend to be so generic and forced. It also looks like every other site.

      Building a mobile site doesn't take long and a few customization tweaks goes a long way. How do you plan on registering businesses? I would imagine you would need a decent sized team to run something like what google and duda did.

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