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Can anyone recommend a good themes- particularly for Tablet devices?
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    This article has quite a few:

    60+ Best Responsive WordPress Themes

    I've also used the Agency Theme for the Genesis framework. Their site appears to be down at the moment, but the URL is Premium WordPress Themes by StudioPress.
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    Refer given link. You may find some important things regarding your query. Best Responsive Wordpress Themes
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      From my experience, I've found that the heavy backend programming involved with Wordpress makes the mobile site much slower than one built with simple html or php. For regular websites I love Wordpress, but for mobile websites, I don't touch it.
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    Bootstrap and other responsive Wordpress themes
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    +1 for bootstrap - a good set of wordpress themes are now available for it. Nice clean UI and fast loading. Best of all.. its free
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    Here's the only one you will ever need.

    Wordpress Mobile Theme | JumpMobi

    Not an affiliate link.
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    Do you want responsive themes or mobile only themes?
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    WPNeoMobile is the best, you will have "3 websites in 1", the original WP site, the smartphone AND the tablet version handled by the plugin. So by far no other plugins do it
    An easy drag and drop interface for the design etc..etc..
    I coded this plugin first for my web-agency because of the lacks and flaws of other one we tried.

    By the way, a FREE WSO is in preparation with a webinar included for it that will explain also some mobile marketing strategies to do a killing in this new era

    Stay tuned

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    1.9 seconds is about right. Every link I click I can count "one second...two seconds" and then it loads. Every single page. For me it gets to be less tolerable after the fourth click. It occurs when visiting previously visited pages like going back home.

    Hey, if you say the market accepts this, who am I to argue? I can only say it's slower than I'm used to.

    The part of that site that loads quickest is those gallery thumbnails. Those are all fast and satisfying in speed response.

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    AnniePot is right, but it's not "heavy backend programming," it's CSS that bogs down phone browsers on 3G. Wordpress is for chumps.

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