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Has anyone tried the mobile money code by Ronnie M? What is the catch?

Also, any similar programs on Mobile Phones.

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    Signed up a few hours ago to a long repetitive Video..
    This sounds a bit too good to be true, though very annoying as the video, like a lot of other programmes seems to go on repetetively about this code to make money with you cellfone or laptop..totally over-hyped, like the Son and Daughter saynig his to Mum and Dad and how bad their life was with no money..
    Now their life and Mum and Dads life has been says the code is FREE...the video is..the code itself costs $49.00.
    4 clicks of your mouse and walk away and a couple of hours later...several hundred dollars in your account, for doing nothing...yeah right, sounds like a scam to me.
    If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is...

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    You can see the review in josh M blog. Search in Google honest CB reviews and you will get detailed review.
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      Originally Posted by awledd View Post

      You can see the review in josh M blog. Search in Google honest CB reviews and you will get detailed review.

      Give me a break - he's anything but honest. If he truly had your back, he would have told you to keep trying to leave the page. After doing this 4 or 5 times you get the price down to $9 rather than $49. Guess who makes the money off of this!!!!!

      I haven't purchased nor will I. I have much better products from people who don't hide behind a flashy video that doesn't even try to explain what the product is about. Guess they're not too honest either.
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    Looks well over hyped by the few seconds of video I watched (I dont watch a video if it has no player controls)

    The amount of exit popup offers means they want your money and will do whatever it takes to get it.

    Stay away from people that use that many exit offers.
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    LOL, after watching video, exit, I look at the 2nd video and it reminds me the movie I recently saw Iron Man 3, he looks like the actor in the movie The Mandarin a simply great actor reading a text on a Teleprompter, is he the author of this hyped product? Maybe yes maybe not if he is an actor.

    It also looks like another similar video with an actor (we finally found he was an actor for TV commercial) that takes a jet plane and a limousine and live in a palace! What I hate too see is people selling things too good to be true and those innocent newbies jump to it then figure out they aren't millionaires after following their courses.
    Who is making money? Guess! Those marketers selling and hyping as a affiliate of these products. Did they made money from what they promote? Not sure!

    If I was wrong and someone is really making money then let us know here, I will the post an apologize and jump to the offer!
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    Anyone who gives instant discounts in the exit pops, for the exact same product you would have purchased had you not closed the page, is just shady.

    I wouldn't give these people a cent of my money. They are not trying to help you, they are trying to suck as much money as they can from you.

    Geo-targeting above the video so it says the name of your state. The Facebook like button below the video with the thousands of likes they have quite obviously just bought.

    These are tactics you expect to see back on a 1998 Clickbank salespage. These guys are lame.
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      Well I wouldn't call it a scam as the system is fine. I bought it last week and am pissed that after going back and clicking away I could have bought for $9

      However I bought this last week and have my first customer already interested in seeing mockup. If this goes through I will finally have made some money online! I am pushing on to try this and see how far I go. I will happily do a proper review if I get some results if people are interested. It really is just a mobile site builder though and some suggestions on how to market which are good imho. I am taking rapid action on this and hope to have something going soon.



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    Thanks to all for the posts. I bought it for $9 and am going to see what I can learn from the marketing tactics. I think this is the top of the sales funnel where they will sell more mobile marketing tools later in the pipeline now that they have my and others emails. The real costs is the sunk cost in time you spend learning the system and software. This is how customers stick around and buy more products, later, and higher priced products. Since mobile is hot right now the aim would be to get as much volume now (market share) then make more from those who stick with and get some easy success from the program. Its the loss leader...remember the blue light special at the back of Kmart? you guys are too young for that!

    These guys are sophisticated, probably software developers with a pipeline of products ready to stage out through the back end.
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    The minute I hear 4 clicks of a mouse I take the highway in my imaginary Lambo and get the hell out of there FAST.
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    Originally Posted by Cobaki View Post

    Hopefully you will share if it's really what they are saying on the video or anything close to it. If the video was poorly executed or they just delivered it in a wrong way, it doesn't mean that the product is already a faker. Surely, they were exaggerating but if it does help you with effective marketing, then your $9 was put to good use.
    Whats on the video gives you no clue whatsoever! It's mobile website builder software online. very easy to use so far although I had to debug some PHP which i know nothing about just had a bash and it worked
    Site is now working so ready to go get customers and working on my website now to help with advertising. I will keep you updated how it goes!

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      I bought this a week or so ago. The sales videos fooled me for awhile, thinking the guy talking was real, but after awhile i could tell it was an actor. I had purchased another product last year with a similar sales video that was obviously an actor too. No matter how hard they try to act, it still shows through eventually.

      I was frustrated with the member's area. It said in one of the video's that there would be "getting started" videos in the member's area. I logged in over a few days and could never find those videos.

      I am newbie with mobil marketing and I really didnt know what to do with the stuff in the member's area.....and I was frustrusted by all the continuous sales pitches for more products and affiliate products they kept promoting, trying to make it look necessary to buy them.

      So I asked for a refund twice in the past 5 days but no refund yet.
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    Hi Starlighter, try going back to SWReg who are the seller platform and make contact there you may have more luck.
    I have submitted a few support requests and some where answered others not! I am trying to figure out what code to put into main website to detect mobile and divert them there but think I will have to do this myself from google rather than wait for supply. If it's anything about using the software give me a shout here and perhaps we can help a few others along the way.

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    When a price continues to drop every time you try to exit, it indicates how desperate they are to keep you to be their next sucker.
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      I too got sucked into buying this more out of curiosity than anything else. I have requested a refund which has not been forthcoming. I have now escalated this with Paypal as a disputed transaction. I suggest you do the same if you are not having any success obtaining a refund.

      Good luck.

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