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by Rhoda1990 24 replies
Id like to build iphone apps without programming knowledge which app creator has the best reviews that i can use? I want something under 40 dollars a month that has good reviews with people submitting there apps with success.
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    I mean iphone and google apps
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    Hi Rhoda1990, you can find a few online if you search but the downfall of using a subscription based service is you are tied to the company in many cases who you use and if your apps not covering its cost then you are paying a subscription merely to keep it active.

    What sort of apps are you looking to create, are you looking to earn from ads ran on your apps or do you just want apps that share site content?

    Simeon Tuitt Is An Information Product Creator From The UK Who Took His Skills From Online Business Automation And Applied It To Automating A Smart Home He Now Controls With A Smart Watch And Smart Phone From Anywhere. He Now Shows Others How To Do The Same On A Budget To Save On Electric And Gas Bills.

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    Eclipse or App Inventor - 100% FREE software
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    Buzztouch is a great platform to get started with. No matter which you pick for a true app you will have to use XCode for IOS and Eclipse (Android) and be able to do some programming.

    Almost all the drag and drop web interfaces use HTML5 and Java. Apple is starting to disapprove of apps that are mainly HTML5.
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      APPCREATOR...Tiger APP sounds great...I don't understand the prices?
      App Creation 120€ (one-time, for application lifetime) Cloud Hosting 5€/MOCan you clarify?
      Thanks for the recommendation,
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    for android apps. i use infinite monkey. free app maker without any skills
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    I was playing around with Tiggzi. Awesome platform, the only negative point - it's not free, haha. $15 per month is kinda affordable though.
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    The top 5 platforms for building apps are Buzztouch, Tiggzi, The AppBuilder, Appy Pie, and GoodBarber.

    Do You Hate Writing Sales Copy?

    I create killer copy for squeeze pages, video scripts, email auto-responders and sales pages. Click here to see reviews.
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    As support Team told you, and to give the information to everybody

    To clarify : an app will cost 120€ (charged only once when you want to publish the app) and 5€ for the app hosting (charged every month, so "MO" is for "month"). You can cancel this hosting fee when you want, and this will stop the payment debit.

    This is the process for each app.

    Don't hesitate for any question.
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    With 40$ budget I think appy pie is one of good choice base on its price plans.
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      Originally Posted by perseystadium View Post

      With 40$ budget I think appy pie is one of good choice base on its price plans.
      I agree with you on there. Great price plans no wonder it's one of the most popular!

      Do You Hate Writing Sales Copy?

      I create killer copy for squeeze pages, video scripts, email auto-responders and sales pages. Click here to see reviews.
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        I don't think you have to create any app - whatever you search for you can find it. Here are many other reviews from webs - App Reviews from Infonline is a great web that can offer you reviews
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          With Appmonkeys we will build the apps for you for just $75 and its $15 per month per app.

          We will publish the apps for you under our account or your own.

          Tons of features - you can even add ads for extra revenue.

          Limited developer accounts available
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    Hey guys, I'm an app developer, and I'm actually working on building an app for Internet Marketers to use. The plan is to get you an app, without you needing to write a single line of code. They will be native iOS only to start, since that is where my experience lies.

    The idea is that everything will be controllable outside of the app after you'll be able to add posts, images, videos, etc.

    What in particular would you like your app to do? Push Notifications? List Building? (maybe integrated with some mailing list platforms, like AWeber), Drip campaigns? ...Additionally, what would you pay for an app like this?
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    the best online Free Mobile App create website is appmakr
    appmakr is give free trial no need to use any payment method
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    for $40.00 per month you should really consider not developing an app. My suggestion is that you seek crowd funding and get some cash behind you.

    I have been apart of over 100 web design/ mobile app projects and have seen many people fail and a few make lot's of money.

    If you go cheap then you mine as well not even bother with a mobile application.

    Crowd funding

    the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

    I have had many customer raise $25k for projects using this type of funding.

    You don't need credit and you can have an app made people actually want and will use.

    I do this every day from 9- 5pm and I promise you will be wasting your time with out start up funding.
    Lead Generation Is My Calling!
    How Much Do You Need For Your Business?

    I Need 100 Leads
    I Need 500 Leads
    I Need 1,000+ Sales Leads!!!
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    that's free or premium soft.?
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    Infinite monkey and Tiggzi are really good aps.
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    From my experience the best app builder (cloud based ) are biznessapps, goodbarber, appery io ans Seattle Cloud.
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    App devlopment are this 2 software are most use me.
    Buzztouch, and TheAppBuilder
    are both best perfomance in app devloping...
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    Looking for an app to take orders (1product) small quantities, collect from customer, send shipping data and credit commission to sales person. Does Clickbank or Commission Junction or similar company provide any out f the box solution for this?
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    I most use this suggesting this app you all use
    Name:-GoodBarber,Shoutem,Como DIY,AppInstitute .
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