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I sell a product on Amazon and have phone numbers for my customers but not emails. I'd like to get their email addresses but amazon doesn't allow you to give website links to your customers.

I send a text message to someone who has bought a product from me to offer them a gift to get them to give me their email address. Doing this on my mobile phone is a nightmare trying to keep track of the different conversations.

At the start I like the communication to be personal (i.e. not bulk texting) to answer questions they may have but later will want to text out a coupon code to all my customers. I know nothing about text marketing.

Can anyone suggest software or a text service so that I can do this on my computer rather then my phone please?

Would I just be able to put my customer's phone numbers in or would I need to get people to opt in and if so how would I go about doing that?

Any advice on this or a course that covers this would be great thanks.
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