Best White Label SMS Platform For Twilio?

by WayneMoore 8 replies
Hi Folks!

I am currently looking for an effective White Label SMS platform that I can use to offer clients an SMS marketing service. I have found several on hereh as:

BUT the product creators seem to have disappeared and no longer offer Support- which is a great shame. So, I have had no replies to my sales enquiries. I am looking for something I can easily rebrand that will:

-Allow me to give clients a login where they can manually send messages and/or schedule messages for clients.

-The ability to fix a time zone for the whole system/ each client so that texts go out at the right time.

- The ability to pre-load credits or 'x amount of texts' into each clients account.

- An easy ability for clients to buy more credits if necessary.

- I don't mind if monthly service (upto $45 per month Budget) or a one off fee for the platform.

Any advice MUCH appreciated. Cheers folks!
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