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    dont understand how people get high conversions when i can't.

    tagadv in Mobile Marketing

    campaign in indonesia my banner my landing page in phone any improvement I need to do?

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    How to Turn Website into an App?

    NevinC in Mobile Marketing

    How do I turn a website into an app? What is the best way and program to use?

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    Has anyone run offers on startapp? how is this traffic platform?

    vany in Mobile Marketing

    Has anyone run offers on startapp? how is this traffic platform? I am a newbie to mobile,When I run an offer on it,Bid is $0.01,there are just 80 impressions for ... [read more]

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    [Mobile Marketing] Android and Ios statistics

    kayama in Mobile Marketing

    I am focusing on mobile marketing, i just wondering if there a website where i can get mobile revenue statistics by country, or app download statistics by country, like what ... [read more]

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    Apple separates the ranking on iPod and iPhone?

    jasmine324 in Mobile Marketing

    Just notice, since last week, for most apps, the ranking on iPod and iPhone are different for a same app now. Even on a same keyword, the ranking differs. Will ... [read more]

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    Mobile Website Business better than ever

    Quentin in Mobile Marketing

    I have seen lots of people say separate mobile websites are dead because of responsive websites. Since April 21, Google is using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, ... [read more]

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    Buzz City - What kind of ads are they?

    ddcwf in Mobile Marketing

    Looking at trying Buzzy City Question is, where are these ads going to show up? In native apps, or on websites? Or something else? Same question for desktop traffic. I ... [read more]

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    Three strikes and out? Google Play Developer

    steffanmax in Mobile Marketing

    I got 3 suspended apps on my account but my account is not closed, have google changed the rules with 3 strikes and out? My app got suspended for using ... [read more]

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    Best Mobile traffic provider??

    earn2 in Mobile Marketing

    What is the best mobile traffic provider to gulf Arab countries ? Thanks

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    Setup campaign in AdMob to Landing Page

    zitob9 in Mobile Marketing

    hello, I tried to setup my 1st campaign on AdMob, but it not allows to drive traffic for any URL landing page and ask me for application from Google Market.

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    Who is the best advertise network ad for mobile

    zitob9 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, what is best network for advertise offers like anti virus apps; i submit my first offer in mmedia, But did not accept the offer because it antivirus app.

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    Stop Testing Offers Out On Buzzcity! Until You Do This

    Holy shit, I guess I'll have to keep this post short. First off, tips like what I'm about to give have the potential to make you a load of cash ... [read more]

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    Mobile redirect traffic source

    ottohagel in Mobile Marketing

    Hi guys, tell me where you can buy a mobile redirect advertising, in large quantities? Europe and Latin America.

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    CPC/CPM mobile traffic in Pakistan

    Anyone know where I can buy mobile CPC (or CPM if the conversion is right) traffic traffic Pakistan?

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    Airpush useless

    TG2015 in Mobile Marketing

    Has anyone managed to get a reply to a support ticket at Airpush? They say they reply to emails within 24 hours but its been 5 days and no response ... [read more]

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    Wordpress plugin for blog to SMS text notification?

    Do you know of a plugin or app that can notify subscribers (through text message or push notification) when a new blog post gets published on a wordpress site?

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    anyone can tell me what is this network name?

    adam360 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Everyone , Which is best CPI Network to buy traffic? I've found app promote services on fiverr, anyone can tell me what is this network name?

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    Android App with copyrighted music!

    aqsi in Mobile Marketing

    Ok I'm making in fact done with an app (my first app , it's a trivia quiz app of a boy band) and than I realized that it using copyrighted ... [read more]

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    Steps For publishing ANDROID App

    HWakrim in Mobile Marketing

    Hi,i'm a beginner and i've found some free code sources for games ( Jumer ... ) and now need help about that so please help me with those questions : ... [read more]

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    Multi Platform App Development

    Thaniya in Mobile Marketing

    Is your mobile app multi-platform compatible? How do you plan to make your app one?

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    Experience in Android App Development

    Thaniya in Mobile Marketing

    What are the location-based services that you have integrated in your Android app? Share your development experiences here.

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    Whose on Periscope and...

    Who thinks Meerkat still has a chance?

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    Can someone recommend a great newbie guide to Mobile Marketing?

    bigbass in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, I am looking for a course on mobile marketing that is designed for newbies to be able to follow it step by step to harness the power of mobile ... [read more]

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    Anyone Running iMobiTrax v3.8?

    RonLA in Mobile Marketing

    Was curious if anyone is currently using the latest Imobitrax version, 3.8? I myself am running 3.3, was looking to ask someone some questions about the latest version. Please let ... [read more]

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    A Mobile App project on my head

    marketboom in Mobile Marketing

    I am so much in love with modern technologies and would like to build on an app for mobile smartphone users. The idea is this: That a mobile user sends ... [read more]

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    Best software development program???

    So here's the deal...I need recommendations for a good (preferably easy to use) cross-platform development software program to use to create my app. I know I could just Google it ... [read more]

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    Best mobile cpa offer site?

    tommybc in Mobile Marketing

    Currently using ogmobi, as they have a responsive offer that displays a different mobile offer depending on the country which is useful

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    Mobile App Development Tools

    Thaniya in Mobile Marketing

    Have you used any of the rapid mobile development tools to help launch your mobile app faster? If yes, which are the best?

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    Build an App

    Thaniya in Mobile Marketing

    What You Need to Decide Before You Build a Mobile App?

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    Anyone know of a good traffic source for MY?

    Almobi in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I am testing some offers in MY and finding it hard to get conversion. Can anyone recommend a good traffic source? Offer: 仙域争霸-IOS/ANDROID Region: Malaysia Tested Traffic sources: ... [read more]

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    Which is the best Pay per install ad network for google play store apps

    whatwewa in Mobile Marketing

    I want to promote Google play store free apps in my blog. Let me know which is the best ppi network. I don't want a network like ad network. I ... [read more]

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    How do I show large Adson's banners for desktop and mobile banner for mobile users?

    Trankuility in Mobile Marketing

    I want to display a 728 x 90 adSense ad below the blog title on desktops. But want to display a 320 x 100 large mobile banner in that spot ... [read more]

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    Where ad networs buy traffic?

    Who knows where ad networks buy mobile traffic - I mean the main(biggest) source...?

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    Is mobile marketing a good area to specialize in?

    krusade in Mobile Marketing

    I am looking to specialize in mobile marketing. Any comments or opinion on whether mobile marketing is a good specialty or not. What other specialty do you recommend for the ... [read more]

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    Best Traffic Source For Ipad?

    I am looking to promote my app for ipad but i can,t find some good taffic source to get some installs for my ipad app if you know any traffic ... [read more]

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    Feature Phone Advertising Help

    twalk1 in Mobile Marketing

    I need help finding a feature phone ad network. Google no longer allows you to advertise on WAP phones. Bing is discontinuing this month. I'm looking for a network that ... [read more]

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    which is best Mobile Landing Page Creator Tool ?

    Has anybody had any experience with the Mobile Landers tools below, and could you offer any recommendations (one over the other)? 1. Google Sites 2. Converrt 3. Spark Page 4. ... [read more]

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    Any geo targeted mobile php redirect script or tool?

    Guys I'm looking for a geo targeted mobile php redirect script If it could also take care of OS version, it would be awesome ! Thanks

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    Help - Landing page\Direct Link\Path

    LN123 in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys, it would be great to understand again the difference between: Direct Link Landing page Path and how affiliates are using these 3 different methods. i usually use Direct ... [read more]

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    New to Mobile App marketing!! My Experience

    HI All, I am new to mobile app marketing.. I just started creating few mobile apps and started uploading them to google play.. Today created 4 apps and uploaded to ... [read more]

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    can you recommend me some mobile tracking services ?

    samuelliyu in Mobile Marketing

    Hi you guys , Some can recommend me some mobile tracking services , both self host/ or supplier host like voluum /Imoitrax/cpvlab ? tks

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    Which of these 2 codes is better to detect and redirect mobile devices?

    I end up with these two codes below. Which method is preferred to detect and redirect users of mobile devices to simplified mobile version web pages? Based on screen width ... [read more]

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    Looking for 1-click flow mobile content offers

    zoehai in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I need your help. I am currently working with Matomy, and they shut down the offer I was promoting, which was a mobile content game offer with a ... [read more]

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    What options I have for desktop-based mobile website builder?

    I have been spending hours searching but the result is not too positive. I am looking for a simple desktop-based mobile website builder. - Without monthly subscription. - Host web ... [read more]

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    Two Popunder Ads with Automatic Direct Download .apk

    Erroshay001 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all I am looking at Mobile Affiliate Marketing AGAIN. The first time I looked into this was 7 years ago and found it quite difficult to operate on a ... [read more]

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    Best Mobile Video Hosting?

    Hi Folks, I am going to be running some traffic to a mobile ready capture page which then lands on a page with a 14 minute video. What I need ... [read more]

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    How to choose a specific niche for website/app

    Fixion in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, what is the best way to choose a niche, what tools should I use to research the market and competitors? Other than Keyword Planner I don't know another way ... [read more]

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    Media Buying with JS Tags! please Help!

    LN123 in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys, do you have a list of Networks where i can buys traffic via JS Tags? i know Airpush can, please let me know if you know others. Thanks!

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    Mobile ad Publishers with lower inventory

    Yeah! You heard that right, "Mobile ad publishers with lower inventory." Publishers with lower inventory, generally have their application rejected from many ad networks. The network I indulge with allows ... [read more]

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    I Need advice on starting a Mobile Marketing Business

    statemed1 in Mobile Marketing

    I am interested in starting a mobile marketing business with They have a great set up. Im not that tecky so I will outsource the technical part.But do you ... [read more]

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    How can i instal the Android SDK

    IMYS in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with Android SDK Manager it doesn't show my any packages to install I tried to search a solution but i didn't find anything so ... [read more]

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    How do I stamp a loyalty card on a mobile?

    peter_act in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys, One of my coffee customers wants an electronc version of his loyalty card, which he hands out to customers. You know the sort of thing, every time you ... [read more]

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    Selling Mobile Marketing to Businesses???

    DIABL0 in Mobile Marketing

    So I'm seriously thinking about getting into selling Mobile Marketing to businesses. Web sites, SMS, etc... As it seems like a great time to get involved. I have plenty experience ... [read more]

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    Has anyone heard of this mobile app company?

    ivanela33 in Mobile Marketing

    Does anyone have experience with developing an app using MobileSmith? I'm looking into the possibility of developing an app but I lack the knowledge in which way would be the ... [read more]