Mobile Marketing

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    The best white/private label sms platforms...

    Instructor in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, I'm looking for a white/private label sms platform. If you know of any please list them here. Thanks

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    Seeking SMS Reminders / Notification Script

    ddomingu in Mobile Marketing

    Does anyone know of a good sms reminder / notification script that uses twilio? What I am looking for is the ability to add a contact and setup reminders for ... [read more]

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    What good mobile traffic source offers cost per action or install?

    tagadv in Mobile Marketing

    Cost per click costs me alot of money for nothing when 0 install. Is there any traffic source that use cost of action/install?

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    where to find the adult traffic?

    Celina1992 in Mobile Marketing

    Can someone give me a advice or suggestion about adult traffic ? I plan to start IN, TH, ID adult CPA/CPI.I think India is a potential mobile market, and want ... [read more]

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    Need WP theme mobile optimized and Adsense

    majdi105 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello I have WP recipe blog and 90% of my traffic is from mobile so i need mobile optimized theme and good for adsense please any suggestion ?

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    backlinks and mobile application

    jetlee007 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello please is good for ASO to make some backlinks to my application link !!

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    List of Mobile Traffic Reviews

    hey guys.. hows everyone doing been reading up on mobile and would like to test some campaigns next month, before that i would appreciate if i can hear some reviews ... [read more]

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    Mobile Footer Banners

    YF4U in Mobile Marketing

    In need of Mobile Footer Banners for ALL Geo's? CPM negotiable. I can help you.

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    Anyone know good popup network for mobile ?

    davigol in Mobile Marketing

    Anyone know good popup network for mobile ? Looking only for full screen popups on mobile ...

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    WhatRunsWhere STEALS my money

    samuelliyu in Mobile Marketing

    Hi guys , Have you ever encountered with such "criminal" thing with WhatRunsWhere ? I register as a 3 days trial for 1 $ and the expired date was 30th ... [read more]

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    I need a cheap mobile traffic source

    hy in Mobile Marketing

    I need a cheap mobile traffic source which Min. bid less than $0.01. Thanks!

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    Where Should I Sell My Mobile Traffic? - Please help

    tdotbaby in Mobile Marketing

    Hi warriors Where is the best place or network to sell my mobile traffic? Many visitors end up leaving without purchasing or subscribing, I want to sell that traffic as ... [read more]

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    Looking for a super affiliate coaching - Mobile\Leads

    JewPac in Mobile Marketing

    Hi All Anyone can recommend a premium coach with expertise in Mobile\CPL? Im serious about my growth and would like to have someone with an actual success resume on my ... [read more]

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    Best free mobile apps review sites list

    Hey warriors. I'd like to share my android and iPhone apps world wide. Like to get more reviews and feedback as well. If you have any useful free apps review ... [read more]

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    What are the Benefits of using Mobile Marketing...?

    Hello friend, Please suggest me, What are the Benefits of using Mobile Marketing...?

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    How to learn mobile app affiliate marketing?

    Is anyone teaching this stuff? I don't see any WSO's. Thanks!

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    Looking to get started in mobile cpa. HELP LOL

    yansolo518 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask how I could get started running mobile cpa offers? I would like only references to sources you have used. There are so many networks ... [read more]

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    Mobile apps - the END of LIST BUILDING ????

    teamversion in Mobile Marketing

    I would like to get some reality testing here. Mobile apps are great. They reside in people's pockets. You can communicate by sending notifications. If you have an app that ... [read more]

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    Can anyone suggest training for a mobile noob?

    digitard93 in Mobile Marketing

    I'm trying to get started in mobile. I've built webpages and that kind of stuff, but I'm trying to understand to whole process and how it all goes together. I ... [read more]

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    QR Code in Mobile Marketing

    Hi friends, Do you have any ideas how to use QR Code effectively ? I want to linked QR Code with free mobile brochure (Landing page) See Demo at Free ... [read more]

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    Apps - No ads or get Ad revenue?

    PBMax in Mobile Marketing

    I am about to launch an app soon in conjunction with a new website service and I was curious: Do we have an ad-free app that the people use OR ... [read more]

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    How to monitize with Gomobi?

    insideout in Mobile Marketing

    Hello all, I subscribed lately to gomobi site and paid the non reimbursed 150$. Now I'm wondering if I have made the right move. I can't figure out how to ... [read more]

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    Generic Android...

    Hello guys, new here, give me some love please I'm pretty nooby, 500 clicks from mobile ad networks -- 0 or 1 convertions (for $0.3) -- thats how I roll ... [read more]

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    How I used THIS program to get profitable $xx campaigns on Zeropark

    Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've posted. So I've been hustling away in a corner on Zeropark, which is a pop traffic source with loads of traffic on it. ... [read more]

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    Question for promoting CPI offers

    Dunhill in Mobile Marketing

    I am trying to start promoting CPI offers. Is the concept same as promoting CPA offers? Ad traffic to LP to offer page? Which mobile traffic offers popups and which ... [read more]

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    im going with lime

    Roscoe4 in Mobile Marketing

    just curious if any resellers have used lime to develop their site or if you have your own designer and integrate limes software platform? what do you suggest? going with ... [read more]

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    SMS registration

    xexx in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, Are there any services where I can get number of mobile phone and use it to register in different sites (such as facebook, viber, email and other). I know ... [read more]

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    real time mobile app marketing challenge on $0 budget

    Inittowinit in Mobile Marketing

    Hi All, I have launched a mobile app last week called "Positives", it helps practice and test your positivity with 2 mins of effort per day. I am a complete ... [read more]

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    Running Sweeps on Admob

    illusime in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, I am thinking of doing a survey sweep that links to a cpa lead gen offer. Is this allowed on admob? Will I get my account banned? Anyone can ... [read more]

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    mobile apps\games promotion via CPI basis

    JewPac in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys I am an affiliate marketer who up until this day promoted downloadable products for Windows and Mac on CPI basis. Now I am trying to make the switch ... [read more]

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    Question for mobile offers

    Dunhill in Mobile Marketing

    So these are the steps that I found and tried. Please correct me if I am wrong. Created landing page with button to offer link and LP has redirect link ... [read more]

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    How Can i Add mobile app Analytic on my app.?

    Hello Friends I just want to add mobile app analytic on my app women safety app. How we can add it.? Thanks

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    Mobicow sucks traffic?

    halk in Mobile Marketing

    Hello friends, I tried some campaigns yesterday on mobicow, received alot of visitors but that traffic not converted Their traffic is not good? What mobile network you guys recommend for ... [read more]

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    Anyone know free strategies for app downloads?

    tomhunt88 in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys, Trying to collate a list of free mobile app marketing strategies, anybody have any good ideas? I found this eBook which lists a few and some are pretty ... [read more]

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    I need a quick CPA mobile landing page builder/software

    Robert X in Mobile Marketing

    Hey all, I'm diving into mobile cpa marketing and am looking for a quick and easy way to build landing pages for mobile devices. Is there a mobile builder out ... [read more]

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    voluum question

    tagadv in Mobile Marketing

    i check voluum site. it says it has dedicated server. it means i can upload landing page there? or i have to get another vps if i want to use ... [read more]

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    mmedia traffic question

    tagadv in Mobile Marketing

    i try to sign up but it doesn't have publisher. it has advertiser and developer. developer is same as publisher?

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    Marketing Your App

    jeankemp17 in Mobile Marketing

    How are you going to market your app?

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    Slots app marketing

    Gimbo in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, I see some slots app appearing from no where in the apple app store so I'm thinking to my self that it got to be a specific place that ... [read more]

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    I want to buy downloads for my new app in play store ?

    mouncet in Mobile Marketing

    Is there a good website to buy real Downloads for My App ?

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    Promote Android apps

    sakib777 in Mobile Marketing

    Recently I have published some apps on Google play store. Can anyone please tell me what are the best ways to promote android apps?? Thanks in advance

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    mobile marketing for a funeral home...

    Roscoe4 in Mobile Marketing

    we are in the inner city. my web developers told me that we have an insane amount of traffic coming from mobile devices. when i post an obituary i can ... [read more]

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    Facebook to SMS List

    Bruha in Mobile Marketing

    Anyone using Facebook to target local leads to build their SMS list? If so, would you be willing to share your landing page you direct to in order to get ... [read more]

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    How can I find the search volume of keywords in the Google Play Store?

    talalabd in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys, How can I know the search volume of keywords on google play Thanks

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    Do you use mobile deep links?

    AdamGorbe in Mobile Marketing

    Hi guys, I work in a startup that offers advanced deep linking technology via its (free) platform for apps. I know that it's a huge opportunity for mobile marketing, but ... [read more]

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    Best / Cost effective SMS broadcaster

    Can I get some opinions on various SMS broadcasters based on experience? There are so many to choose from , and I'd like to hear some opinions. Thank You

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    hundreds of cell numbers, need SMS help

    Roscoe4 in Mobile Marketing

    my 9-5 job could benefit from mobile marketing. i once got bored and looked at SMS white label services because i thought i was going to market SMS services to ... [read more]

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    how to change package name of apk file

    pin9211 in Mobile Marketing

    I tried so many time changing the package name. if I change the package name of the app. it won't run after installing. need help to do this.

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    Anyone Can Explain How Mobile Marketing Works?

    NevinC in Mobile Marketing

    What are the different kinds of mobile marketing platforms available at the moment? Apps, games, advertising etc.? How do I get into this?

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    What's the difference between Advertiser & Publisher?

    I have a Landing Page for download Mobile App. I've paying as an advertiser for paid traffic. I have another account in and their I want to add ... [read more]

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    App re-skinnig days are over.

    Hello warriors, I've heard that "App re-skinnig days are over", is that true? what is your opinion about that? thanks for sharing your thoughts

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    where can i make new banners for my buzzcity campaigns?

    axel9 in Mobile Marketing

    i need banners in the local languaje of the offers, any suggestitions?

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    What is the Best Way to Create Games?

    NevinC in Mobile Marketing

    What is the best platform to create games apps?

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    What profitable niches can i use with this app?

    ossamaweb in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, I created an android app with website and i'm looking for profitable niches to use i created a demo app for life hacks you can see it here FoxyKards ... [read more]

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    Where can I find a Free Side-by-Side Desktop verses Mobile Emulator Tool?

    zoro in Mobile Marketing

    I want to show clients how their desktop website looks on a mobile phone, and next to it show them what it would look like if it was mobile friendly. ... [read more]