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    App assessment using a web landing page

    Danbar85 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys, I need a good advice on mobile app assessment. I was suggested the use a landing page as an assessment tool prior to the development process. The idea ... [read more]

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    Do I have to make my emails 320px wide to make them readable on an iPhone?

    svedski in Mobile Marketing

    It seems when I make the text wider than 320px, the text will come out like this: Here is some text example for you to see what I doesn't ... [read more]

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    Backlinks from different language articles

    idogrusoz in Mobile Marketing

    Hi everyone. I have a blog in Turish language It is a new blog and i want to create backlinks to promote my site. My problem is i experience ... [read more]

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    Marketing IOS Apps

    Andy Lemos in Mobile Marketing

    Hi warriors I just have my first IOS app ready for sale at store. My question: Do you know what are the best ways to market your apps? free, low ... [read more]

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    What Is The Best Mobile Website Builder?

    seanpbh in Mobile Marketing

    What Is The Best Mobile Website Builder?

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    Mobile marketing

    Hello friends , Please tell me how can we do Mobile Marketing ?? how it is different from others ??

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    flash is not visible on apple mobile devices

    Go4DBest in Mobile Marketing

    Greetings! Have you found a solution to convert the flash scripts into gifs or another media format. Our current problem is that flash is not visible on apple mobile devices. ... [read more]

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    T-Mobile vs Shortcodes?

    nerfsmurf in Mobile Marketing

    So, as i mentioned in an earlier post, I'm launching my SMS service soon. While familiarizing myself with Limes WL platform, I noticed that when i try to send my ... [read more]

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    where i can get direct Advertisers?

    reddys in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, i am a mobile web site developer from 7years around. these days mobile Ad networks taking high cpc from advertisers and giving too much low CPC for publishers, so ... [read more]

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    Naming a fitness app, suggestions

    I'm working on creating a workout log/tracker for the iPhone (and possibly Android later on). The app is going to be very easy to use, simple to get started tracking ... [read more]

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    Samsung Smart Phones OR Dell Smart Phones

    Hello People Number of smart phones are now available in mobile market with Android as you know already. I want your views on "Samsung Smart Phones OR Dell Smart Phones", ... [read more]

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    Admob vs Mobile Adsense : Which to use for a mobile web app?

    Diver Doug in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all, I'm a bit confused over which ad network I should go for. I'm developing some simple web apps (mostly just informational apps) and I want to monetize them, ... [read more]

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    Anyone uses Inmobi and like it

    sj145 in Mobile Marketing

    I am a total newbie when it come to mobile marketing. I just finished Adam Horwitz Mobile Monopoly course and I do have to say it was excellent ( I ... [read more]

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    Back to mobile

    tedobee in Mobile Marketing

    I posted this in the programming section and not getting much response(unless i didnt understand the response), unsure if that was the right area or not, but figure ill try ... [read more]

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    (Noob Friendly Method) Get $10 a day Downloading apps ( iOS & android phones)

    Bossess in Mobile Marketing

    The Company is called Feature Points you have to have a Android or iOS(apple) device(Can not use your laptop or desktop), you get rewarded just for using your phone Feature ... [read more]

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    What do I need to do to get started with mobile marketing?

    bigfoot875 in Mobile Marketing

    What are some ways to make money and advertise with mobile devices?

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    Anyone using Tapit?

    Ranagar in Mobile Marketing

    Im on the search for a new ad network and i heard of Tapit. anyone using them? how are they? i looked at it and they seem to have great ... [read more]

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    Three mobile marketing fails (and how to avoid them)

    julialewis in Mobile Marketing

    In 2011, mobile accounted for just 6% of all web traffic. Just two years later, that number has jumped to about 25%. There are now an estimated 4 billion mobile ... [read more]

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    City Directory Marketing Ideas

    FitMarketer in Mobile Marketing

    Hey Everyone My offline team is busy creating a city guide for local listings, offers. Our idea is to create an exclusive app that will appeal to both tourists and ... [read more]

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    Need help with mobile site-going crazy!

    peter_act in Mobile Marketing

    I have just spent all day trying to fix a problem with my mobile directory. The site is Broadbeach Gold Coast Australia The index file reads OK, but when I ... [read more]

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    Made a Great App - Need Advice

    I made a great app last year using a system called Skybuilder. I didn't really get into the whole app making and left my app alone on google Play. Yesterday ... [read more]

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    I discovered the "Secret" to $750/mo from any Motel!

    midasman09 in Mobile Marketing

    Howdy....I discovered a (excuse my shouting) STUPENDOUSly EASY WAY TO MAKE $750/MO (and more) FROM ANY MOTEL! choose! (You want $7.500 a Month? Just apply the folowwing to 10 local ... [read more]

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    What Would You Say Are The Best Apps To Make?

    Hackbridge in Mobile Marketing

    Looking for an idea for what apps are considered to be the best for creating a residual income. I know that games are good for some, and there are information ... [read more]

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    Where can i get a mobile Ad network with a low deposit requirement?

    grandstar in Mobile Marketing

    I want to start mobile marketing. I however have a low budget. Do you know of any I can start with a low budget i.e. $50. It could be a ... [read more]

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    Is Mobile Marketing Better Than Affiliate & Network Marketing?

    LegacyInc in Mobile Marketing

    What Do You Think? Which one pays the most in the long run?

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    Best way to find mobile website clients?

    smartsites in Mobile Marketing

    There are so many awesome tools out to build mobile websites for clients but how do you find the clients? I've sent out 100's of emails to businesses that did ... [read more]

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    Stock affiliate marketing - anyone knows what that is?

    itayke in Mobile Marketing

    Hey everybody, I'v been browsing through mobile offers and foun one with the following restriction: "- no stock affiliate marketing " - does anyone know what that is?

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    Suggestion for Free Online Video Creation site?

    MallofStyle in Mobile Marketing

    Hello - I am looking for free video creation online sites. I have googled it and found plenty of them. The issues is that not all sites have a lot ... [read more]

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    Best Price For Targeted CPC??

    chenfox in Mobile Marketing

    Help!! I checked so many mobile Ad-networks and everybody have different prices, Does anybody know what is a super cheap price for targeted CPC? but targeted and also runs on ... [read more]

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    Having Trouble Narrowing Down Content for Mobile

    Bruha in Mobile Marketing

    So I am having trouble narrowing down my content from my desktop site to my mobile site for my mobile marketing consulting company. I'm hoping someone can tell me or ... [read more]

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    I used to be cheap!

    twersk in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys... I was just wondering what my fellow mobile marketers are charging these days. I haven't done a site in about 6 months...and I think that was too cheap. ... [read more]

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    Over hyped?

    afbjv in Mobile Marketing

    Is mobile marketing over hyped? Are their that many businesses in need of it? If this is such a "niche market" to get into(mobile marketing,mobile websites, apps) why is there ... [read more]

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    For those who use Twilio --how do your clients feel about having to pay for incoming sms?

    I want to jump into the SMS business too. I know that I can use Twilios api and a sms application to start my business but I always feel that ... [read more]

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    Mobile Website Platform??

    gkappny in Mobile Marketing

    All, the info in the forum is amazing and I thank all who have shared!! I'm adapt at making wordpress blogs..sites. The one question I do have that I can't ... [read more]

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    iAds Not Reporting

    sidenote in Mobile Marketing

    I have several apps running for Android iPhone devices. In the past week, the ad requests for iAds have gone from 600 to over 30k in Scandinavian countries only. However ... [read more]

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    Anyone who can create a web page can create a mobile web site?

    I am planning to create a mobile website for . Where to startno idea?:confused::confused::confused:

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    Mobile websites vs APPS...

    serryjw in Mobile Marketing

    There are many threads here concerning which is better for your customer. I have tried to figure out which one I want to sell...MY thoughts...Please don't beat me with a ... [read more]

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    Phone Number Capture Solution for iPad

    Jblaze in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys I am managing the social media for a frozen yogurt shop and I have driven them some nice results. I managed to upsell them to a Mobile Marketing ... [read more]

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    Local SMS Dashboard

    samslunch in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guy's, I'm putting together a report on SMS Marketing, thought I would come here first to find out some topics you would find interesting and useful.

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    Looking for Cheap Mobile PPC

    techgr in Mobile Marketing

    Hey Warriors, can anyone recommend any good cheap mobile traffic companies? .00025-.0005 ? or .001 - .005 USA & International im looking for Help! thank you!

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    Print To Mobile - Augmented Reality, QR Codes, Digital Watermarks, NFC I am about to launch a free podcast and companion website (in the next 7-days) to talk all about how using interactive print techniques can make a real difference ... [read more]

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    problem with buzzcity

    Ranagar in Mobile Marketing

    For the last 3 weeks (since i got started with moblie marketing) i get conversion only on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays, and with diffrente campaigns too. why is that???:confused::confused:

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    Mobile Marketing Is The Way Forward

    We recently worked with a client who offered mobile marketing and I must admit, before this, we did not know how important mobile marketing is. If people are thinking about ... [read more]

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    Mobile Marketing Webinars

    chenfox in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, Did someone heard on a good website to study mobile marketing for free? Something quality with long webinars and tutorials how to upload campagins and measure them? also using ... [read more]

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    Gas Station and Convenience Store Marketing for Mobile Searches

    smartfinds in Mobile Marketing

    A study was released in July 2013 indicating searches 89% of mobile searches are for gas stations....and 90% of these mobile searches result in a purchase. The later is not ... [read more]

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    How to track traffic in Mobile Apps

    Grojas in Mobile Marketing

    Hey! Is there any external way to track registrations of an android app? I need something like a post-pixel that fires to me or a way to check from which ... [read more]

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    SMS Direct Billing Collection

    zahavi in Mobile Marketing

    Hi All, I recently got involved in a local charity which has come up lately with a very exciting, very innovative idea for raising money for a project which will ... [read more]

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    ideas for swiss mobile iphone users +sms marketing

    ctzulu in Mobile Marketing

    i get 200 numbers daily i tried language learning mobile site and poker app low conversation the cheapest sms sender with own SENDER ID i found cost me 7.5 cent ... [read more]

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    Problem With Adfonic

    joseph01 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Warriors I have a problem with adfonic : I created my first compaign 8 days ago and it's not yet approved I contact their support every day but no ... [read more]

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    Automatic payment in progress Admob

    steffanmax in Mobile Marketing

    How many days should "Automatic payment in progress" take with admob.. It had been going on since 21, im from europe. Normally (i think) it takes a day or 2..

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    How to market mobile apps

    Rhoda1990 in Mobile Marketing

    I want to build an app on fitness and health. I need to know how do i research my market to find out what my customers would like in my ... [read more]

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    mobile app or website?

    Hi people, As retailer, I want to know if the regular shops will disappear because of the success of the online shops? Please join the discussion.

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    How to sell apps

    chriz in Mobile Marketing

    Hi guys, I know about mobile websites and design, but I don't not know much about building and using apps.I have been making mobile websites for restaurants and I like ... [read more]

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    Observations in mobile marketing biz

    Hosting companies, local directories, large website companies, all have been and will be adding mobile websites to their portfolio of services and will certainly penetrate the small business market with ... [read more]

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    Lime Cellular API Question - Check for available keyword?

    Developer Keyword List Keyword List Thursday, August 15th, 2013 Url: Parameters Parameter Name (Case Sensitive) Value Description Remarks user (mandatory) Advertiser username The advertiser’s username that matches the api_id ... [read more]

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    Which Ad Network Combination?

    wbmstrz in Mobile Marketing

    I'm an app creator, not the developer. I'm in the process of working with a developer to create an ad supported version for my app. I've learn, through researching online, ... [read more]