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    Best directory site for mobile/desktop

    rugman in Mobile Marketing

    When offering a mobile site it would be nice to offer a listing in a local directory as well. Since it would in a sense be a "free" listing - ... [read more]

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    Question about ad network

    thomasmps in Mobile Marketing

    Any advice looking for the best mobile ad network to target hyper local to the city level? Thanks

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    Mobile Apps - Do you think this would work?

    Hugh Turner in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Warriors, Here is my idea... (steal it if you want, just let me know how it works out) To "Sell" Mobile Apps to some Local Businesses may be a ... [read more]

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    Slideshow on mobile

    peter_act in Mobile Marketing

    Hi guys, Prospective client asked me if I can do a slideshow on a mobile website. A true salesman would have said "Sure, no problem", which explains why I'm not ... [read more]

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    Mobile redirects for ipad/tablets?

    KaylaB in Mobile Marketing

    I have bought and/or used several diffferent user agent redirect scripts. Most do not consider iPads or tablets "mobile" for the purpose of redirection, but one does. I just bought ... [read more]

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    Mobile redirect

    SGTech in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all, I have a bit of a technical question. I have created a mobile site for a client which is working well except for one small problem. When I ... [read more]

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    Ipad apps inastalls

    Raziel080 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi. Can you advise me where i can get incentive installs for ipad&iphone?

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    Mobile’s new mission is monetization

    Jason_V in Mobile Marketing

    I posted this in the offline section too, but it's relevant here too Interactive Advertising Bureau VP Michael Theodore believes the much-ballyhooed “year of mobile” has already happened and ... [read more]

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    Hand-held device simulator/emulator

    rjohnsen in Mobile Marketing

    I just stumbled across this simulator/emulator Website. I can't vouch for its accuracy, so use it at your own comfort level. The Responsinator

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    Lead Gen for Mobile - YP Scraper

    abadrj1 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, Does anyone know of good lead gen scraper software for selling mobile websites? I bought a WSO where the software scrapes yellow pages listings and prints out a spreadsheet ... [read more]

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    Which Mobile Device do we develop for...?

    Although there is much talk of what Smartphone is best and has most sales when developing sites and Apps you want to go where the majority is first. Interesting statistics ... [read more]

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    mobile advertising channels ?

    Hello Guys, Pleaes suggest me mobile advertising channels ? Thanks gpcmedicalltd

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    Are iPhone game-apps still profitable?

    supereek in Mobile Marketing

    hi perhaps a nooby question but are iphone game apps still profitable? i have some money to invest and i had this idea, if i let an app creation team ... [read more]

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    Best way to distribute mobile apps for iPhones?

    I have an App that I'm going vertical with to a specific industry. The App will be the same for every buyer except the graphics and final destination phone number. ... [read more]

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    how to set up tracking code in BUzz City !!!Help

    newking32 in Mobile Marketing

    hello ,, i started my first campgain in buzzcity , i got approved but i cabt run my ads they say that i have set up tracking code correctly ,, ... [read more]

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    New York Times Mobile Article

    BIG DEALS in Mobile Marketing Check it out...

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    The integration of an ola run on platforms apk

    yeulam99 in Mobile Marketing

    Ola released version running on the Android operating system. Extremely smooth interface, add icons super kool and upgrade many attractive features. Upgrade Ola 5 At the same time released Ola ... [read more]

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    Help My Client Choose A Mobile Website Design - Icon or Button - Picture Inside

    Mr Squeeze in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys, So I am making a fairly large mobile website for a friend of mine who owns a restaurant chain, and... I'd like your help on which design looks ... [read more]

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    No-following mobile pages---weird!

    twersk in Mobile Marketing

    Hello fellow WFers...gotta question. I have a client whose mobile pages are showing up in Google search i.e. www.his_site/m/the_page and I don't want those appearing in the results as they ... [read more]

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    App to monitor visiotrs on FB page

    leslieyoung in Mobile Marketing

    Is there an app that can monitor the traffic in your Facebook fan page?

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    Apple buys indoor mobile location company

    NewParadigm in Mobile Marketing

    Gonna be all kinds of opportunities at shopping malls, stores, office buildings for mobile. Apple Buys Indoor Location Company, What's It Up To?

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    Outsourcing Android Application

    Hii I am looking for outsourcing Android Application project Can anyone please suggest me the best outsourcing Android Application company?

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    Who is making the money in mobile apps?

    JJNewbie in Mobile Marketing

    Can anyone tell me who is making the money with mobile apps? Is there an actually affiliate space in mobile apps? Are the developers of these apps the one's who ... [read more]

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    Sharing My Personal Mobile Marketing Campaigns Results.

    webstarcom in Mobile Marketing

    Before 3 months exactly I started creating free apps and uploaded on Google Play. I want to share with you the marketing results I had so far. I implemented Google ... [read more]

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    Mobile application for businesses

    jakeskater in Mobile Marketing

    Interested in developing mobile apps (iphone, ipod touch, ipad, android) for businesses. Games can also be created but it seems most businesses aren't interested in this. What would be the ... [read more]

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    App Advertising 50-50 Revenue Share

    RelaxFactor in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all! In the last few months I've developed an Android and iOS puzzle game. It's a good game which makes really addictive. I haven't done any marketing yet. I'm ... [read more]

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    Awesome Apps with poor advertising V Pathetic Apps with awesome advertising

    DeePee06 in Mobile Marketing

    It has always interested me this topic so i thought i would bring it to discussion with my fellow warriors Who do you think is winning this battle? are the ... [read more]

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    Cpanel info from mobile website clients - Are they receptive?

    freeabs in Mobile Marketing

    Will clients be receptive of the idea of giving you his Cpanel info for you to install the mobile website files and insert a redirect. This seems to be deal ... [read more]

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    Mobile cash cyclone

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this from? The seller on WF has stopped selling it? Maybe he has a website?? Can anyone share???

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    Dating offers: mainstream or adult?

    AlexCupid in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys! Hope you're doing well! I have a couple of questions for you and I would appreciate any kind of feedback based on your experience. Technically, this question is ... [read more]

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    Can You See This WordPress Mobile App Useful?

    tentblogger in Mobile Marketing

    One of the things that I've been toying with is different verticals and niches while we're building out a mobile application (hopefully it gets funded via Kickstarter) and one of ... [read more]

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    30 Day Mobile Marketing Challenge Journal

    bryce10 in Mobile Marketing

    Wuzzup Warrior Forum. I'm taking a stab at mobile CPA marketing and decided to make a journal for everyone to follow my progress. I also created a blog where I ... [read more]

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    Adobe Stats... Higher Tablet Use than Mobile!

    Have to share this interesting stat with all of you mobile consultants. Could her really useful to show your clients. Tablets now account for more web traffic than smartphones: stats ... [read more]

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    Detect websites that dont have mobile access

    hady76 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, does any member know of software that will search a town or city for a niche or keyword, detect and list the sites that havent mobile access. Appreciate help ... [read more]

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    I *still* don't get the appeal of... APPS...

    TimothyW in Mobile Marketing

    I must admit, I have a history of NOT understanding the appeal of things. The ringtone craze. The twitter craze. Etc. I missed them all... cuz "I knew better." I ... [read more]

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    Use Mobile Marketing To Put Your Business In Your Customers' Pockets

    kurttasche in Mobile Marketing

    Use Mobile Marketing To Put Your Business In Your Customers' Pockets Mobile marketing is one of the newest and easiest marketing techniques out there today. It can be very successful ... [read more]

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    way to search for broken mobile websites?

    Jarrod in Mobile Marketing

    I was just going through my LinkedIn contacts and came across a former colleague of mine that now works for a small business in the area. I checked their website ... [read more]

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    Movie Theater site question

    rugman in Mobile Marketing

    I found a theater that gets lots of mobile searches - no mobile site. There main site has the typical "no playing" on it that most would have. Has anyone ... [read more]

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    MSFT pays up to $2,000 "VIRTUAL CASH" for your app(s)

    NO AFFILIATE LINK HERE MSFT is paying up to $2,000 "virtual cash" for, up to, 20 of your apps you upload to their store. Details: Keep The Cash

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    What is the best mobile marketing company?

    dsuitor in Mobile Marketing

    Hey there im just wondering what the best mobile marketing company is i have been using imobi with pretty good results but i was just wondering if anyone had any ... [read more]

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    IPhone App For Bar/Club

    JackStriker in Mobile Marketing

    Hello there I have been asked to do an iPhone app for a bar/club where I live. This is the first time doing one. Now as there are loads of ... [read more]

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    Getting The Most From Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

    kurttasche in Mobile Marketing

    Getting The Most From Your Mobile Marketing Efforts If you want to get serious with your businesses marketing options and really place you business in the arena for consumer reflection ... [read more]

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    Software for bulk checking domains for mobile compatability?

    Just wondered if there is any software or WSO that you can load a bulk list of urls in to check if they are mobile compatible? If so, let me ... [read more]

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    Is There An Issue With This Approach?

    Create a video, then email 100 people per day using Gmail, pointing them to the video of the problem - "their website does not work on a mobile device". Provide ... [read more]

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    Tracking Conversions by Source on Mobile

    B Set in Mobile Marketing

    I'm trying to find a way to tell how many conversions a media partner sends to my mobile app. Is there a way to tell what source sent you conversions ... [read more]

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    Promotion of Mobile App (revenue share)

    RelaxFactor in Mobile Marketing

    Hi there! I'm a sole developer for mobile and web apps/games but am having a hard time to find some good advertising possibilities to drive more installs to my applications. ... [read more]

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    Can You Get Mobile Web Clients With Adwords?

    seanpbh in Mobile Marketing

    I am starting to sell mobile websites to business and I am wondering does anyone just use Google Adwords to get clients? Everything I read people seem to be just ... [read more]

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    Mobile app maker

    skylineapps in Mobile Marketing

    I have website running this day, but i want do mobile marketing. Do I need to create mobile app? Where can I get them?

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    Creating a New Mobile Application

    heatherruhe in Mobile Marketing

    What's the best way to create a mobile application? Outsource, DIY? Simple application for Motivational Journal & Fitness training. Any ideas would be most helpful.

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    Has anyone created a mobile site for client who hosts on yellowpages?

    ronr in Mobile Marketing

    If someone is hosting a website with yellow pages (dumb idea I know). I know YP won't give you access to anything but will they add a redirect code for ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to use mobile redirect on a wordpress responsive theme?

    mrtrance in Mobile Marketing

    I'm planning on a setting up a site with theme that works very well as far as lead generation goes, but it seems like it is also coded to be ... [read more]

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    Hosting Vs. Non-Hosting of Mobile Sites

    tim205 in Mobile Marketing

    Do you host the mobile sites for your clients or do you install it on their domain? For the client, I can understand that they would probably prefer the site ... [read more]

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    How to check if a customer has a Mobile website using Google Chrome

    Quentin in Mobile Marketing

    Lots of ties we want to see if a customer has a mobile website so we can easily do this with Google chrome. You can also do it with Firefox ... [read more]

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    Database help

    mafai44 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, quick question.. I am looking to create an app for an already established website. My question is would I be able to somehow access their database like their login ... [read more]

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    Customized Ads within your app?

    can you customize your own ad withing your app. Mayb I want ABC pizza ad to pop up for my users. Is this possible? and how do I go about ... [read more]