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    Offering Mobile Ads Management as well

    lirikh in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, what do you think of offering Mobile Ads marketing to your mobile website clients? Are mobile ads beneficial for small business owners? I think it would get awesome ROI ... [read more]

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    Preferred solution for redirect on WP site

    ktmakwana in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Warriors, One of my client's has a website built using Wordpress and I have created a mobile landing page. However, I need advice on best way to set up ... [read more]

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    Question: QR Codes and Business Cards

    anthonyk in Mobile Marketing

    I am just getting into Offline Mobile. I was going to get some business cards printed up and then I thought about the print and QR Codes Scanning properly. What ... [read more]

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    Mass SMS to do it? (anyone know of any good WSOs for this?)

    Diver Doug in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all, I'm looking to expand my knowledge of mobile marketing from merely constructing mobile websites for customers. I'd like to know how to offer my clients mass text messaging, ... [read more]

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    Offering an incentive for opt-ins vs. no incentive

    I noticed quite frequently we're discussing ways to "get" people to opt-in either to our own lists, or to our clients lists... but has anyone ever tracked the results from ... [read more]

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    Affiliate Marketing using Mobile, Is it Viable?

    SlyMaven in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Everyone: Have any of you made a profit doing Affiliate marketing with Mobile? Appreciate any advice or opinions. Thanks, Renee

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    QR code FAIL from the big boys

    godinu in Mobile Marketing

    I received a mailer the other day reminding me to link my United and Continental frequent flyer miles. Inside was a QR code to link them without having to log ... [read more]

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    Wordpress solution for mobile devices?

    PurpleNinja in Mobile Marketing

    Is there any specific solution to have apps for iphone, ipad and android for a wordpress site?

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    Click to call UK Provider

    ktmakwana in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Warriors, I have a client who would like "Click to Call" functionality on their mobile website therefore wanted to know if you have suggestion / recommendation of a good ... [read more]

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    Mobile Coupons at their BEST?

    WillR in Mobile Marketing

    I know of someone over here in Australia who is working with some fairly new technology based around delivering mobile coupons. I thought the idea might give others something to ... [read more]

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    Shopping for mobile marketing

    85kevin85 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello. I need a list of numbers and someone to text it to mass text my message to them. Any ideas or companies and prices? I am new to mobile ... [read more]

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    Android & Iphone Apps

    blackout17 in Mobile Marketing

    Who has made an application for their website? Its a big market out their and if you can do it and get it right you could get a bigger community ... [read more]

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    Mobile Html5

    lirikh in Mobile Marketing

    Hey, I'm interested in learning more about html5 and mobile. Are there any resources available for this?

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    Mobile Site Creation Software

    I bought a couple wso's on mobile site lead generation and creation software but I have a problem, notable the mobile site crusher wso... Isn't the best solution for a ... [read more]

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    Sencha - HTML5 Mobile Web Framework

    Kiril S in Mobile Marketing

    Hey, So I've researching about HTML5 web development and came upon this open-source framework I've seen examples of it and I must say I was impressed. I'm going to ... [read more]

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    Most Popular/Reliable Mobile Marketing Services

    Gary M. in Mobile Marketing

    You know how Aweber and Getresponse are the most mentioned autoresponder services on this forum? What is the most popular or most reliable mobile marketing services? I'm looking to collect ... [read more]

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    Check This Out! - Mondo Use of QR Codes

    upmatthews in Mobile Marketing

    Thought everyone would like to see an "outside the box" use of QR codes and Mobile Marketing. It is a short video about how grocery stores are using QR codes ... [read more]

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    Best Businesses for Mobile?

    From your experience, what are the best types of businesses to approach for mobile websites. I'm not looking for theory here. What industries have you had the highest success rates ... [read more]

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    App vs Mobile Site?

    T2007 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi All, I'm a bit confused about the similarities and differences of each, as well as advantages and disadvantages of one over the other; RE: APP vs MOBILE SITE. Can ... [read more]

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    Is there complete mobile strategy?

    Shmigola in Mobile Marketing

    I'm newbie in this business and can't manage to build entire mobile strategy for off-line clients. There are many questions: - what features should be in the mobile site? - ... [read more]

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    Sold my first 2 Mobile Websites this afternoon!

    hi there, I just want to share with you guys. I sold my first 2 mobile websites to a restaurant (2 different locations) this afternoon. Last week, I went to ... [read more]

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    Mobile sms video sales. What do you use please?

    karensworld in Mobile Marketing

    Hi warriors, I have decided to also try obtaining leads from using video emails. I do have jing pro, but I have seen lots of reviews here where the warrior ... [read more]

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    Quality Score Adwords Click to Call

    so2toll in Mobile Marketing

    Hi - I just began a mobile adwords campaign but started off with just a quality score of 2. It's just a phone listing with a click-to-call option and no ... [read more]

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    Hello, SMS service company reccomendations sought

    joecarson1 in Mobile Marketing

    please post your favorite sms service that has the abilty to white label or at least affiliate with. Here are examples I have run across so far, but no reviews: ... [read more]

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    Need help?How can mobile marketing help a business consultant?

    mymoneyteam in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, I have a client who is a business consultant. I have already fixed him up with a mobile optimized site with all the bells and whistles. But was wondering ... [read more]

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    How would I overcome THIS objection?

    syncjam in Mobile Marketing

    A prospective client asked why he should get a mobile site when the main thing I'm selling (phone & map) are already in the Google search results. When a search ... [read more]

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    QR Codes taking mobile marketing by storm

    curly sue in Mobile Marketing

    :confused:Qr codes are the next big thing. you can get one done cheaply on fiverr. Anybody ant affiliate programs that utilize this new revolution?

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    Trusted Valuable Warriors opinions needed...apply within...

    karensworld in Mobile Marketing

    Hi to all, hope all are having the best day ever..... I would like to start approaching realtors, property managers (anything realestate, which is my background, love it to death, ... [read more]

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    Plan of Action for Selling Mobile Sites

    firewolf08 in Mobile Marketing

    I'm a real lurker here on the forums, hardly ever post as you can tell from my post count to the left. I've decided I need to take some definite ... [read more]

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    .mobi vs .com vs .net

    arcada in Mobile Marketing

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to start building mobile sites. I was wondering does it really make a difference on using .mobi vs .com vs .net for ranking? Any info on ... [read more]

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    How do you protect the idea?

    ogremagi in Mobile Marketing

    Say you want to pitch mobile website to someone in another state so an in person demo is out of the question. How do you show them a sample and ... [read more]

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    Is There Anyway I Can Charge Per Text?

    Gary M. in Mobile Marketing

    Any services where I can charge to have someone text me or charge when I text them? You know, similar to adult phone lines that charge by the minute?

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    Mobile marketing stats

    ElenaEn in Mobile Marketing

    I am trying to find some stats on mobile marketing conversions/results. There is a ton of general stats out there (e.g. "over 70% of smart phone users have used their ... [read more]

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    Anybody know the code for sending sms from mobile site?

    herbaluss in Mobile Marketing

    Just like tel:xxxxxxxxx does the call is there a html code that will create an sms which clicked on by a mobile device?

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    Anyone doing txt messages for Realtor listings

    MKBridge in Mobile Marketing

    Hi All I am focusing on text messages for house listings. IE "Text house123 to 555444 to get pictures and info on this house right to your mobile phone". Is ... [read more]

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    Serving videos on mobile sites....

    JBroyer44 in Mobile Marketing

    So good news is I got a call from one of my CL ads that I posted regarding mobile websites. This guy has a sound proofing business and wants to ... [read more]

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    Australian Text Message Marketing Info

    Hey everyone, Looking through a list of providers for SMS Marketing in Australia and I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with any of them. Here is what ... [read more]

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    Taking action tomorrow morning! But there is a thing I need to ask...

    agonce in Mobile Marketing

    Hello all, As the title says it, I will finally go out and start promoting my services after reading and reading and reading almost all the stuff here on the ... [read more]

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    What am I doing wrong, QR code related?

    dv8 in Mobile Marketing

    I am messing around with generating QR codes to put on a mock up business card. I am going to use it when I go around selling mobile sites. I ... [read more]

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    My first sale

    Guys and gals, I am happy to report I had my first meeting and my first sale today. I was on cloud nine. What a rush! It was a salon ... [read more]

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    A question about Weebly mobile sites.

    I.M.Retired in Mobile Marketing

    Weebly has an interesting looking option for creating and hosting websites that are created automatically by their in-house software. What are the pros and cons of the Weebly platform for ... [read more]

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    SMS in Canada - Any problems reaching all cell providers?

    DougPage in Mobile Marketing

    After reading so many posts about SMS messaging, I can really see a lot of prospects for this service. However, I have been seeing that many SMS providers only reach ... [read more]

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    Mobile Website Question for Big Brains :)

    CPAmum in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all! I have a "Devil's Advocate" question for anyone who's focusing on selling mobile optimized Websites. If a business 1) Shows up in Google Places after searching for "restaurants" ... [read more]

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    sms trial for business

    hardyfella in Mobile Marketing

    if you offer trial accounts to businesses does this remove the ability to charge a setup fee if they want to sign up? Just curious how you guys have done ... [read more]

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    W3 Validator fpr Mobile

    I'm looking for a mobile script that will validate my mobile site with a 100% pass score, anyone please? W3C mobileOK Checker I have a few scripts but its only ... [read more]

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    An Interesting Way to Attract Mobile Design Clients?

    bhuff85 in Mobile Marketing

    I've been going back and forth with the mobile design stuff now for the last couple weeks. Read so much great information stuff on this forum during that time, too. ... [read more]

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    .mobi gold rush?

    1Constant in Mobile Marketing

    So I'm using Google KW Tool and limiting search to all mobile devices. I am coming up with some seriously juicy key-words and actually finding the .mobi for them, though ... [read more]

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    Anyone having any problems with this? I think I know the answer

    I'm probably only going to confirm what I already suspect, but I have to ask. So here's the situation. As more and more sites and companies are making it easier ... [read more]

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    Google Gomo is USELESS?!

    WillR in Mobile Marketing

    I've just been running a number of mobile friendly and mobile unfriendly sites through the Google Gomo mobile website tester: GoMo: An Initiative From Google What I found is that ... [read more]

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    [Mobile]Trying to get some Market Research for new Mobile Products

    My company, Pervasive Tags, is an Austin based technology company that has been working on developing new mobile applications and we were hoping to get some feedback from online marketing ... [read more]

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    Is it possible to do this with sms ?

    Hi Is this possible? Say i have a contract that lets me send 5000 sms/text messages per month Is there away to hook the phone to my laptop/pc and be ... [read more]

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    Mobile CMS site for estate agent /realtor

    mjbmedia in Mobile Marketing

    Can anyone supply one (via me) for a local estate agent here in UK, theyve adopted QR codes but they link to their PC site which is OK ish on ... [read more]

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    Please Somebody Take my Money!!!

    karensworld in Mobile Marketing

    Hi fellow wariors, I am just getting ready to start marketing mobile sites. I am desperately looking for a wpress site to use, I would like video and content on ... [read more]

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    Publishing Apps

    Severin in Mobile Marketing

    I am thinking about offering native apps to local businesses but I don't want/need to go through iTunes or Android marketplace. Is it possible to publish the apps for download ... [read more]

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    Does Admob work? - PPC Mobile Marketing for Local Business

    Tom Sawyer in Mobile Marketing

    Has anyone had any long term success providing PPC mobile marketing services for local businesses? I've tried several times to use Admob for local businesses, without any success. Here's what ... [read more]