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    Mobile Marketing PLR

    Starting a new campaign for 2016, my goal is to help more local businesses to build their customer list using mobile. I will be doing a series of weekly videos ... [read more]

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    Display device brand and city on LP using CPVlab?

    SLIMEDIA in Mobile Marketing

    Hello guys, I have been running mobile campaigns lately but I would like to make my LP dynamic to increase CTR, I'm using CPVlab and I don't know exactly how ... [read more]

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    Earn money using a mobile

    Mahermatrix in Mobile Marketing

    Hello everyone, Well I'm new here . I want to ask about something. I want to know what is the ways to earn money using just a mobile without computer ... [read more]

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    Marketing plan to sell SMS to business

    Roscoe4 in Mobile Marketing

    I look at the idea of selling SMS services to businesses as a significant investment. I live in a pretty populated area and I see local businesses offering loyalty programs ... [read more]

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    Keyword Suggestions for Publishing APP on Google Play Store

    seotools in Mobile Marketing

    What are the keywords which gives you 100+ installs per day right away when we launch android app on google play store? I have tried some keywords like "Football Soccer ... [read more]

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    Predictive analytic tool for ecommerce Marketing

    retailreco in Mobile Marketing

    What do you think is important for #eCommerce #marketing? Importance of big data analytic in eCommerce!

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    How to promote my SMS page?

    Bruha in Mobile Marketing

    So, I've created my sign up page for a local deals sms list I'm going to try to build here: Home I was thinking of running Facebook ads targeting my ... [read more]

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    Looking for a test install tool

    zoehai in Mobile Marketing

    Hi all, as part of our activity, I constantly find myself in need to make test installs before I start running a cpi offer. The problem is that on most ... [read more]

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    Looking for CPL deals

    Hi. I'm looking to promote our IOS app in the UK app store. Vertical: Sports betting Who are the top companies running mobile CPL campaign? Best!!! Donnie,

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    What Kind of Price Model You Prefer to Promote Your APP?

    Hi all, what price model will you usually choose when you released a new app on Google Play or App Store in order to achieve more downloads?

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    What is the best Chineese app stores

    adwike in Mobile Marketing

    What is the best Chineese app stores that give positive results for the number of Downloads

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    Any alternative for Avazu DSP ?

    Kusanagi123 in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys , i heard about avazu a few days ago , u can put your mobile ad in many ads platforms using only Avazu but the minimum to fund ... [read more]

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    Android app installs? I did Hit Another Goldmine!

    Emmerlee in Mobile Marketing

    It was a moment filled with doubts and optimism when I contemplated reaching out to some direct advertisers who may be interested in getting high quality android app installs for ... [read more]

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    Seeking the best mobile app marketer

    102drive in Mobile Marketing

    Hello, I'm in the process of building a mobile gaming app on iOS. I'm seeking a mobile app marketing superstar who has years of experience with pre-launching, launching, and post-launch ... [read more]

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    Mobile Privacy Guard

    felixwaters in Mobile Marketing

    How can one prevent*mobile*apps from taking the contact list from one's smartphone? I am using Leo Master is it is best for smartphones?

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    the end of mobile apps? What`s next?

    AppBooster in Mobile Marketing

    We struggle to get app noticed and downloaded, while most smartphone users ignore the whole concept of app stores. Comscore claims that 65% of people don`t download apps at all, ... [read more]

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    how to find mobile affliate networks

    HeathRoy in Mobile Marketing

    Hi I heard of there are over 1000 mobile affiliate networks. How to find them, except affpaying and metioned in this forum?

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    how to know the backlink for my app

    please give me any website to know the backlink in my app thank you

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    Which is the best security app for iphone

    AlfredAllen in Mobile Marketing

    hello friends, I am very possessive about my smart phone applications security. so I need suggestion regarding the app lock security system please do suggest me which security app lock ... [read more]

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    How can I monetize this?

    Nemecky in Mobile Marketing

    Hey everyone, I have a collection of sound bytes (without going into details), that I'd like to try and monetize as some sort of mobile app. I was thinking of ... [read more]

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    Need cheap iPhone mobile traffic?

    HeKKoR in Mobile Marketing

    Hi friends, I need good volumes of worldwide iOS traffic. Any advice where to buy cheap and good volumes? Whats your favourite or experience? Greetz

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    Have you get any payment from OfferMobi?

    ayahanda in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, I am one of OfferMobi affiliate. I had made commissions promoting their mobile CPA offers. I had try (and begging) to get my commission from OfferMobi for quite some ... [read more]

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    How to Get Leads For Real Estate Agent?

    Mark Alex in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Everyone, a friend of mine is working as a real estate agent and looking for Mobile ads / apps to generate traffic/leads to his landing page.. Seeking your support ... [read more]

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    how can I increase mobile traffic to my B2B website? Are there any tricks or tactics.

    campbelljof in Mobile Marketing

    Mobile is set to outspace desktop internet usage in 2016. But getting mobile traffic is a challenge. So, how can I increase mobile traffic to my B2B website? Are there ... [read more]

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    How to Create google voice accounts without real usa phone

    dblane4 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, Not sure if I posted in the right section or not. Need help from you guys. Does anyone know any android app which still working in November 2015 to ... [read more]

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    Incentive CPI offers

    zoehai in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I have started lookign at some offers to promote, and usually I only run non0incent, but I am constantly getting offers to promote incent and wanted to ask ... [read more]

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    Increasing Installs Organically

    adityaoza in Mobile Marketing

    Hey guys, I recently launched 2 dentist games a month back and so far, I have gotten 500 installs during that time. Android is a new market for me to ... [read more]

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    Why Mobile Website Is Essential For Businesses

    JulietK in Mobile Marketing

    The amount of time people that spend on their mobile devices is increasing quickly and as it increases the amount of people who uses Internet is increasing as well. For ... [read more]

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    Amazon App Store and Advertising

    keblack in Mobile Marketing

    Anyone used amazon advertising to increase install of google play apps that were added to amazon app store ? My guess is that it is expensive CPC ?

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    How can I gather mobile number?

    diggbay in Mobile Marketing

    I don't know much about mobile marketing.If I want to start mobile marketing I have to generate mobile number then I can send sms to desire number. Do you know ... [read more]

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    SMS Platform Rates

    Salex5050 in Mobile Marketing

    Looking for rate quotes for SMS platform/gateway to promote mobile cpa offers. Thank you.

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    SMS Campaigns the Easy Way

    Hi, Just curious if anyone works with clients that would benefit from intelligent mobile marketing in the US. I'm working on a project that would make it super easy to ... [read more]

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    need help about promoting in admob

    bernay2014 in Mobile Marketing

    I want to promote my new app "doctor foot kids" in admob, if i spend 300$ (us,uk) in one day , my app will be listed in top new apps ... [read more]

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    1clickflow landing page average conversion rates from RTB buys?

    bardmoor in Mobile Marketing

    Has anyone tested 1clickflow campaigns using buys from RTB networks? These are offers where only 3G/4G users are targeted and the phone carrier automatically fills in the user's mobile number ... [read more]

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    admob optimization

    MATRIXREAL in Mobile Marketing

    hi friend, are there any tips to optimize admob earning ? tips to block compaign with low cpc / cpm ? or any other tips ? i have an app ... [read more]

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    Top Commision Mobile Apps Affiliate Network!!!

    cpauk in Mobile Marketing

    I want to need best mobile apps affiliate network... suggest me....

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    Hey... Going crazy over here haha anybody have experience using and for tracking? Cant get it right pls help.....

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    Where to buy play store downloads/installs

    SEOJack in Mobile Marketing

    I intend to buy downloads/installs for my apps for the Play Store as well as reviews. Please message me with details if you offer such a service. Some criteria: - ... [read more]

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    How to account for Day 1 30% retention rate in ROI calculations for a non-incent CPI offer?

    bardmoor in Mobile Marketing

    i everyone, We are planning to run some tests with non-incent mobile CPI offers for iOS games. But before we invest in our media buy, we have some questions: 1. ... [read more]

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    My point of views for 5 kinds of campaigns

    idvert in Mobile Marketing

    Hi,Guys, Pleasure to be a member of Warrior,I am here to communicate you with my point of views about making money online. Many of affiliates are seeking for a direction ... [read more]

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    AdCash setup on Voluum

    freedomvivo in Mobile Marketing

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what tokens to input in Voluum traffic source setup? How to use postback S2S? Thanks & Regards, James

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    mobile apps ad network

    shamail in Mobile Marketing

    hi i have more then 30 apps and i want to build me an ad network so i can publish my offers and start selling ads to others. can you ... [read more]

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    how to find affliate?

    Oz Huang in Mobile Marketing

    Hi, we are CPA affiliate network with over 100 offers. But we are new. How to find affiliate running offers from us?

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    Need help for advices apps

    BadreEddine in Mobile Marketing

    Im a web designer , and i wanna start reskining android apps , i have small buget to invest in buying code sources and marketing , what are the strategies ... [read more]

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    Program to convert HTML website (landingpage) to a mobile friendly website

    Stevven1 in Mobile Marketing

    Hello warriors, I've created really easy website with a big background picture and in front of that a box of text. the problem is, when I visite my website on ... [read more]

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    direct linking vs landing page?

    visimedia in Mobile Marketing

    we know preselling works, but what do you think about it in mobile cpa offer? let's say we promote something nothing about mmo niche, would you still do the landing ... [read more]

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    Mobile Banner

    umeshch in Mobile Marketing

    I want to market my affiliate link through mobile marketing so how to make banner of an affiliate link with url in it.

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    Website to App?

    blitz20 in Mobile Marketing

    I am looking for a service that could make my website into an app the uses push notifications. Also when a mobile user comes to my site it asks them ... [read more]

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    Twilio for SMS? Your thoughts wanted

    Amy5 in Mobile Marketing

    Hi I've done some research on SMS text messaging and I want to offer it as part of my service offerings. If I could afford the $300 monthly for Lime ... [read more]

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    Working with Advertiser?

    farmads in Mobile Marketing

    I have just opened own CPA network without much experience; so could you tell me how to work with Advertiser? - Where do I can look for them? - How ... [read more]

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    Mobile Website Design - Newbie Tips & Tricks

    Kevin Z in Mobile Marketing

    Over the last number of years I’ve had the opportunity to see hundreds if not thousands of mobile website designs. Trust me I've seen the good , the bad and ... [read more]

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    Best Platform for Building Apps and Games?

    NevinC in Mobile Marketing

    What is the best platform for creating apps and games on android, iphone etc.?

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    List Of 400 international Mobile Ad Networks

    Mobile Ad Networks 1. 140Proof US/International 2. 3cInteractive US/International 3. 4Info US/International 4. 4Mads US/International 5. 4th Screen UK/ 6. 5th Finger AU US/International ... [read more]

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    Need for FB traffic on CPI basis?

    Hi guys. Do you run CPI or CPA campaigns on Facebook? I've got some facebook campaigns here mostly mobile games downloads. Do you do such model?

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    Mobile apps are getting downloaded but no conversions

    HI All, I have read that mobile apps are going to be the next generation marketing tools. As part of this, i have created multiple mobiles apps and uploaded to ... [read more]

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    ASO - App boost

    benbasha in Mobile Marketing

    hello, I read in a lot of places that warrior forum is the place for aso. im trying to boost my Android app ranking (got 150~ organic installs daily, ranks ... [read more]