Top 10 All Time Male Vocalists

by Steven Wagenheim 123 replies
In going through my music history, I find that male vocalists (at least the
really good ones) are less prevalent in rock and roll and more prevalent in
the standards of yesterday like Sinatra and Crosby. I wonder why? Having
said that, there are a few in the rock era that I thought sung well even
though most tried to scream their way through the tune.

Here is my list of favorites. Number 1 is number 1 for me. Wow, what a voice
he had.

Gary Puckett
Bing Crosby
Frank Sinatra
Harry Connick Jr.
Sammy Hagar (the best of the screamers)
Steve Perry
Nat King Cole
Ezio Pinza (go listen to Some Enchanted Evening sometime)
Josh Groban (the best today)
Jon Anderson (made Yes what they were)

My mother, God rest her soul, an opera singer, said Garry Puckett gave
her goose bumps. Young Girl, Woman Woman, Lady Willpower and Over
You were 4 of the biggest songs of 1968. Anybody else would have never
gotten these tunes as big as they got.

Anyway, I know I've left out a ton of talent so take it away.
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    Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

    Frank Sinatra
    End of the thread right there. You can't match the master. I don't care how old you are, or where you are from, or what music you listen to there is atleast one Sinatra song that you will probably like

    I like a lot of guys, mostly r&b singers, but there is only one sinatra.

    also Tony Bennett.
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      Meatloaf - amazing voice everyone has forgotten.
      Frankie Valli
      Elton John
      Otis Redding
      Frank - will always be #1
      Sammie (Davis Jr, not Hagar)

      not 10, but that's the beginning of my list.
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    Nat King Cole (my favorite since I was like 5 years old)

    Stevie Wonder as a little child - the most beautiful crystal clear voice I have ever heard - just average after he grew up.

    Bob Dylan - the master songwriter of our age, and voice may be nasal and raspy, but figure, write, sing, play harmonica and guitar all at the same time.

    Righteous Brothers
    Joey Ramone
    Wilson Pickett
    Jackie Wilson
    Little Anthony
    Joe Cocker - back in the day
    Jim Morrison
    John Lennon

    So many unknown lead singers in groups of the 50-60s like the Cadillacs, Olympics, etc. check out this deep tenor voice. (Eddie Lewis)

    Fred Paris and The Five Satins

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    As usual, this is completely subjective.

    Here's my quick list...

    Roy Orbison -- (this guy had a 4 or 5 octave range - enough said)
    Freddie Mercury -- (this crazy little thing could sing like Elvis and more)
    Elvis -- (the voice, the charisma, the presence -- what else can you say?)
    John Fogerty (back in his day -- this guy just oozed with soul/realism)
    Paul Rogers (now this is one bad ass singer)
    John Lennon (imagine having a voice like his)
    Roger Daltry ( don't get fooled again -- this guy can sing)
    Bono (in his prime he could belt it out with the best of them)
    Elton John (the melody and dynamics in his good old days)

    I'm sure I missed some. But that's a start.
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    Ah, I see someone did get Robert Plant.

    Roger Daltrey certainly belongs on the list as well.


    Edit: Looks like Dave Allen beat me to the punch.

    My top ten list would look pretty close to Dave's.
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    Here's a great singer I don't think anyone mentioned, Tom Jones:

    Here's another Tom dedicates to Leadbelly:

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    Hey Kurt,

    Yeah, you're right. Tom Jones has an amazing set of pipes. My buddy, I was mentioning, who had played keyboards with Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, reminded me of that a couple of weeks ago when we were having some beers. Tom can belt it out -- no doubt.
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    Hey Ken,

    You're absolutely right. Burton Cummings was one of the "unsung" hero's. (amazing)

    Plus, (what you were referring to -- guys like Kurt Cobain, John Fogerty, to mention only a couple) that's one of the key components of "mostly everything" that "differentiates" itself and "positions" itself as a -- unique "brand". They may not have been "THE best", (necessarily, or were/are) but... they (did/present) themselves in a way that distinguished them from everything else that was/is out there.

    That's always an extremely powerful place to come from.
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    Toss Geddy Lee of "RUSH" into the mix.... a most distintive voice with an amazing range...
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    One guy who hasn't been mentioned that had an amazing career is Bryan Ferry. The woman sure loved the guy and his voice.
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    Johnny Cash.

    Not a songbird, but a distinctive voice

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