Men Who Use Shirtless Pictures Of Themselves as Avatars

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I can see that more and more male members are using shirtless pictures of themselves as avatars in this and other forums. I have seen complaints about this issue in other forums and am interested in what people think about this here. What I am particularly interested in would be

1. Do ladies feel turn on when they see a male member shirtless here?

2. Would you be more or less inclined to do business with that member?

3. Are there any WF male members you would like to see shirtless?

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    1. It's not ladies who tend to be turned on by shirtless men. They're probably after another audience.

    2. That depends. Are they in the fitness or muscle building niche? Do they look like they know what they're talking about?

    3. I'll bet Wordpro looks nice shirtless.
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    Originally Posted by derekwong28 View Post

    3. Are there any WF male members you would like to see shirtless?
    Do I sense a "Men of the Warrior Forum" calendar coming out soon....?
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    Well...put it this way...folks do FAVOR or DAMAGE to themselves by how them choose to represent. If they think shirtless is the way to go, I would venture a guess that MOST would find that unprofessional and it would reflect negatively. However, look at me...many think I am stuffy because I have a tie on...SOOOO...I guess the happy medium lies somehwhere in the middle. Another thought a parent, I would NEVER use a picture of my child as an avatar...WAAAAAYYYY too many crazy people on the net and why give them fodder and put their pic out there for them? The point is...I would say this topic is as subjective as any other...personally, I will ONLY go shirtless on my fitness niche site...and that is for MONEY....;-)

    Mac the Knife
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    Shirtless online, hell I dont like to good shirtless in the bath.
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    See I think the avatar is a personal thing so I really don't sway either way. I mean some may see my avatar with my daughter as being unprofessional and choose not to do business with me because of it. Others may be turned off by the guy in the suit avatar, thinking they are too much of a stiff or something and not do business with that guy. You can't please everyone, and I think the avatar should simply represent you and your business, and no matter what you put up (including no avatar) you are going to win and lose followers and potential buyers/JV ops because of it.

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    I know this isn't related to the original topic,well,then again it might be considered to be topless, but my avatar (which has been shrunk so it may be hard to make out) is a skeleton riding a skeleton of a horse and the caption says"beating a dead horse"
    So I wonder how many would not JV with me because of that.
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    I've only seen a couple guys with shirtless avatars. Didnt have much affect on me, but for a truly scientific comparision, we need to have a couple ladies put a shirtless avatar up to see if there is any effect.

    I'll wait.
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    Michael, put your shirt back on.
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    dammit...i was sitting here with my shirt off, 70's porn music in the background (bow chica bow bow)
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    You know there are hundreds of guys out there who put forth years of effort to have such an avatar. Bonus points if it features mirror and cellphone.
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    Avatar should be representative
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    Man O Man, would it have made a difference if the horse had skin??
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    So what do guys think when they see a naked or nearly naked avatar of a female?
    Sure hot - but business worthy? Only in Adult businesses and even then they get the respect of your friendly neighborhood hooker.

    Sure I like to see a great body -- but I like a few brains attached to the corpse, ya know? When some dude is flashing his abs at me yet his business has nothing to do with building great abs or related health issues - I'm not going to bother one twat with whatever it is he's doing. He's just coming off as a dumb, conceited piece of meat at that point -- must not have a real solid business if he has to use abs instead of facts to sell it.

    Later this year I'll be doing a video that will be scantily clad - but what I will be selling is weight control and skin care. You won't see that on my avatar because my base business, hobby, and areas of interest is in rock and gem hunting - so you get a hat and a man's utility shirt. Being female I did dress it up with a string of pearls, lol) - but that is what you get because that is who I basically am. I can't imagine putting a pic of me in a bathing suit on my rockhound site -- it's not a fit. It's not the image that is going to attract rock and gem hunters, archaeologists, treasure hunters, etc - anyone it attracted would just be looking for something not offered on the site. I might end up with matchmaking or porn in the forums.

    Most of us will never meet each other in person so what we know of each other is purely what we find in here. I highly doubt that I'd have met the same respect if I'd have put up an avatar that looks like an ad for sex. Men should start dealing with the same line of thought. You might have a bod that is nice to look at, but I don't want to talk business with a dumb whore. have the weirdest ideas sometimes.
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    I dont think that any woman with good social standing and upbringing who is here to seek education would be interested in any shirtless man. I think that men who use half naked avatars perhaps do so because it is part of their persona and would like to be known as such; perhaps they are sensual in nature or maybe some of the comments are correct that they are simply trying to reach out to another demographic.. wink!
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    That would be an interesting test

    Just something in the IM field. Do a normal IM page, and then the same page with a half naked female and see if there is actually a difference in response
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    I make many Avatar.s and its not only men that like shirtless lol

    I do make a lot for chat rooms though so maybe thats why hehe
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    I think 'when in Rome'.

    i.e., I think it is tacky in a business forum not to wear a shirt for the avatar picture.

    However considering the number of ads about 'work at home in your underwear', 'work at home in your pajamas' I am glad NOT to see many of those images.

    I wouldn't judge really on their competence because one guy I know who has a shirtless avatar sold his simple website (with backlinks/traffic) for like $36,000 after 4 years. Brilliant shirtless guy.

    At least the ones I have seen are buff. Unlike 'nudists' who are invariably saggy, baggy, flabby and absolutely gross. If you got it flaunt it, if not cover up before I barf.
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    For the most part I like the WF avatars (exceptions below). It's nice to put a face with the words. The people who use other images make me curious as to why they chose that particular image.

    @ HeySal - I feel the same way about business services and banks using funny and/or scantily clad models to sell their wares.


    Convince of your company's merits. Yes, that means you, too, GoDaddy.

    The thing with shirtless male avatars is it makes me think they are vainglorious - and therefore probably not the easiest to work with. After all, any time you would disagree it would be a blow to their inflated ego.

    That's my take on it.

    All the best,
    Michael "You Should Have Seen My Avatar BEFORE I Photoshopped It" Oksa

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