Intranet Software for Startups?

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Hi guys!

I wanted to ask the founders among you whether the topic "intranet software" is flashing on your radar.

Though our company provides intranet templates for small and medium-sized companies, there are just very few start-ups or founders in our customer base (although our product is also designed as a small business intranet).

So, which tools do you use for communication and collaboration? Skype? Trello? Slack? Google Apps? A company network?

Looking forward to your input!
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    Well, almost by definition, startups are usually going to be tiny, typically with one to three people, so it's understandable (to me, anyway) why they'd use existing (and often free) solutions, rather than even thinking to set up intranet software. (Sorry.) Personally, when I need to collaborate with others, I turn to Google Drive.
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      You got a point here!

      The thing is, startups begin with 1-3 people, but they can grow rapidly fast. Any many free solutions aren't scalable.

      And Google Drive... well, don't you worry about data security and privacy? At least that is what I would do before handing my data to Google on a silver platter.
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    It depends on the specifics of your work.
    For communication I use Skype.
    For working with documents I use Google Docs.
    Also use social networks Facebook and Linkedin for business and communication with partners.
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    Intranet software: Confluence. (If wanting to build a knowledgeable for staff, what I consider an intranet). $10/mo is good value and very scalable.

    Communication: Google Apps/Hangout etc
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      Well, $10 is a good entry, indeed. But this package is not scalable! They even say on their homepage, that it's just for small teams. For growing teams you have to pay much more like $200/month for 50 users.

      Hm... that makes me think if that's the key problem. I mean, if somes startups don't expect to grow in a forseeable time period, there is no reason for them to invest in a scalable intranet solution, right?

      And speaking about Google Apps, you should read this blog post about the interaction of Google Apps and Intranets.

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