My website hacked. Please help me to solve this issue.

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Please check this query in Google.

Iy shows my website is hacked and don't know how to sort out this problem.
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    Hi communityblogging ideas , I am sorry to hear about what happened to your website. Can you provide more details regarding the incident so that other Warriors can help you out.
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    • Please search for my website on google with url here:

      Then you'll see the message in Google search under website url that "your website may be hacked".
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    You can begin by running a Free site scan at - here is a direct link:

    You will find that it shows at least 5 files that are corrupted.

    Once you get those files removed, assuming you still have access, change your access password, install the Wordfence plugin and activate all the free options it has available.

    There are plenty of threads here at Warrior that you can do a search on and find other suggestions to implement but first you need to get the bad files out, change password, install wordfence and then implement some of the other suggestions you can find here at WF via the search option.


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    You should be able to find which part was hacked. Restore backup and then patch it.
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    What I would do is first contact my hosting provider. Inform them and ask whether they are aware of any vulnerabilities or similar attacks other users may have incurred. Good luck!

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