Announcing The WF Avatar Contest Winner...

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To the mods: This thread is Internet Marketing related. Here I'll be
discussing how effective each avatar is in branding it's owner.

My Top 5 Warrior Forum Avatars

1) Username: Dan C. Rinnert (Winner!)

I chose Dan's avatar as the winner because I think it really
stands out. It's eye catching, fun and even professional. Did
you know that that's actually a drawing of Dan? Who said
you need to use your photograph? This is a great example
of branding yourself.

2) Username: M2 - Marketing Consultant

Check this out, the background matches the forum background.
This logo avatar really merges in. The owner really took avatar
branding a step further. With the name being M2 and the
subtitle "Marketing Consultant" this a avatar oozes

3) Username: Black Hat Cat

Let's analyse the name... "Black Hat Cat." Three words that
are short, rhyme and are only one syllable creating a real
powerful identity. Now let's look at the avatar. A cat wearing
a black hat... Genius. Instantly recognisable. I love it. Only
one problem. the avatar could be slightly better designed.

4) Username: tomw

Now if you want to use your own picture this is a good example.
The picture quality is great, very sharp, the pose is good, the
angle is good and the black and white effect really brings out
the clarity of the picture. Professional.

5) Username: BrianMcLeod

I like this avatar a lot. The face really stands out from the black
background and stares right at you. Kinda spooky, almost
magician like. Great contrast. Memorable, works very well.

There you have it, my Top 5 Warrior Forum Avatars. I hope you
found this contest and excercise useful and Dan, PM me Paypal

Thank you for participating
Adam Carn
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