There are no Stupid People, just Lazy People.

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Have you ever noticed that some people cannot seem to pick up new information? This person struggles with what is going on, they get frustrated quickly and say quite often that they can’t do it because that they are dumb.
It’s not true, they are not dumb, they are just being lazy.
I say lazy because this person does not understand what is being taught to them because they have decided that they don’t want to know. Maybe they are not interested in what they have to learn, maybe they are afraid of failing or it could be a thousand other reasons.
The main issue is, is that this person refuses to concentrate on what is going on, and they say time and time again that they can’t learn because they are dumb.
Saying that they are dumb is an excuse to get out of the work. They hope that they will be left to do their own devices.
So how do you get past this dumb defence? It’s not easy, but the one thing you cannot do is give in to it. You need to remain calm and focused and work with the person.
First you need to find out why they are not willing to learn what you are trying to teach. Maybe their bored, maybe they afraid of looking silly if they fail, or maybe they are just not interested in the subject. Whatever the reason you need to get past it with them.
The second thing you need to do is to make things interesting, break it into small steps and work with them. Encourage the person, praise them, and have a laugh at any mistakes. You will normally find that once the person has a few small successes in what they are doing will help to motivate them and you will be able to leave them alone to do their own learning.
Getting angry, yelling and telling them they are stupid will just work against you, they will pull back to their dumb defence and you will have lost them. Once you have lost somebody it takes an awful lot of work to get them back.
So when someone says that they are dumb, don’t get angry with them, see it as a challenge to motivate them and to help them learn. The best way for you to be motivated or learn new material is to help somebody else be motivated or learn new material.
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    Some people are just stupid. They dont learn because they can't learn
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    There are, in fact, some incredibly stupid people. Some of em are really hard workers, too - they are just too stupid to be able to make a go of anything.

    Might not be the nicest fact in the world, but it's the plain honest truth.

    There are, however, also people that just can't pick something up purely because they are afraid they can't. I dealt with tutoring many of them in College - once you got them used to the idea that their problem with learning something was their anxiety about learning it, they seemed to learn it rather smoothly.
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    I rather disagree. I personally dont believe intelligence can be measured; just ignorance.

    I grew up in the mountains; and I know a good many "stupid" people. Guys who cant do 6th grade math, and are barely literate.

    I've watched these same folks rebuild engines from scratch and install electrical systems on houses THEY built.

    There is no such thing as stupidity, just knowledge and lack of knowledge. Certainly some people are better at things our society values, like management or number crunching.

    Some people have an aptitude for learning or understanding different things better than other people. Thats all.

    Its quite presumptuous to assume one self superior to another because you possess the talents our society most values. Just because a skill or aptitude cannot be monetized does not take away from its true value.

    Real knowledge is to the know the extent of your own ignorance. With that, you can improve and better yourself.

    Learn a little bit about how the human brain works; and then tell me that people are or are not inherently stupid. We form a denser "Neural Network" every time we read a book, study a subject, or attempt to learn something new. The denser our network, the faster the signals in our brain travel. The faster they travel, the more quickly we can absorb new information.

    Some people lack vitals *Characteristics* to grow their own knowledge; yes-certainly. Some people are going to have an exceptionally difficult time learning a certain subject; also true. But no one is "Stupid" and stuck that way.

    "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." -Albert Einstein

    In summary,

    Some people are stupid. They dont learn because they dont want to learn
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    Because not wanting to learn show so much more intelligence? People who say 'i dont want to learn' are no different than bums that live on the street and say 'i dont want to work'. Usually they are just hiding their inability to learn (or work) behind a facade of indifference. In reality, they dont have the capacity and it frustrates them, thats why they dont keep trying to apply themselves.
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    People thinking that EVERYONE has the capacity to learn can be very frustrating and debilitating to those who can't. There are do gooders all over the place that insist that EVERYONE can learn.

    There are just naturally those who are smarter than others. And those who are smarter will always be able to recognize that some people aren't. Some will get an attitude over it, some won't.

    And a lack of education isn't a lack of natural sharps. It's just a lack of application of those smarts in certain fields. There are a lot of illiterate people - doesn't make them stupid, they just didn't learn to read. Sometimes that was laziness, other times they just had a different set of values and a different focus. As long as they apply themselves to something they are interested in and can do what they love to do well, those types get by just fine.

    I was a dance teacher at one time in my life - as you know people in general have abilities and coordination to dance. The ability is built in to the average muscular and skeletal structure to be able to move in those ways. And at the dance studio, they would tell people that ANYONE can learn to dance. It's just not the damned truth no matter how PC we want to be. Some people just have no sense of rhythm or enough coordination to do so.

    While it is great when a person learns to the best of their ability.........if you continue to push someone that does NOT have the ability you can do major damage to that person's esteem. Sometimes it's just better to drop the political correctness and the "do gooder" crap and let someone who just isn't as bright as others be not as bright as others. It doesn't mean they deserve less respect or care. There is SOMETHING that everyone can do and be valuable and take pride in. If everyone were rocket scientists we'd have a hard time filling positions that society needs someone to do but a person with high levels of intelligence would go nuts doing.

    There's nothing wrong with admitting that some people are not as smart as others.

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    I have to say that some people are just plain stupid. Today hubby and I drove over 3 hours to meet someone who was driving a long way as well. She called and told us that she was anxious to meet us so had left early. We were planning to meet up at a Wal-Mart (since they're easy to find) off of the interstate. So since she was so early and anxious to see us, my hubby tells her that if she wants she can just keep coming further and we'll meet her somewhere else or she can just stay where she is and we'll get there when we get there. A little while later we get a call from her...she had gotten off the interstate, gone to the Wal-Mart and kept driving AWAY from the interstate and wanted to know where we wanted to meet. WTF? How does that make sense? How did she not get that he meant to drive further down the interstate to meet us sooner, not drive further away so we have longer to drive? I don't know what she was thinking and I keep running it through my head trying to figure it out but the only thing I can think of is that she's just plain stupid.
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    Put another bet on this rate that bet isn't going to pay off very well.

    Of course, extreme lazyiness DOES CAUSE stupidity. An active mind has been found to be less likely to become senile! SO, in a way, they kind of BECOME right over time.
    I knew a guy like that, Steve. He was so lazy he refused to learn something because he was afraid if he knew how to do something someone would make him do some work. He was pitiful. He was so lazy that even his potential deteriorated over time.

    As I pointed out earlier, too - a lot of people with few sharps are very hard workers. They have to try harder just to do the everyday things -- and they have the worst jobs, too, often physically taxing jobs. For those who learn easily, it's sometimes hard to relate to how hard some of these people really have to work just to reach remedial standards.

    It seems the super intelligent work hard, too - but remember, things come more
    easily for them to start with so it's really hard to say that they actually "work" harder than someone who's a bit mentally challenged.

    My guess is the ones that are actually lazest, though, are those in the middle of the scale. Things come neither overly easy or overly hard to them and many just seem to be happy staying at the middle of the scale in every way.
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    Here's my thing: you can be smart and lazy and still succeed

    You can be stupid and hard working and succeed

    But if you are stupid as well as lazy, you are royally f**ed

    Like the joke in "Funny People":

    You can make it in life if you are ugly and smart

    You can make it in life if you are pretty but dumb

    But if you ugly as well as dumb, then you can start blaming God for having dealt you the wrong cards
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    Yes, I believe also that there is no stupid person.. just lazy people. Because one can learn even not everything. Only lazy people can call stupid because they are wasting the opportunity to learn.
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    IQ tests have been shown to be pretty much useless as marker for intelligence for quite some time now.
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    Hi my name is Kelvin, I agree with you on the idea that people are not really stupid but are lazy. This could be associated with the teaching that we recieved as kids and refuse to make any effort to reprograme our thought process.

    Most of us seems to let others exprience of life become our reality, we want more but does not want to put any effort to improve ourselves and get more for out of life.
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    haha, obviously there are lazy people and also stupid people and the people lazy and stupid
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    Everybody can learn, and everybody is good at something. I can't fix air conditioners, but I can teach children about legal matters. So am I stupid bacuse I can fix the AC?
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    I don't necessarily believe people are outright dumb or stupid, but rather, ignorant of information that can inspire them. People are lazy because they do not have the selfish motivation that moves them.
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    People with out motivation are not stupid just because you have motivation. How do you measure intelligence? Through at set of contrived questions?

    I know a lot of people that can not read or write, yet they can work hard and know more about farming proceedures than I will ever know. I would not consider them hicks or dumb farmers.

    Lazy people dont want to learn what you are trying to teach them. Thats not stupid. And as a teacher I will tell you, just like I tell my students, that school is not the most important thing in life.

    Learning is important. Learning how to be successful in your choosen area is very important.

    Given a chance even the laziest person in the world will be motivated to learn about something that they are interested in. Just becasue it doesn't make them rich, money wise, does not make them stupid.

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