What percentage of people on here do you think are HONEST, HARD WORKING PEOPLE?

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Hi Warriors,

In a recent thread, somebody asked "What percentage of people on here do you think are LYING?". Talk about a loaded question!

I'm so fed up with people thinking 80%, 90%, 95% or 100% of the people here are being dishonest.

For one thing, if I EVER thought I was somewhere where 80%+ of the people were lying...I WOULD RUN FOR THE DOOR.

So, if so many people think we're crooks, then why do they stay here?

Anyway, let's reverse the tables and ask...

What percentage of Warriors do you think are honest, hard working people?

All the best,
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    10% Maybe. I try to be an optimist.
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    {raises hand}


    {gets back to work}
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    Thanks a lot Lisa. What? I don't count anymore?

    Mike, I think most of us are hard working, honest people. I think the problem lies more in the mindset of others.

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    I dont want to work hard, but I sure as hell want to be honest in what I do.
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    Can't you be honest, but not hard working? Or dishonest and hard working?
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    No, the naive thing would be to say "90% of the people here are liars, but there's no way I'll fall prey to them".

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    How would we know?

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    How could anyone possibly know unless you're really a social butterfly and get around a lot. With that many users, each of us actually know (or have read numerous posts by) a small handful of total users, so any percentages are just more made up percentages.

    Some are honest and some are not. It's that simple.
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    One of the things I learned in Marine Corps boot camp (49 years ago this month) was there is always a 10%, who won't get it right, lie, steal, cheat and take advantage of anyone they can. But I also learned the other 90% are the ones who will be more than willing to go the extra mile with you or for you.

    I have seen more Warriors going the extra mile for other Warriors than I have seen of the 10% losers taking advantage.

    However, each one of us have to take responsibility for our own business and life decisions. Using a good healthy dose of common sense will keep you way ahead of the 10% loser bunch.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer
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    I would say that I am pretty honest but not hard working. However, I do not sell anything here. If I did, I honestly could not guarantee that I will be 100% honest. I do not ecen consider myself to be an Internet Marketeer.

    In fact, I would think that the majority of warriors have not sold anything here. There is also a group including myself who have no interest in getting other warriors to their websites, blogs or mailing list hoping for a future sale. I would say that if you are just making money through Adsense, then you cannot be considered as an Internet Marketeer.

    Therefore although I don't think that your logic necessarily applies.

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    I read somewhere it's like this:

    25% of people are dishonest all the time
    25% of people are honest all the time
    The other 50% will be dishonest if they think they can get away with it.....INTERNET?

    So based on this I'd say 75% of people here and on the Net are dishonest some of the time.... ????

    Like someone said before..when does hype = lies? Because we have all come across sales letters full of HYPE yet no one says "lies" What's the difference? Online?
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    Originally Posted by sloanjim View Post

    But do honest people act honest ALL THE TIME? Are you saying 100% honest 100% of the time?
    Are the people who say 99% of Warriors are liars saying they're 100% dishonest 100% of the time?

    Obviously not.

    There is problem here. If somebody claims to be honest, it's fairly common to find even the slightest hint of non-fact (read: opinion or ignorance) - THEN the cynics can say "SEE? I told you nobody was honest!"

    BUT...If somebody is pegged as a liar, it's RARE that others start looking for truth to prove the contrary. Instead, they say "SEE? I told you nobody was honest!"

    Are Warriors trying to be honest, or dishonest? Are they trying to scam people or not scam people? Are they concerned about their reputations, or not concerned about their reputations? And the list goes on...

    I believe, generally speaking, that Warriors are a pretty decent bunch, and when people say 80%+ are not, then, yes, I disagree.

    All the best,
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    I do agree in that I've been on other forums where it's like stepping into a prison yard. I have no idea how many are dishonest at all......judging by many of the WSO's and services I have bought here I'd say 70%+ have been superb.....is that anything to go by?

    Man.....cheer me up.
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    Great thread! Does it matter? HA! No.

    As long as people hear what they want to, everybody's happy.

    Lie to me, make me feel important, make me feel special...here, take my money.
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    Can you define what you mean by lie, if you are counting white lies, non harmful lies etc... We all lie, it's true, 100% of people on this forum would be deemed a liar. Now, if your talking about how many people deliberately set out to deceive then I would go with 5-10%. I would like to think 90% are honest or atleast non malicious but maybe I am being way to optimistic .
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    Michael the last 2 Threads i have read of yours lately have had a lot of percentages in them, Go figure.

    Colin; Were you one of Obamas speach writers? geez i feel like going out and Taking over the world after reading some of your posts ( Note to self: NEVER DEBATE WITH COLIN THERIOT)

    I want to believe most people are inherintly honest, Hard working ? no thats a smaller numbers as far as I am concerned
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    Even if it were 99% of Warriors who fit the bill...it still isn't all that revelvant to IM success.

    Work hard for specific results...adjust. Now HARD work is subjective. Nothing to do with how many hours are put in.

    As a teaching golf professional I had a lot of hard working students who did not show improvement BECAUSE THEY repeated their mistakes...they practiced their WRONG way of doing it to perfection.

    Most Warriors are honest in my opinion.

    Most newbs come on with little to NO understanding of basic business knowledge and without any real world face to face sales skills. Having those makes the whole IM process much easier.

    Also, many Warriors over complicate the whole thing. I think this is one way the small minority of Cruds work, they complicate their offers and when a newb fails, it is because the newb couldn't follow directions...probably because it is just BS anyhow.

    I'll go 90% or higher.

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    Majority is honest, hard working my friend....

    I read somewhere that there are very FEW bad people in this world..
    problem is they come and meet you again and again and it seems that
    they are everywhere which is not the case....

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