How do I find out who sent an anonymous email

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I received an email from someone who sent it anonymously. Can anyone tell me how to find out who it came from?


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    You have to look through the details, and MAYBE you can find out. If not, use the first IP, MAYBE it is a fixed server. If not, you have to trace, and try to get records from the IPs owner. If not, GOOD LUCK!

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    No one has explained to me why the ISP like Yahoo allow mail to come through that is not correctly addressed. If it does not have my unique email address why do I receive it?

    I know that websites can be set up to accept any name before the to catch all emails, however, I do not understand why many emails still get as far as the spam filters and some even get through those.

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    It's very difficult to track it if it is from Free web mail service like Gmail or yahoomail. Check the domain name associated with the email. Then it might be a bit easy to track.
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