Best way to propose to a girl

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i am a jolly and fun loving person who used to hang arround in mall and streets with boys.But i am very weak in girls department,that is in front of girls i will be calm,silent which is not me,Actually i feel very shy.
so how to propose a girl :confused:
Any suggestion
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    Hire a private dating coach if you have the money...

    If you want free, read up stuff on the is a nice place to start and so is
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    I assume you're talking about marriage?

    "Will you marry me"?

    That will do the trick and is unambiguous.

    Good luck. Congratulations, in advance. Name your
    first child, Ken.

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    Flash a nice big diamond at her.

    Guarantee that will catch her attention, and the "Will You Marry Me?" part will become very easy after that.

    Kidding. Just be yourself and be honest. A simple, direct question like Ken's is the way to go.
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    be yourself and dont act impressed to much, keep it to yourself. and enjoy being a friend first.
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    Be honest! You should walk up to her.. take a deep breath and say "Hey, will you be my girl" or "Will you go have dinner with me sometimes" No point of doing your homework or come up with the best plan ever. Believe in yourself!

    Good luck buddy!
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    Why not just be real? Just enjoy your time with her and at some point the time will seem right - you will just feel it and need to say it. Then just say what is in your heart.

    Plans can be made - plans can go wrong. Timing or feelings might just not be right --- and it's just better if you just do it when you feel it the most. When the time is right, you won't be asking how to do it -- you will be asking her for her hand. It will be real and she will feel it and know.
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    My friend, Nilay, is from a state toward the north. He said it
    shares a border with Pakistan, I think. I'm not looking at a map,
    so sorry if it doesn't work out. lol.

    Anyway, his parents are pretty traditional. I asked him once if
    his parents could force him to marry someone, and he said he
    retained the right to decline.

    But he also said he would never marry a non-Indian woman. He
    felt the culture gap would be too much. That's the only reason
    he mentioned.

    But he does follow certain practices mainly out of respect for his
    parents. He's a pretty good guy in a lot of ways.

    When we get together to visit, usually over lunch, he'll comment
    on good looking women we see. Then I tease him and offer to
    introduce him to them. He just laughs.

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    Don't chew with your mouth open and bathe every day.
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    I guess you're question is how to tell your feelings to her?

    Just be yourself, most girls love funny guys who have their sense of humor and most especially sweet man.
    Then you should know those things that makes her happy. Like favorite things. And do a romantic plan that you should know she's gonna like it.
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    be sincere don't fake the girl.
    be confident and be what you are.
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    Hey friend earlier i was also like you - very shy and silent in front of the girls. But some days back i started reading articles about girls and relationship and how to talk to a girl and since then i have improved a lot. I would suggest firstly suggest you to try be relaxed when you are with girls and talks to them frankly and once you get mixed up with them then you can easily propose any girl you like.
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    Take her to a place with lots of flowers. and ask her to have a dance with you after your dinner.
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    Get down on one knee.
    Put both hands on the ground in front of you.
    Put your butt up in the air.
    Pretend you hear a PISTOL SHOT AND TAKE OFF RUNNING.

    Believe me you will thank me someday.
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    Dear friend,
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    Best way to propose to girl?

    There is no surefire way to get her to say yes, but...

    Do something for her that would make her feel special, loved, cared for; then pop the question when the night is just about over in your 1953 Edsel on Makeout Point. OK, well maybe not in the Edsel, Fonzy. Best of luck to you, man.
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    >Re: Best way to propose to a girl

    The best way is the ONLY way: With a shotgun in your back and a pre-nup in one hand. If you don't have either, don't get married.
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    Any good story from Georgia starts with "Here, hold my beer..."
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    As both of stared down at the positive pregnancy test my wife was holding in her hand. "Well babe, I guess we better go down to the courthouse and make it official." Her reply, "Yup, I guess we better." It was a very romantic moment for the both of us.
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    Be real and confident. Be honest and say the things that you really mean.
    Good luck mate.

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