Super Bowl Money Facts:

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How much for the commercials??

- Commercial half minutes are all gone for 3 million each, up slightly from last year's $2.97 million, according to Kantar Media.

Most other nights of the year, a 30-second prime-time commercial on one the big 4 networks runs between $100,000 and $500,000.

- So is the gamble worth it for the companies?

"It's not a bet," GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons says, "if you know the outcome."

- About 68 commercial minutes during the telecast.

- Most advertisers are being very creative to get the most bang for their bucks.

- Winning players earn 83k.

- Losing players earn 42k.

- Total playoff prize money for the Super Bowl champs will be around 125K.

- At least 100 million people will view the game.

- At least 100k people will see the game at the state of the art Cowboy Stadium...

... which was built for about 1.6 billion and features the world's largest viewing screen.

For the local economy:

The Super Bowl normally generates around 200-300 million from out of town money.

Is it worth it to the locals???

What is a Super Bowl worth? Good question - NFL - ESPN


- The Super Bowl bound Green Bay Packers are the only NFL team owned by a city and not an individual/family.

The Sporting Scene: Those Non-Profit Packers : The New Yorker

Ticket Prices:

You may be able to get inside for about $400 with a average ticket price of $3,200 and suites are going for 50-70k.

Seats at the 50 yard line are going for about 15k.

5 billion a year!

The NFL shares all TV revenue collected from the 5 networks that broadcast their games split evenly between all 32 teams. ( 5 billion a year current contract through 2014 )

They are CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX & Direct TV.

Next Year's Super Bowl???

Maybe, maybe not.

A contract battle is brewing between players and the teams and no new contract has been reached for next year.

The NFLPA is arguing that the league essentially set up a 2011 lockout protection fund with the structure of its TV deals - very interesting.

Television is locked up until 2014 to the tune of about $5 billion a year.

NFLPA challenges structure of NFL's TV deals - ESPN

8 Minutes!!

About 8 minutes of actual football playing from snap to whistle during a professional American football game.

( about 160 plays/snaps each game )

Enjoy the game!

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    Ticket sales will generate close to 200 million that will be shared by the 32 NFL teams.
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    WOW, can I have a little bit of that "slightly"? $30,000! Not quite a million, but a fair chunk of change none the less!

    How about the 1984 apple commercial? I think it played like ONCE! And everyone was like WHAT THE #$%^&*(!? NOW, it is relegated to history. A good "bet", but STILL.

    All that for ONE showing!

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    Imagine what you could do with that much $$$ in the Internet Marketing world.
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    At least 80 billion will be legally wagered on the Super Bowl in Vegas.
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    The NFL will earn around 140 million from Super Bowl related merchandise each year.
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    Teams split most league generated revenue with the players with the players receiving 60%.
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    Do Super Bowl performers get paid??


    But the NFL does pay all expenses of the entertainers.

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