Cough Remedies for a 2 year old??

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Ok, so my 2 1/2 year old has a bad cough we can't get rid of. Doctors tell us not to give cough medicine to someone that young. Tried honey, no luck. Any ideas? Thanks. John
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    Sorry, I was going to say Honey, but you already tried that. Drinking water might help to keep the area moist and hopefully cool the soreness.

    I've never had to deal with children's issues, so I'm afraid I can't offer much help beyond that.

    It's hard to believe the doc can't prescribe some mild medicine that would help. Does he not have any other ideas? You'd think he would.

    Hope your child feels better soon.

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    If he's having trouble breathing/stuffy I would try either steam or mint. Warm mint tea should help help with stuffiness and a sore throat. I would just double check the label for an "adult use only" note to be on the safe side, as brands vary with their other ingredients. Hope the cold clears up!
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    Ok, so get this. i have been Googling on this and repeatedly I have read, "put vicks vapor rub on their feet and put socks on and put them to bed." Apparently it gets absorbed in through the feet more quickly. Tried, it, seems to be working. Thanks for your help.
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    We always gave ours a bath, with Eucalyptus Vapor Bath that acts like a bubble bath.

    Our youngest is 3yo. I just gave him one of those baths last night, and it did help his cough.
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    we give our kids cough medisine at that age and never heart them
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    I'm sorry.. My five-year-old always have a cough that lasts for a month or longer when he gets a cold. We are trying to find the answer as well. He has asthma, so I'm sure that plays a huge part in all of this. I would really like to find some more remedies. The cough is almost gone, but it takes forever to go away. I get worried sometimes. Antibiotics don't work!
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    If the kid will eat licorice, buy some REAL licorice candy and feed it to him. Fake licorice won't do a thing.
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    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

    Others have given good advice. Also I would make sure you have a good air humidifier filled with some nice strong Vicks liquid for when he/she goes to sleep. It helps them sleep comfortably and opens up air-ways.

    I don't have kids but have taken care of plenty of babies in the family to have some experience with this stuff.
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    When I was a child my mother gave me butter and sugar for a cough. It seemed to work as well as any cough medicine.

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