Ferrari 458 Italia vs. Lamborghini Aventador

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When the concept images of the 458 first sprung up on the web, I immediately fell in love and I've had an unhealthy obsession with it ever since. It is simply one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I truly couldn't imagine a more visually striking car ever coming out... But then Lamborghini stepped up to the challenge with the new Murcielago replacement: the LP 700-4 Aventador. While this car isn't as "pretty" as the Italia (in my opinion), it is far more striking... And just plain cooler.

If I had to choose between the two based on looks, I truly don't know which I'd choose.

What would you choose?


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    Lambo 1000000000000000000000000% all the way, the italia is ok, the lambo is not only sick fast, it is comfy to sit in and the delay in the change/revs/epu's is instant!

    The lambo is for men, the F is for girly men :p
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    Yah I'd agree that lambo is DEFINITELY the performance machine, but I was just referring to looks. But yah, I'd take the Aventador's 2.9s dash over the Italias 3.2s haha.
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    Aventador looks so much more bad ass lol I'd get it but maybe a different color
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    Lambo for sure!

    I cant stand these roundish new Ferrari's...I much prefer the 90's style Ferrari.
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    My sis and brother in law have a black on black 430 - fantastic drive although the brakes could be better.

    458 or Aventador? I'd be deliriously happy to have either but I'd plump for the Lambo - every time you went out in it would be an event. I'd have red with light tan leather and deep red carpets and stitching.
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    wow, the car looks amazing. That's part of the reason why I'm doing IM actually. But with time you'll see that electric cars will replace these engines and will be twice as fast and probably cheaper (of course not a ferarri)

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