what does asset rich cash poor mean

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what does asset rich cash poor mean ?

I cant find any clear descriptions online.
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    You have no cash but you have property of some kind.
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    I had a business partner 20+ years ago. On paper he was a multi-millionaire. Owned buildings, land etc. ...Had to borrow money from me regularly to eat lunch. (at Denny's)
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    It is mainly property but it could be other sorts of investments as well such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Since quite often, there is very little dividend derived.

    But the most typical situation is an expensive property occupied by oneself from which one derives little or no income. Good examples of this would be aristocratic families in Europe with large estates but not enough income to maintain it.

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    "what does asset rich cash poor mean"

    Here's my understanding on this..

    Assets = Rich. You INVEST in assets, which are things that have intrinsic value. In other words, things that grow in value over time. Luxury collectibles, well researched property, gold, silver, jewels, good stock trading choices.

    Online? A domain name can be a very valuable asset if chosen correctly. A website. All have the potential of becoming cash flowing assets.

    (I think lots of people that make websites just to resell them are undervaluing their asset potential. They sell them off way too soon, and miss out on even bigger returns later).

    Cash= Poor. When most people say "cash" they usually mean paper money. Paper money has no intrinsic value because the more money that's printed, the more it depreciates. Racking up a credit card generates interest charges.

    Money is not an asset. You use the money to invest later, in assets that can be traded for more cash than invested.

    If you can learn to see money as a tool, instead of money being wealth, you're on the right track

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    I think it means that the one has cashless but he/she have a number of creative thoughts and a shrp mind from which he/she can make money..
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    Unemployed homeless dude in a Ferrari
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    Hi all,
    Its mean a person is an owner of large costly property of any kind but don't have a big amount in his bank account.

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