what will you do if you fall in love with married woman?

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what will you do if you fall in love with married woman?..
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    I don't think it would happen with me to start with. Having
    Spiritual values help me in that situation. I would not let my
    mind go there... to let such a relationship escalate to the point
    where my feeling are even approaching letting me love a married
    woman. I couldn't bare the thought of ruining a relationship
    between a married couple, nor could I let myself become involved,
    hence the reason I control my thoughts.

    I could understand though how people can fall for a married
    person. Especially if they are working together all the time or in a
    situation where they see that person every day. It's hard not to
    like someone that we like. You just can't un-like someone. I once
    really liked an employee of mine. I found her beautiful outside as
    well as beauty within. I never gawked at her and was constantly
    changing my thoughts when those impure moments came about.
    She wasn't even married, but had a boyfriend. Still, couldn't go

    So to answer your question directly, since it's only hypothetical,
    I'd most likely find a way to get myself away from that situation
    or learn to deal with my emotions, but don't follow up on them.

    And if you've fallen for a married woman, I surely do not envy
    your situation and hope the best for you and the outcome.

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    That's tough, emotions sometimes is uncontrollable, it's easy to say something but it's hard to do, and sometimes we can do something wrong because of what we feel. We fell inlove in the wrong way, we just woke up falling inlove to the person we see everyday or talk. But sometimes we have to think first before we follow what we feel. Because we might hurt many lives because of our own desires to follow what's in our heart, sometimes we have to take risk, decide not for ourselves but for other person own good.

    Sometimes you have to let go of what you feel because you might destroy a life, and that's not good anymore.
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    I am so glad that the people who have posted here have ethics and real hearts.

    It is a no-win situation to fall in love with someone who is not available. It can destroy people and you should put others before yourself -- and it will help you get over it.

    It can ruin a family - that is children - it can really screw them up - it can break the husbands heart - AND it can break your heart in the long-run.

    It can even lead to murder.

    So - just say NO to your heart and your hormones and let your logic dictate.
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    Not so -

    I watch real life forensics shows all the time and sometimes it is the husband that gets murdered, sometimes the 'lover' - sometimes an innocent bystander. Sometimes the guy is played by the adulturess to get rid of her husband - he ends up in prison and she gets a new boyfriend.

    He needs to be scared.
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    Is this a new PLR I haven't seen yet?
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    Absolutely nothing, unless she's separated. Married people are not meant to be dated or slept with on the side unless they are separated and leaving their husband already. You don't want to be "that guy," and the reason she left her husband. For all of you that believe in the fate thing, I can respect your opinion, but there really are many other single women out there that you can love and be with. Respect the sanctimony of a marriage if they are still living together and not separated. . . And I wouldn't fall in love with a married woman as that would require me to date and for us to be together which goes against what I believe in already. Maybe I'm becoming outdated, what does everyone else think?
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    I fell in love with a married woman , married her, 14 years later some other guy did the same thing to me... and she did me the same way she did her ex husband.

    But Im not bitter at the &/$%&#%@&$#***&&%##@&%$!!!!!!!

    Got a better deal now anyway
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    I’ll make sure that married woman is my wife. ;-)
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    ignore the feelings, it doesn't make any sense at all.
    don't be a home wrecker and think of the consequences, it's hard but this is a sad true meaning of love.
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    You know it's hard times when Op spam an off-topic forum, with their Sig. :rolleyes:

    Originally Posted by nisar75 View Post

    what will you do if you fall in love with married woman?..
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    If you LOVE her, then set her free.

    Yeah Yeah, I know that is so cliche, sorry, but I know from experience. I was married, my true love got away and then years later I heard she divorced her psycho husband. I fell into the trap of reconnecting with her, I was miserable in my marriage. Things unraveled and I was soon kicked out by my wife and went to the one who I always wanted. I am happy I have her now, but so much pain and suffering has taken place for it. I have regrets, it's hard when my kids say, "I wish mommy and daddy were married again." My Lady now deals with the depression of being a home wrecker, she always feel responsible when my ex explodes on me. If I had to do it all over again, I would try counseling, divorce would've been my last option. It seems so selfish now, and I can't be with my family (my children). IDK, I just hope this helps. You have much to think about. I don't know your specific detials, but if I can spare one person the pain, then it's worth it.
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    If you've fallen in love with a married woman and it's gone past friendship all I can say is...you BOTH need to get a clue....
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    I liked the analysis given by Alex R.
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    If I was single, I would bed her and pray to God that her husband isn't Mike Tyson
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    Originally Posted by nisar75 View Post

    what will you do if you fall in love with married woman?..
    Slap yourself hard, and poke out your eyes.

    Just look at your sig, man...
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    Originally Posted by nisar75 View Post

    what will you do if you fall in love with married woman?..
    First off, it's more likely to be lust and not love. Yea, there is a big difference. Secondly, if she's willing to cheat on her husband with you, what makes you think she won't do the same thing to you?
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    I do nothing because I won't fall in love with that kinda woman, trying to break someone's family is not a good thing at all dude. Do you like ,if someone fall in love with your wife,husband,gf,bf and trying to get her or him ? I think no, so as the others.
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    Your actions and attitude are your choice. If you know to start with that a woman is married, do not allow your mind to become infatuated with her. Avoid situations with all married women that could lead to inappropriate lust or attraction. Part of being a Man, rather than just a Male, is controlling your impulses.

    If you've only found out that she is married after "falling", then you need to push your feelings aside and be responsible. If you already have a relationship, end it immediately and tell her that you can't be involved with a married woman. Do not let any excuses or reasoning from her convince you otherwise. This will be difficult, but it's the best course of action.

    If she is in or claims to be in an abusive relationship, then assist her in seeking proper help - from somebody other than you if possible. Remember, it's certainly not unheard of for a woman to mislead a man outside of her marriage by claiming to be in an abusive relationship. Don't assume that to be the case, just take the proper actions for assisting an abused woman, and do not act like she's "your woman".

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