This will make your day!!! IM NOT KIDDING! Take a few minutes and watch this video!

by MicahF7 12 replies
Hey Everyone,

I know this is kinda in the wrong forum but it is so important that we laugh, and right now ( christmas time ) it is even more important!

So please watch this video... It will make you feal GREAT! HAHA!

Im not kidding... PRESS PLAY!

Micah Rush

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    I hardly EVER watch videos that are more than a couple of minutes long, but on your say-so, I watched this entire thing.

    It was okay, but I gotta be honest - I've seen better.

    Thanks for tryin' though.
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      Originally Posted by esr View Post

      I hardly EVER watch videos that are more than a couple of minutes long, but on your say-so, I watched this entire thing.

      It was okay, but I gotta be honest - I've seen better.

      Thanks for tryin' though.

      Hey esr,

      I respect what you saying but i can not believe it!

      I have shown that video to a few hudred people ( not kidding i showed it to a groop of about 100 in one setting ) and everyone has just loved it... people were smiling and crying!

      Well, im sorry it was not more for you!


      Micah Rush!

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    I liked it.

    Thanks for the awesome clip!
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    SMILE !!!
    It's really make my day !

    I'm gonna sent this to my list
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    Wow!!!!!! This film is GREAT! It really changed my day for good!!! Thank you! ))))
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  • Profile picture of the author MicahF7
    Thanks everyone!

    Ya, send that video out to your list!

    Micah Rush
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    I agree, this video is very good. In fact... I posted
    the exact same video in the Mind Warriors section
    quite some time back because I thought it belonged

    Have a great day!

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    You are amazing, has anyone ever told you that before?

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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    This video was posted here in this forum about a month / six weeks ago...


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      Thank you for posting this......It really has a beautiful message behind it.

      It also has one of my favorite actors from the series "Bones" T.J. Thyne is pretty cool.

      You know if more people took this advice the world would truly be a better place.

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    I must say that this is really a one inspirational and motivational video. Thanks a lot for posting this video here.

    Sometimes people really forget to smile in life and this video shows you how you can bring the positive change in one's life with just a smile on face and praising them for their actions.
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      Thanks for that...sometimes I forget to do that and I need to, we all need to.

      Have a blessed and Merry Christmas
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