Can I Use Any 3G I Want With Tablets?

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Ok, so I'm thinking about getting one of these tablets, maybe the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and I'm wondering about how this would work. Does anyone know if I would just be able to buy a Wi-Fi version of a tablet and then use the 3g service from any carrier, like Virgin Mobile? They sell these little usb sticks you can plug into a device and use 3g. Or even if I bought a tablet that was under a specific carrier, such as Sprint for example, would I be able to use the 3G stick? Thanks.
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    You certaily SHOULD be able to use one of those 3g sticks. Each 3G modem IS setup for a particular provider though.

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    Hi there;

    Just a quick note... 3g sticks are working under Windows only! Other Operating systems should have drivers for it in order to use it.

    There are many Linux forums about how to set-up a 3g USB stick in Linux.

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