Roboform In Google Chrome Stopped Working (Solved)

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I have already put in a support ticket and posted to their forum but no response
yet so I thought I'd see if anybody else is having this problem.

Just today, my Roboform in Chrome stopped working. I get the message
that it can't find the submit button. This happens on every site, even
Roboform's own support and forum pages.

I am running Roboform 7.2.8 and the latest version of chrome.

Anybody else having this problem?

I can't imagine what changed between yesterday and today but obviously
something has.

Any help will be appreciated.
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    Did google sneak an update to chrome in on you Steve?
    Before I switched to Ubuntu I had a problem with Sticky Password not working after a FF update. Took a long time for them to get it working again.
    I had that problem with Roboform a couple of times also because of browser updates, but the folks at Roboform where a little faster at getting their program updated.
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