What exactly does "bloke" mean?

by marcanthony 19 replies
I see the term used a lot by people from the U.K.

When it's used in context--it's always in reference to a person(usually a dude...)

What is the exact meaning?
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    Yes, a bloke is a man so you are a bloke Marc and blokes means men. Sometimes when referring to blokes it can mean people as in "you blokes", referring to all the people, male and female, in a group.
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    I didn't know that.. this is new to me.. thank guys..
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      Its usually used with positive connotations ... eg
      "he's a good bloke" about a colleague, friend, team mate
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        This is used a lot in Australia...means man but often in a positive light like Mike mentioned. I consider it almost slang though, I'd rarely use it and if I did I'd mean to emphasize that the man was a very typical Aussie 'bloke'.
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    Bloke - A guy in American. A "good bloke" would be like a "nice guy".
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      Thank you everyone for clearing that up for me...

      I've been seeing it used so much lately and I've been very confused about the connotation it held

      Thanks again everyone
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    Gudday,the newnorcian herewith a brief desription of a bloke,
    A chap, A fellow, A guy, Anybody. We're all blokes.
    There are good blokes and bad blokes, but most blokes are allright.Some blokes, of course, are 'not worth feeding', but most of the blokes you will meet will be prepared to put their hand in thier pockets and buy you a drink - providing thier are more good blokes than bad blokes.
    Hope that clears that up.
    the newnorcian
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    When we use the word 'bloke' in Australia, it has a more masculine connotation than just 'guy'.

    - Insert backlink here -

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    Seems to be going out of style, at least in Britain. They all seem to say "guy" now.
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      Originally Posted by tomcam View Post

      Seems to be going out of style, at least in Britain. They all seem to say "guy" now.
      I do think that "bloke" fits the Aussie accent better.


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    I love cockney English! haha

    Reminds me of the scene from Austin Powers.. "english english"
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  • A word "bloke" is not familiar to me, but when I searched on the internet, I found out that the meaning of it is A fellow; a man.

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    Yeah Gidday all. I'm an aussie bloke and proud of it. We blokes over here are called blokes by sheelas who think they're bagging us by using that handle. But she'll be right cuz we don't give a s..t wat they call us as long as they can cook a beaut barbie and crack another tinnie for us while we're gas baggin about the footy.
    Does that clear it all up for you chaps?
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    ..and pays, and pays, all day, every day!
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    means he is good chap or a man .... !!
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    No you are all incorrect.

    A Bloke was originally 'The Block Man' at executions. His job was to pick the head out of the basket after the executioner had finished 'hacking' - the most famous executioner was Jack Ketch who hacked many a head off. He lives on in the Punch and Judy shows.

    Over the years Block became 'bloke' as executions were ceased. So if you are called a 'good bloke' you should answer in the olde english

    'sod off you wozzick, or I'll pull yer head off'

    That is considered to be the polite version. There are others, but I am far too polite to write them here in such polite company.


    If you believe this rubbish - see a psychoanalist
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    Cool - I always like to find out where words/phrases come from (and while November is a longs way off most Brits know where the term 'guy' comes from too).

    Anyway - is there a female equivalent to 'bloke'?

    and completely off topic - what the heck does a 'Sticky Wicket' mean?

    Let's get Tim the kidney he needs!HELP Tim
    Mega Monster WSO for KimW http://ow.ly/4JdHm

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    Sticky Wicket is in the game of cricket where the wicket is muddy, and the ball gets bogged down.

    Or you could be referring to the village of Sticky Wicket in Kent, where every year they have a 'Hobgoblin' Day and all the menfolk end up with sticky wickets
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