Laptop or tablet which you can read in FULL sun?

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By any chance have you found a laptop or tablet which you can use in full sun? I have tried a few different ones and also used those sun screen/shields and non work in full sun for me.
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    What your looking for simply doesn't exist. I'm sure that some sun/screen shields are better then others, so just keep trying one that works best. But in the end, there is only so much that can be done.
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    even if they say you can use it in Full sun, i doubt that you really can
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    why would you want to use a laptop in full sun? are you in a desert or something?
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    I had a hard time trying to figure out the reason why you are looking for between a laptop or a tablet that you can read in full sun, since most of us here will not attempt to use laptops or tablets in full sun. I agree with what fellow warrior Jade here had stated if you are in a desert or something like that since you are searching for that device that you can view in full sun. Most of us here would prefer to work and use these devices inside our room, far away from the sun so we could work better.
    I think that to really answer your question is for you to look for an area wherein you are not under the full sun so you could read what is on the screen of your laptop or tablet even when you are outdoors. There are sun screens, as what Tcalp had said, but it's difficult to really point on to a product since we don't have any idea what really is your intention on looking for that kind of device.
    I have a question by the way, what are you trying to do and use laptop or tablet in full sun?
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    No laptop or tablet exist yet. Even if these devices are advertised as having the brightest screens in the market, it would still be difficult to work with them under the sun. Check the review sites to find out.
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    I live in Marbella where we have about 300 days a year of sun. Best thing is to work inside to avoid the glare and skin cancer
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    Laptop obcourse for all purpose...
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    There is a tablet for you, it's called Adam (google it). it uses a technology called Pixel Qi (don't remember if it's written that way). You can turn light off, and use it with the sun (I believe without colors, but the quality of image is good).
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    I use an Acer laptop with an LED screen (not LCD) and I also have an anti-glare screen shield (can't remember where it came from).

    It's ok for working outside, although I usually try to stay in the shade. It's usable in the sun, although I can't work on it for long periods.
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    EXACTLY Tony. Glad someone gets it

    I usually work outside if it isn't too hot and enjoy going to the beach as often as possible.

    For all those who say they work at home I am surprised by the number of people in this thread that don't understand why you wouldn't like to work at the beach. Common sense to me.

    BTW I will be going to Greece for a few weeks this winter and I wanted to bring something along which I can use in the sun.

    I have seen that a company is coming out with a tablet which used E-ink, the same technology that makes reading a Nook in full sunlight very easy.
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    You have a tablet which you can read in FULL sun?

    If so which one, thanks
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    I've used different laptops and found that in a very sunny situation
    it is always hard to read the text.
    I don't think there's any way around that limitation.
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    Unfortunately I agree.

    Sort of strange how you see those videos or pics of the wealthy doing their business on a laptop out on the beach in full sunlight lol

    Actually that is why I want it. I, like many here, can work anywhere there is a 3G signal. With the cooler weather right around the corner I would really like to go to the beach and work.
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    For laptops they are also more durable than tablets, and you won’t have to worry about scratching or damaging the touchscreen display, so if by chance I see them both I would not hesitate to pick the laptop up!
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    My answer will be straight away tablet

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