Nasty Case of Spousal Sabotage-Yikes!

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So I've got this friend of mine who's been trying to start an online business but at every turn it seems like this friend's actions are blocked by a spiteful spouse.

The friend turned to me for advice but the situation just seems so hopeless that I don't even know what to say.

Anyone have any experience our insights they'd like to share that I could pass on?
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    Yeah, I've had a relationship in which the guy tried to sabotage every damned thing I did. There is only one answer - kick em to the curb. You will never get ahead - and sometimes won't even be able to tread water against the crap they pull to keep you down. They also are very unlikely to change even if they say they have and lay off for awhile.

    If a person isn't good for you, get rid of them. Someone who actually loves you and shares your vision of prosperity will want to see you happy, blossoming, and building a better life for you both. If that's not happening, wake up and smell the coffee.
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    I have often tried to sabotage my wife's IM efforts but none of them have worked very well.

    what? No just kidding, she wouldn't even know what IM stand for

    HeySal hit the nail on the head.

    BUT there is always two sides to the story. Maybe your friend's spouse is telling your friend GET A J-O-B job instead of wasting your time on the internet and not making a penny!
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    It is not at all unusual. Many factors come into play: perception of how reality should be and feeling threatened by someone who defies that definition, the silently held notion that not merely working hard at your craft makes your work legitimate, but that your job is only legitimate if you're in a subservient position, and suchlike.
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    I used to have my whole family sabotaging me when i first started.. From the internet line, the the time allocated for me on PC, and the constant abuse and tantrum thrown my way..

    I didnt "kick them to the curb" though..

    I explained what I want to do.. Ask for time and provided my "stats" when the deadline was approached, and kept on chugging no matter what happened..

    They learnt to back off after that
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    do unto others what they did to you
    do the same thing to her
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    at least i'm not the only one
    albertosm is right, i did the same to my girlfriend who tried to trash my business, now she can't even get a job
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    albertosm: I think the quote you are referring to is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" - otherwise known as 'The Golden Rule.'

    For mongsky: 'As you sow, so shall you reap.'

    Commonly referred to as 'What goes around, comes around.'

    Sticking it to another person is never the higher choice, no matter how good it feels or how right it seems at the time.
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    Ben an open discussion between your friend and his spouse, can often keep the split in the road from happening.

    As you know this is often time called compromise. But in order to reach a compromise both sides have to understand where the other side is coming from and that can take the help of a professional councilor. After 48 years of marriage (yes to the same woman) we still have some sort of comprise on a daily basis.

    And one of the major compromises was my IM. Eventually we worked it out and it came down to my wife realizing I had a deep passion for IM and me understanding she had a deep need for the security of a regular pay check.

    Once she saw my IM income exceeding my monthly paycheck and how happy I was pursuing this as a new goal in my life; she began taking an interest and supporting me in my endeavors. After the last five years of success the discussion never comes up. (Unless she wants to go shopping and wants me to raid my PayPal account)

    I'm a little shocked to see how many folks in their post mentioned dumping a spiteful spouse. Folks, I just don't think we have enough information to advise doing this, especially where children are involved.

    Ben, you sir, are treading where angels fear to tread. What are you going to do when this guys wife finds out your going on an IM forum and seeking advice to give to her husband? And don't think it can't happen. Let your friend and wife get in a very heated moment and there is a good chance your friend will throw in "Ben said, IM is..."
    OMG! she gets a smart attorney and guess who gets sued for "alienating" her husband against her.

    You might want to tell your friend you really don't know what to tell him and perhaps he and his spouse should seek professional help.

    Ken Leatherman

    The Old Geezer
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    Very interesting points everyone. I have shared your thoughts with my friend too and all I can say is only time can tell at this point. Thanks yall!

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