I Am *PISSED* Off... College Is A JOKE!

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I am actually, sincerely, pissed off right now. I need to vent.

So as many of you guys know, I am in my first year of college. I'm mainly there because I want to have the experience, and I love learning...

However, I have realized that college is not really meant to teach you any useful skills, or make you successful. In fact, it is meant to do the opposite.

What do I mean?

Every SINGLE one of my teachers, from the first day, have one main thing they seem to preach.

"The skills I am teaching you right now will be very useful when you are working for someone after college!"

Writing proposals to your BOSS, Asking for a raise, asking for days off, asking for more vacation time, doing fiscal reports, and so on.

Essentially, college trains you to be someone elses b!tch.

And every since kid in my class sits there are smiles and goes "oh, thats true! I can ask for a raise and vacation time!"

Plus, everyone is under the impression that if they go to college, they WILL be successful...

When I was about 10, I thought about how many people went to college EVERY year, and then compared that to how many people were millionaires... hell, how many people were NOT in debt...

It didn't add up then, and it still doesnt...

Am I the only one in college who sees this?

It irritates me as to how much people in my classes act like sheep... How little drive they have...

Is it just me or what? People should be doing what WE are all doing... Not looking forward to asking for raisies and vacation time...
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Even though I went through school and did well, then onto university (for about 18 months) I'm no fan of the schooling system. It's taken me the better part of 10 years to 'unlearn' some of the stuff/attitudes I learnt at school...but I'm a much better person now I have.

    It was designed to create employees & not entrepreneurs.

    I can't wait for the day when I can get my 2 kids out of the schooling system to be home schooled (they've only just started school). Mainstream schooling tends to be rather degrading (Steiner & Montessori don't seem too bad).

    Robert Kiyosaki has written a great book on this that I suggest you read - If You Want to Be Rich & Happy Don't Go to School?


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    Going to college isn't going to make you successful in itself. Success is up to you.
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    This my friend is why you've been so successful so far!

    Drive, determination and the confidence to be a little different than the norm. You gotta remember though, not everyone is built the same, I've noticed this talking to friends, colleagues and family; some people are happy with what they have.

    All I can say is, try and enjoy your time there! Girls,Beer and Parties can't all be bad huh? lol

    Why not try and teach them a few things too? and maybe influence those guys with little/no drive.

    Have fun

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    I look at college as a formality. It is not necessary to attend to be successful, although it does make life a littler easier when you have a degree typically.

    Although I appreciate my degrees, I cherish more what I've learned through experience, hard work, and trail and error.

    Stay in school and get your degree, but continue to build a business that you can call your own.

    ~Partner Guy
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    I agree on what youre saying about money reasons, its really not that great an investment...but its a nice experience. Easy to meet people, theres other benefits youll get.
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    Relax M&M,

    It appears you are one of those 'gifted' souls who like to choose their own path, instead of following the sheep.

    It's tough being a Shepherd, Pioneer, Explorer, there are far greater numbers of sheep compared to Shepherds.

    It takes guts to blaze your own trail.

    Just take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and relax. Take your medicine, get your degree, don't let the sheep get to you, and I'll see you on the other side.

    - J
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    I don't get this feel from my engineering classes - we always talk about some complex topic... lol. Not so much about the business world.

    That said, I think college is a great starting point. It's a backup plan if nothing else, but I think with my grades and work experience (I've gotten some thanks to college), I should be able to get a good start in the "system" and be able to build myself up pretty quickly after that! It's a matter of attitude... if you want to be more than just an employee, you've got to pay the price.

    Best of luck!
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    I agree it sounds like you're taking tons of business classes. In my opinion at least, the real value of college is in the intangibles. You can screw around with a bunch of topics that won't necessarily make you rich, but make you a much more interesting person.

    The best thing it can do is push your curiosity further, and while sometimes you feel like your classes won't be of any use, you'll wake up on the other side with some interesting skills that are hard to put your finger on, like the capacity to write and analyze things more effectively.

    Especially if you already feel you have a lot of business savvy, I would pick a class that has nothing to do with business and see how it changes your whole outlook. Just my two cents.
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    I am getting my 2nd Masters degree as we speak. I will sit for the CPA exam Feb 26th and hope to be a CPA within 6 months time. I have worked in PR (obviously, see sig line), accounting, manual labor, lots of other things. Needless to say, I am "well schooled".

    However, I got my entire college and masters degrees paid for with scholarships (read NO STUDENT LOANS!). This is the key. If I am burdened with debt, like MOST kids in college are/will be, I'd have to go to work in order to pay the bills and support myself. Real Work. Not the stuff I want to do, but the stuff I have to do, because I'm not yet at my needed IM earnings per month.

    College is what you make it. I used it as a time to learn more about online business, IM, and how I wanted my life to be lived. They do teach you to be someone's bitch for the most part. I was (and still am) considered "weird" in my views of work by my classmates due to my non-traditional employment ideas. Many people told me "you'll never make it", "get a real job", "stop dreaming". All this did was drive me day after day after day to keep learning and keep dreaming. I am still reaching for my goals. I won't stop until I succeed just to prove all those assholes who are stuck in their own lives wrong.

    I used college to learn more about IM and started a small "test" business Your Personal GMAT Coach. You should use it to learn languages, travel, gain GREAT friends you will have for life, interact with other students (and see how you DON'T want to be haha) and just have a great time. Your personality will change, as will your worldview after you get done.

    College is a great experience IF it is treated the right way. It doesn't guarantee a job and it doesn't mean you are "smart" if you get a degree. I'm really not that smart, I just learned a solid skill set and worked hard.

    College is cool. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Be weird and don't follow the crowd!

    (Sorry for the changing of tenses throughout this post, it's late and i'm just typing away )
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    College gives you DISCIPLINE. I accomplished in school what I never
    thought was possible because someone pushed me.

    Now I know that I am capable of a lot more than I thought.

    Stay in school boy!

    That's what my mamma would say.

    -Ray Edwards
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    You are right that College is not going to teach you how to be wealthy...

    But it can teach you many other skills that can be a foundation for other things that matter and that can help you be more successful and increase your potential.

    I never could focus on a major in college... I attended 2 colleges and two universities receiving about 6 years of education.

    I also only attended high school for 6 months and never graduated.

    Its not so much about the degree, the school you attend, or even if you attend a school its about your attitude, what you learn, and how you apply it.

    There may certainly be classes that seem like a waste of time... but they are prerequisites to other classes that may turn out to be the most important in your life.

    Just make sure you are attending for the right reasons... otherwise you may be wasting your time.

    I had a hard time focusing on my major when I was in college... I kept switching so I could take the classes I wanted to take... it was not the best approach for someone to get a degree and a career but it was great for someone who just wanted to learn ;-)

    Best of all... I met my wife at college :-)
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    Get the bachelor's. Don't get the master's IMO. That's what I am doing.
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    I thought the same thing every single day I was in college (graduated in August)... Training to be someone else's b*tch. While all the while I was creating products, trading, and making loot. I think I might have used MABYE 1 thing i've learned in college in my current business(es) and that's stretching it. It was a good excuse to slack off at times and meet/party with chicks..

    Everything relevant to my business and livelihood I have learned on the internet and more or less for free... Makes you think...
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    OFF TOPIC: Got any pics of the maserati?

    Post em up... Your DP is microscopic.
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    Wasn't there another hotly contested thread about the college/no college debate? I remembered how the last one turned out...

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    I'm like Thomas. I wouldn't give up my college years for anything.

    If someone was to come up to me today and tell me that I either had to give up everything I've got now (money, possessions, assets, property), or give up my college memories as though they never existed, I’d hand over everything quicker than Paul Myers could say 'sheep'.

    I can never be in my late teens/early 20s ever again. And it doesn't matter how much money I have now, I cannot buy, at any price, the experiences (mental, physical, social) I enjoyed in University at the age I enjoyed them.

    Anyone, can always make more money.

    Some things in this world are priceless, and University was one of those things for me.

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